Lies of P | All Trinity Keys and Trinity Sanctum Locations

In this guide, we'll reveal the locations of all 5 Trinity Rooms, and the Trinity Sanctums that they unlock, in Lies of P. Trinity Sanctums are special, hidden areas of Lies of P which, when unlocked using Trinity Keys, award some very useful upgrade materials and some of the best cosmetic outfits in the entire game.

Lies of P | All Trinity Keys and Trinity Sanctum Locations

There are quite a few interesting secrets hidden around the city of Krat in Lies of P. Between needy NPCs who can help you tip the balance between your potential for humanity and your autonomous puppetry to secret locations only unlocked after locating them from a single scrap of paper. Out of all of Krat’s many mysteries, however, none are more intriguing than the Trinity Sanctums. Trinity Sanctums (also known as Trinity Rooms) are special, hidden areas scattered around Krat in Lies of P and, if you can find them as well as the rare Trinity Keys which open them, you’ll be able to access some really nice rewards.

Each Trinity Sanctum contains powerful endgame resources and materials for your weapons, Quartz used to power the P-Organ and, most importantly, flashy new outfits for you to parade around the crumbling streets of Krat. Unlocking all 5 Trinity Rooms is also required for the Platinum trophy as it will earn you the End of Riddles trophy or achievement. However, not only are the Trinity Rooms rather well hidden, but the Keys can only be obtained by finding specific phone boxes and then answering a riddle posed by the mysterious Arlecchino, the supposed King of Riddles. Fortunately, we’re here to guide you to both the Trinity Key locations, as well as the doors that they unlock. 

Here’s where to find all the Trinity Keys and the Trinity Sanctums that they unlock in Lies of P

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All Trinity Key Locations in Lies of P

Trinity Key 1

Your first Trinity Key can be found after you defeat the Scrapped Watchman, the second major boss in Lies of P. We’ve already covered where to find this Trinity Key, as well as the Trinity Sanctum it is intended for, in another article which covers where to find the Blue Blood’s Tailcoat outfit. As such, if you want a more in-depth explanation of where to go, you find a link to that guide here.

In short, before you enter the Venigni Works facility (which is where you activate the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer) via the bridge, there is a small side street you can walk down to the right. At the end of this street, overlooking the desolate waterfront, is Arlecchino’s first available phone box.

The first riddle he poses is a pretty simple one involving a creature which stands on a different amount of legs at different times of the day, with the answer to this first riddle being a Human

First Trinity Key Location

First Trinity Key Location

Trinity Key 2

Compared to the first phone box, the next one is much easier to locate, with it appearing directly on the main path you’ll take by progressing the story. To be more specific, the second of Arlecchino’s phone boxes is in the Malum District, an abandoned slum controlled by the Black Rabbit Brotherhood and an area you visit after beating the game’s fourth major boss, Fallen Archbishop Andreus.

To find the phone box, continue forward from the Malum District Stargazer until you reach a large open area with a burning stake in the middle and a massive Carcass mini-boss stalking the perimeter if you’re playing through this area for the first time, this is also just after the point where Fox and Cat abandon you. Head straight to the back of this area into the back alleys, where the only real path you can take is through a narrow stretch of road where a Carcass dog will break out of its cage and attack you. 

After that, all you need to do is kill a few more Carcasses, climb a ladder and the second phone box will be right in front of you. The answer to Arlecchino’s second riddle is a Candle. Like before, whether you answer correctly or not, you’ll receive the second Trinity Key. 

Trinity Key 3

Just like the second key, it’s kind of hard to miss the third Trinity Key as the phone box is directly on the main path. You’ll be able to answer it, and Arlecchino’s riddle, once you reach the Grand Exhibition Gallery, a museum show dedicated to puppetry and the evolution of technology. This area only becomes accessible after you defeat the King of Puppets.

