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Moving Out: Trophies and Achievements List

Moving Out is all fun and games until one false move in this couch co-op costs you that final trophy or achievement. Make sure you get all 27 with our guide, and any arguments over this will definitely have someone moving out by the end of it!

Moving Out Trophies and Achievements

Team 17 has been on a hot-streak over the last few years with regards to local co-op games. Overcooked and Overcooked 2, in particular, have garnered critical acclaim due to their addictive, teamwork-based gameplay. Moving Out is essentially a byproduct of these games and comes up with an even more rage-inducing concept. If you want to truly master the art of moving out, then you have 27 trophies and achievements to attain in order to do so.

Master MoverUnlock all of the Trophies
111% EffortAchieve 111% in the game
Certified F.A.R.TComplete all Story levels.
Winners Don’t Move RugsComplete all Arcade levels
Objectives Complete!Complete all level objectives in every level
Masters in MovingComplete all levels with Gold medals
PHD In MovingComplete 20 story levels with Gold medals
Moving On UpComplete 10 story levels with Gold medals
Hidden TrophyContinue playing to unlock this trophy.
Hidden TrophyContinue playing to unlock this trophy.
Where we’re going we don’t need thronesSit on every toilet in the game
Remember The Time…Complete all memory levels
Hidden TrophyContinue playing to unlock this trophy.
Golden MoverGet a Gold Medal in one level
An Eye for the DetailsComplete all bonus objectives in one level
Rain, hail or shine.Slap every mailbox in the story levels
Hidden TrophyContinue playing to unlock this trophy.
Hidden TrophyContinue playing to unlock this trophy.
Minute MoverBeat a level in under a minute
Quantity over qualityDeliver 1337 items
The Friendly GhostsComplete all haunted levels without slapping any ghosts
The BirdShoot a basketball hoop
That’s Not Landfill!Deliver the hidden console from each story level
Animal LoverDeliver every pet
Hidden TrophyContinue playing to unlock this trophy.
Totally CertifiedComplete Mandatory Training
You Don’t Got Mail!Smash the hidden letterbox with the truck

Move Out Or Go Home

The gamer offers plenty of content and demands perfection if you’re looking to earn all of the Moving Out trophies and achievements. There are six hidden trophies and I’m confident they pertain to the story of the game. As they say, home is where the heart is, so try not to break each other’s, eh?

Moving Out will be available April 28th on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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