Last Labyrinth Guide – How to Escape Every Room

Stuck on a certain puzzle? This Last Labyrinth guide will help you through every difficult room in the game. From Amata K.K. comes this escape-the-room VR game best described as an eclectic mix between Ico and the Saw series. Make no mistake, Last Labyrinth will punish you over and over again with no mercy.

The Last Labyrinth Cover

There are few games like Last Labyrinth in the VR game catalogue and this puzzle game will punish you (literally) over and over again. In Saw-like fashion, failing a puzzle means instant and gruesome death. To make matters worse, it isn’t just yourself you have to worry about. The life of an innocent girl lies in your hands. Stuck in a certain room or a particular puzzle? To help you get past the rooms most people have trouble with, this Last Labyrinth guide will cover the most difficult puzzles in the game. 

Note: This guide will be constantly updated, as more players report difficulties in certain stages.

The Last Labyrinth is available on Steam and the Oculus store

The Last Labyrinth Guide: Difficult Puzzles

Last Labyrinth - Official Trailer | PS VR

Train Room

In one of the earlier stages of the game, you will come across a room with train tracks set up in the center. Above it will be more train tracks and ropes.

Last Labyrinth Train Puzzle

The Train Puzzle in Last Labyrinth

There will also be multiple levers that change the arrangement of the tracks. Select only the lever in the middle. Then, select the button on the left side of the room within the wooden shaft. 

The Yellow and Blue Button Panels

For this puzzle you need to hit the buttons on each panel to match the patterns on the walls opposite them.

The Blue Panel

The Blue Panel

You will see a blue design on the right wall and a yellow design on the left. Make the corresponding light-up buttons match the patterns according to their color. If done correctly, the red light above the door should turn green.

When finished, hit the button to the left of the door.

The Projector Room

Within this room are three projectors which project shapes along the top of the walls. Select the projectors to change the shapes on the walls.The shapes in red paint correspond to the patterns below. Circle goes with circle and square with square. Make these patterns match each other. 

Projector Room Last Labyrinth Guide

The Projector Room

The only anomaly here is the projector in the middle. Notice the triangle is upside down. The means you must make them mirror images of each other. In the end it should look like the image above and the light should turn green.

Once the light turns green, press the button to open the door.

The Box

Select the latch to use as a bridge. Move the box down, left, up, and then right by selecting the handles on it. Finally, select the latch in the middle of the room. If done correctly, the buttons above the door should all be green.

Hit the button to open the door.

Phantom Attacks 

The Phantom Last Labyrinth Guide

The Phantom (Left)

The main villain/mastermind in Last Labyrinth is a hooded and unnamed masked figure that has been referred to online as Phantom. This room throws a huge curve ball. As soon as the girl turns on the light, you notice Phantom behind her like in a horror film. He grabs her and drags her out of the room. At first, it seems like you are completely powerless and must simply watch her get killed. However, that’s not true; you have a very powerful laser pointer. 

After the phantom/the reaper/the boogeyman grabs her, blind him by looking at his mask and shooting the laser in his eye. Do it again and he will throw the girl across the room.

Blind him 3 times as he walks to her. After the girl sits up a bit, hit the button above her.

The reaper will get up again. He will grab her and pin her against the wall. Once he shifts her to the right a bit, hit the button on the right.

The Organ Memory Game

One of the more fun puzzles in the game is the music memory game. Within this puzzle, there is an organ in the middle of the room with four coloured buttons. First, select the yellow pulley. Then, all you have to do is hit the buttons in order that they are played. However, at the end, the buttons will move their positions and things get more difficult. Here are the button sequences you need to press.

  • Sequence 1: green, yellow, green, red
  • Sequence 2: blue, blue, red, yellow, green
  • Sequence 3: red, blue, yellow, red, yellow
  • Sequence 4: blue, red, red, yellow, green, blue

The Scales

By far one of the most difficult puzzles in Last Labyrinth is the scales. Within this puzzle, you must balance the scales using the examples shown in the display area. The scales increase in difficulty as you pass each level.  

Below are the amount of weights you must put for each level.

The Scales

The Scales

  • Scale 1: 2 green/yellow weights
  • Scale 2: 2 yellow weights and 1 orange weight
  • Scale 3: 3 green weights
  • Scale 4: 2 grey weights, 1 green, and 1 yellow
  • Scale 5: 2 red weights

Animal Checkers

In this room, you must play a board game with animal pieces against Phantom. There are 5 green syringes filled with an unknown poison. If you win the game, he will inject one in the girl. If you lose he will inject you. 

The animals can move according to the dots. The elephant can move diagonally. The bird can only move up. The giraffe can move up, down, left, and right. The lion can move in any direction.

Lose twice, win twice, then lose one last time.

The Last Labyrinth Guide: Updates

We hope this walkthrough helped you get through some of the more difficult puzzles in the game. This labyrinth guide will be updated with more difficult puzzles, as more players report having trouble with certain areas. 

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