One thing about the Grand Exhibition is that there is only one Stargazer within the museum itself. As such, you’ll want to proceed through the area as normal until you lower a platform from the museum’s skyline, allowing you to enter a previously inaccessible location. This new area is filled with puppets on display – puppets which, inevitably, come to life and try to kill you – and you’ll need to wait until the large industrial death machine breaks through the gates to proceed. 

After that, it’s as simple as following the main path up the stairs, turning right and finding the third phone box right there. The answer to this riddle is a bit trickier to find out than the others (which had jokier, less serious trick answers): the answer to Arlecchino’s third riddle in Lies of P is an Egg.

This third phone box is a bit different than the others, though. Instead of giving you the key directly, Arlecchino will give you a scrap of paper which contains a hint as to where he’s hidden the Trinity Key within the Grand Exhibition. The clue Arllecchino gives reads “Behold the fingertips of the cold woman at the Grand Exhibition” which is referencing two statues a little ways past where the phone box is located. The right statue will be pointing in the wrong direction, which is something you can change by walking over and interacting with it. 

Interact with the right statue two times, which will make its outward stretched hand face towards the opposing statue, and the idol in the middle of the room shall open, revealing the third Trinity Key. 

To find the third Trinity Key, approach the right statue and make its hands turn towards the other statue | Lies of P Trinity

The Frozen Lady’s Fingers

Trinity Key 4

The fourth of Arlecchino’s phone boxes can be found in the destroyed version of Central Krat, which is also where the fourth Trinity Sanctum can be found. It’s a fair way into the area – in fact, it’s right near the end of it – so keep going on the golden path until you find the Krat Central Station Street Stargazer.

Instead of taking the stairs up to the Corrupted Parade Master fight, turn around and head down the back alleys. This will take you to the cliffs which look out at the sea surrounding Krat. Once you get to that position, turn right and the phone box should be right in front of you, beckoning with that oh-so-familiar ringing sound.

The riddle posed by Arlecchino this time is a bit blurier. It doesn’t have a concrete basis in reality and is based entirely on the game’s fiction and lore. The answer to the fourth riddle is Ergo. Whether you choose to answer honestly or not, you’ll get the fourth (and final) ordinary Trinity Key for your troubles. 

Trinity Key 5

The last of Arlecchino’s phone boxes can only be found once the Hotel Krat has been ransacked and sabotaged. This occurs after you defeat the mini-boss in the Collapsed Workshop Tower and, to get back to the Hotel, you must defeat the corrupted form of the Parade Master once more. After reaching the Hotel, Antonia will give you a special set of notes to play on the piano which will open a way to the Alchemist’s hideout.

From the Relic of Trismegistus Entrance Stargazer, make your way deeper underground. Once you reach the large open cavern, head towards the left side where you’ll find a chest on a broken bridge. A large puppet will also break through one of the nearby walls, a path you’ll want to go down yourself once the machine has been dealt with. To progress to the next major fight, you’re supposed to drop down to the level below: to reach the final phone box, though, just keep going straight forward from that broken wall and you’ll come right across it. 

The final riddle Arlecchino poses to you is a simple, but strange one: is Geppetto’s puppet a killer? If you answer Yes, you will earn some Humanity points, as well as Arlecchino’s favour. Tell him No, however, and you’ll only earn scorn and irritation from the King of Riddles.

Either way, he’ll still give the final Trinity Key, which is very different from those you’ve found. This one is called the Chosen One’s Trinity Key and it is exclusively used to unlock the final Trinity Door: you cannot just use a key from a previous phone box like you can with the other 4 doors. With the Chosen One’s Trinity Key in hand, Arlecchino will bid you farewell and send you off into the night in search of the final Trinity Room. 

The Final Phone Box

The Final Phone Box

All Trinity Room Locations in Lies of P

Trinity Sanctum 1

Once again, we’ve already covered where to find the first Trinity Sanctum in our guide on where to find the Blue Blood’s Tailcoat outfit. If you want an in-depth and much more detailed explanation of where to go, check out that guide here

For a more brief version of where to go, start at the Workshop Union Culvert Stargazer and head through the main path up the slope with the flaming metal balls. Once the puppet breaks through the wall, kill it and follow the new path it made to make it outside. If it’s your first time here, you should see Red Fox and Black Cat standing on a platform nearby. Walk straight past them into another tunnel and then head right past a group of three rampaging puppets to find the very first Trinity Door.

