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Kill la Kill: IF Guide – Top 5 Tips for Beginners

New to Kill la Kill: IF? Getting lost in its fast-paced combat? No need to worry! By following our Top 5 Tips for Beginners, you’ll fight your way to the top of your class in no time. You'll learn all the basics, from the types of attacks you should use to the best training resources.
Kill la Kill: IF Guide - Top 5 Tips for Beginners

Kill la Kill: IF Guide – Top 5 Tips for Beginners


Kill la Kill: IF is the latest stylish fighting game published by Arc System Works, who are known for titles like Dragon Ball FighterZ and the Guilty Gear series. An adaptation of the popular Kill la Kill anime, it is developed in collaboration with the series’ original creators, Studio Trigger, capturing all the hectic action that made the show so special to begin with.

Just like any fighting game, Kill la Kill: IF can be difficult for beginners. That’s why we’ve assembled our Top 5 Tips for everyone who’s new to the game. With these tips, it won’t be long before you come out on top as Honnouji Academy’s top fighter.

1. Keep It Simple

Many fighting games require lengthy combos and complex button inputs to succeed. Kill la Kill: IF isn’t one of them. Instead, it features a universal set of simple controls for every character. If used properly, this simplicity can allow you to perform extravagant combos with ease.

There’s no need to overthink every attack. Simply stringing together one or two types of attacks should do well for the most part. There’s some excellent combos that simply involve pressing the same button while only changing the directional input on the control stick.

Stick to basic logic when you strategize your attacks. If your close-range hit tossed your opponent halfway across the arena, then you should follow up with a dash, homing, or long-range attack to keep the combo going. As long as you keep your moves flowing quickly and intuitively, you should be able to keep your opponents locked in lengthy combos.

Kill la Kill's simple controls let your suit yourself

Kill la Kill’s simple controls let your suit yourself

2. Stay Up Close and Personal

In that vein, it’s imperative to trap your opponents in those endless combo loops. You’ll want to be unrelenting and stay in your opponent’s face. Kill la Kill’s simple controls make it easy to string together many attacks, and you should take advantage of it whenever possible.

Kill la Kill: IF gives you multiple options to get in close quarters with your opponents, beyond your standard close-range physical attacks. For instance, there’s the homing attack, in which you jump in the air and fly towards your target. Obviously, these actions are easy for your opponents to read and leave you wide open to their counter attacks. Thus, it’s best to use them only when you’ve already staggered your opponents with long-range moves (more on that in the next section).

Dash and break attacks are particularly useful. Dashing will help you quickly traverse the large arenas and give you more flexibility to defend yourself than homing attacks. If you dash quickly enough, you can strike your opponents before they have a change to react. However, if they manage block your initial move, don’t forget to use your Break Attack to stagger them. While a missed break attack will leave you vulnerable for several seconds, a successfully landed hit can lead into some of the most effective combos in the game, so make frequent use of them.

You might need to step away to get closer to victory

You might need to step away to get closer to victory

3. Know When to Stay Back

However, there will be times where it’s better to take a more hands-off approach. For some characters, this is effectively required – for instance, Ira Gamagoori can become more powerful by lashing himself, so it’s good to move him away from the action for a bit to charge him up. Other characters, such as Houka Inumuta and Nonon Jakuzure, thrive in long-range combat. Distanced attacks are their greatest strength, making it imperative for them to stay far away from their opponents and let their powerful ranged moves do all the hard work.

Regardless of the character you’re playing, staying back can be a good idea. For instance, if your opponent is homing in on you, you should use long range attacks to stagger them and stop them in their tracks. Also, if you’re getting tossed around in a lengthy combo, ranged attacks can be useful to get out of them. This will leave you an opening to swoop in and start a combo of your own.

Sometimes you need to be provoking.

Sometimes you need to be provoking.

4. Be Valorous

Kill la Kill’s controls are simple, but there is one wrinkle thrown into the mix: the Bloody Valor ability. This mechanic can turn the tide of battle, even if it’s not entirely predictable.

It’s effectively a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Triggered by clicking both shoulder buttons upon filling two SP gauges, it lets you charge your opponent. Both of you will be able to choose whether to Taunt, Mock, or Provoke each other. Whoever chooses the most effective option wins the round – remember, Provoke beats Mock, Mock beats Taunt, and Taunt beats Provoke. If you win a round of Bloody Valor, you’ll gain a bonus depending upon the option you chose, such as regained health for winning by Mocking. If you can win three rounds in a single battle, you’ll see a massive boost in power and will be able to perform a devastating finishing move.

Of course, just like actual Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bloody Valor is an unpredictable process. It’s all about reading your opponent’s strategies and body language – which can be difficult to do if you’re fighting a computer or online opponent. However, there’s a few techniques you can use to guess what your foes might choose during Bloody Valor. If they’re low on health, then they’ll likely use Mock to regain that health; thus, you should use Taunt to win the round. Similarly, if your foe is fighting very aggressively, then they’ll probably Taunt you to deal even greater damage. Smartly utilizing Bloody Valor can change the course of any battle, so it’s critical to not forget about it.

After a hit like this, you might need to slow down

After a hit like this, you might need to slow down

5. Take your time

Kill la Kill: IF might be easy to grasp, but by no means is it easy to master. If you truly want to take your game to the next level, you’ll need to spend ample time with each of your favorite characters to discover the best strategies.

There’s a few resources that can help with this. The game offers various training and practice modes that can help with this. In particular, the various gauntlet and “Covers” horde modes are useful practice for increasing your combo chain and learning how to use the best moves. Take your time in each of these modes to learn the ins and outs of each character. Likewise, every character has an extensive list of commands found in the pause menu. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it’s an excellent starting point to learn some of the most effective actions for each fighter. By utilizing these resources and following these five tips, you should be on your way to mastering the basics of Kill la Kill: IF.

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