Monster Hunter: World – 3 Top Tips To Make Money Fast

Monster Hunter: World is absolutely jam packed with things to craft in order to make your hunter more efficient in the field. Of course, in every instance this will require Zenny, the game’s currency. All it takes is one crafting spree at the armoury and we’re back to square one. So here’s a few tips on how to recoup your funds fast.

Monster Hunter: World - 3 Top Tips To Make Money Fast

The Bandit Mantle

This is a mantle hunters can sling over themselves, the same as any other mantle. Only attacking a large monster with it on, for as long as it lasts will yield golden loot drops. These things are worth a ton of Zenny and will drop in high quantity. Of course, the Bandit Mantle is a late game item, so here’s how you get it – you’ll need to complete the five star optional quest called “Redefining The Power Couple”. You’ll also need to be at least Hunter Rank 9 and have received the quest from the woman in the armoury. Once the job’s done, return to her and the Bandit Mantle will be available.
Monster Hunter: World - 3 Top Tips To Make Money Fast - Great Jagras

From there, you can run expeditions or re-run quests that revolve around the Great Jagras. It’s the easiest, fastest monster to kill and in a matter of ten minutes you’ll likely have the equivalent of 10,000 Zenny worth of Jagras Scales sat in your inventory.

Farming Might Seeds

Monster Hunter: World - 3 Top Tips To Make Money Fast - Botanist
This one is super simple. Might Seeds are available from the start of the game as they’re found in the Ancient Forest. Keep an eye out for them because they’re worth a fair bit of money. Sure, they can be used for crafting powerful potions. Although, if you visit the Botanist behind the Research Centre and choose to cultivate Might Seeds and then fertilize with a Catalyst… three quests later you’ve got more Might Seeds than you can shake a stick at. So let’s sell those! Always make sure you have one left in order to start the process over. 

Pay Close Attention To Investigations

Monster Hunter: World - 3 Top Tips To Make Money Fast - Investigations screen
Investigations are usually quite easy if you want them to be. For those who may not know, Investigations are like mini quests, found at the Research Center that allow the player a lot of choice. They could chop up ten Hornetaurs and be done. Alternatively, looking for more of a challenge, they could try and kill two large monsters in one session. It’s the former that got our attention as very little work is needed to fulfil the criteria. It could be small beasts in other areas too. Sometimes, these super simple, super quick quests will have something crazy like ten thousand Zenny attached to their reward.

Combine all three of these tip and that’s a lot of money for very little effort!

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