The reward for finding this first Trinity Sanctum is the iconic Blue Blood’s Tailcoat. This outfit is the canonical outfit worn by P in all of the promotional and marketing material for Lies of P, giving it a bit more importance and prestige than most other outfits in the game: it doesn’t hurt that it looks really good, too. 

Blue Blood's Tailcoat

Blue Blood’s Tailcoat

Trinity Sanctum 2

To find the second Trinity Sanctum in Lies of P, begin by making your way to the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel. This area is located deep in the wilderness of Krat, a location you’ll explore after defeating Fuoco, the King’s Flame. The Cathedral is massive, grand and in a state of complete decay thanks to the actions of Archbishop Andreus.

Whatever the case, you’ll want to stay on the main path through the opening portions of the Cathedral. This will involve climbing up a series of poor built platforms, all of which have many places where you can fall down and instantly die: keep an eye on the acid-throwing Carcasses, in particular, as they can knock you clean off and lead to a lot of frustration in the process.

Continue on this path until you reach the end of the climbing section where, in a familiar turn of fate, you’ll be asked to avoid a large electric ball hazard that comes rolling down a slope. Successfully evade the ball and there will be two ways to proceed: the first is by continuing straight forward, taking you deeper into the Cathedral towards the Cathedral Library, whereas the other is a ladder which leads higher up. 

To reach the Trinity door, you’ll want to take the latter option and climb the ladder. After avoiding the metal balls one last time, you’ll come across the extremely well-hidden second Trinity Sanctum. Your reward for clearing out this one includes the Black Cat’s Amulet as well as the Monster Sweeper’s Hunting Apparel, a unique outfit which allows you to emulate the style of the Sweeper faction of Stalkers. You’ll get a lump of Quartz instead of the Amulet on New Game +.

Monster Sweeper's Hunting Apparel

Monster Sweeper’s Hunting Apparel

Trinity Sanctum 3

The third Trinity Room is, in theory, one of the easier ones to find. However, because it is so in your face, it can stay under the radar of most players. You’ll find it in the Estella Opera House, the final area of Rosa Isabelle Street. This grand, beautiful opera house has been ransacked and transformed into a place filled with strange, malformed puppets, heralded in by the Puppet King. 

As for how to get to the Trinity Door, make your way through the level normally until you unlock the shortcut that cuts straight through the main floor of the opera house. This area lets you easily access the Puppet King boss fight, which you can only access after crossing a precarious beam of wood with a flaming chandelier swinging ominously above it.

To find the third Trinity Sanctum in Lies of P, all you need to do is fall down below that beam where the fiery chandelier is swinging. The area below the beam is incredibly dark and, aside from a way back to the upper levels, it’s here where you’ll locate the familiar metal green doors of the third Trinity Sanctum.

Unfortunately, this is probably the worst Trinity Sanctum in terms of rewards. This is the only room out of all five Trinity Sanctums which doesn’t contain a new outfit. Instead, alongside the usual selection of Quartz, you’ll get the Belford Superior Radiation Converter, a new defensive piece for P which drastically improves your defence against the Overheat status effect. 

Belford Superior Radiation Converter

Belford Superior Radiation Converter

Trinity Sanctum 4

The fourth Trinity Room in Lies of P is laughably easy to find. In fact, it is likely the easiest room in the entire game to locate, with the only challenge coming from reaching the point where you need to get to.

The fourth Trinity Room is located in Krat Central Station, the starting area of the game. Following the Green Puppet Devouring Monster fight in the Barren Swamp, Central Krat transforms and you cannot reach it using a Stargazer. At that point, the Alchemist’s Carcasses take over and the city itself begins to split apart. As part of the main story, you’ll fight back through this corrupted version of Krat Central Station, revisiting points from early on in your journey.

Keep going on the straight and narrow until you reach the Krat Central Station Lobby Stargazer. This Stargazer is located just after the Robber Weasel Stalker fight and is your way out into the main streets of Central Krat. To reach the fourth Trinity Room, start at the Stargazer and begin heading out into the main streets: before leaving completely, though, look to your left where you’ll see that a previously locked room has had its doors blown off its hinges. Inside that room is a set of stairs which leads to the familiar sight of the green metal doors of a Trinity Room. 

For unlocking the safe in this room, you’ll earn yourself the Workshop Master’s Workwear outfit as well as the Carrier’s Amulet +1 (and a Full Moonstone of the Covenant on New Game+). The Workshop Master’s outfit is one of my personal favourites, giving P a much more industrial look than most of his other outfits and clothing choices. With this Trinity Room down, there’s only one left until you’ve found them all. 

Workshop Master's Workwear

Workshop Master’s Workwear

Trinity Sanctum 5

The final Trinity Room in Lies of P is located in the final area of the game, the Alchemist’s Isle. Only the Chosen One’s Trinity Key, a special key you receive after solving all four other riddles, can open the final Trinity Sanctum, so keep that in mind.

Continue normally through the Alchemist’s Isle until you reach the Arche Abbey Outer Wall Stargazer. Once you’re here, keep going until you kick down a ladder back to the Stargazer after crossing a bridge guarded by a Gattling Gun Alchemist manning a cannon: this will serve as a shortcut back to the Trinity Door in case you die reaching it. 

After you kill the Alchemist manning the cannon, you should spy another ladder right next to him, one which leads deeper into the Abbey. This main path will take you to a square chamber with a massive drop in the centre, one you definitely cannot survive. Your goal is to make it to the bottom of this drop so go carefully and follow the wooden beams to ensure that you don’t become a splatted puppet on the Abbey floor.

Once you reach the bottom of the chamber, you can either go left or right, with the former leading to progress through the abbey and the latter unlocking an NPC and another shortcut back to the Outer Wall Stargazer. Between these two elevators, though, is a lone Trinity Door hiding in the dark. Do be wary of approaching it, though, as one of the Alchemist’s experiments – the boxer who acts like a miny Victor – will spring out from one of the walls and attack you. This enemy isn’t particularly tough but do be cautious when fighting it, or else you’ll have to descend this drop again.

With the enemy defeated and no more obstacles in your way, you can open the final Trinity Door using the Chosen One’s Key and peep inside. Unlike the usual arrangement, this Trinity Room is messy and destroyed, with the neat arrangement of chairs around a glass cabinet smashed and thrown all over the place. And instead of a vault, there’s a malfunctioning puppet in the corner wrapped in wires.

The Final Trinity Sanctum

The Final Trinity Sanctum

This is Arlecchino, the King of Riddles. He was a puppet the entire time and, as one last send-off, he’ll ask you the final riddle one more time: are you, Geppetto’s puppet, a killer?

No matter what answer you pick, Arlecchino will still gift you the final Trinity Room outfit, the Alchemist’s Cape. This outfit is certainly on the flashier side, made from luxurious blacks and emerald greens befitting those who take pride in being the masters of Krat. As an outfit, it’s very nice and a fitting way to end the Trinity Room saga in Lies of P.

That was where to find all 5 Trinity Keys and all 5 Trinity Rooms in Lies of P


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    did you actually go and open all of these? some of them are wrong.
    1. you dont get a full moonstone of the covenant in the trinity room at the krat station lobby on chapter 9
    2. you dont get a quartz in the trinity room at the cathedral you get the black cats amulet.

    • Avatar photo

      Hey, thank you for the comment.

      I did visit all of these myself, but the rewards change from a regular run to a New Game + run (where you already have the rewards from the first time you opened the Sanctums), so some of listed rewards may be mixed up from that.

      Hope that clears it up. I’ll make an addendum to the post. Cheers!


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