Kill It With Fire Arachno-Gauntlet Guide

Struggling with Kill It With Fire’s Arachno-Gauntlets?! Fear not with this Arachno-Gauntlet guide! This will help you through the game’s 9 Arachno-Gauntlets with more detailed beginners tips and tricks than you can shake a spiderweb at!

Kill it with Fire Arachno-Gauntlet Guide

Casey Donnellan’s Kill It With Fire is undeniably a fun game, but the game’s Arachno-Gauntlets are easily the hardest thing in it. And given that they must be completed in order to unlock the final challenge and the game’s ending, it may be tempting to just give up and move onto something a little less stressful. But fear not, dear reader, this Arachno-Gauntlet guide will give you the tips needed to give these spindly legged fiends what for!

Before you read the Arachno-Gauntlet guide, be sure to read our Kill It With Fire review!

General Tips

  • Make sure to complete each of the game’s levels before you attempt to try to complete the Arachno-Gauntlets; this way you can ensure that you have as many items and upgrades as possible and that you won’t have to kill spiders to advance through the level. 
  • The three most useful upgrades are the Energy Drinks (Found in Major Inconvenience), the Frying Pan (Found in Domestic Duties), and the S.P.I.D.A.R. upgrade for the scanner (Found in Close Encounters). I used these the most during my completion of each of the Arachno-Gauntlets and found they made the challenges considerably easier to do.
  • Do not kill any spiders before you start the Arachno-Gauntlet (where possible). Doing so will give you more spiders to kill during the challenges (usually there are some spiders already in the location the challenge takes place in); all spider kills count towards the Arachno-Gauntlet’s total, even those that are not spawned by the challenge.
This Arachno-Gauntlet Guide is hot! BA-DUM TISH!

This Arachno-Gauntlet Guide is hot! BA-DUM TISH!

Each of the following Arachno-Gauntlet guides will list where the Arachno-Gauntlets are located, what items and upgrades are recommended, and the tips on how to beat them.

1. First Contact

  • Arachno-Gauntlet Location: In the bathroom behind the Laundry Basket.
  • Arachno-Gauntlet: Kill 5 spiders without reloading the revolver.
  • Recommended items: Energy Drink
  • Recommended Upgrades: Gel Insoles, S.P.I.D.A.R.

The first challenge in the game is straight forward enough, at least on the face of it; kill 5 spiders without reloading. Once you have activated the Arachno-Gauntlet, run towards the door that leads to the entrance of the level and the moment you see a spider drop from the air vent and land on the floor, use the Energy Drink. Switch to the Revolver, crouch down over the spider and shoot it. There should be at least one other in the entrance by the time you do this. Once they are both dead, run back into the living room and once again crouch over the nearest spider and shoot. Repeat the process until the trial is completed. Shooting spiders at this close range reduces the risk of missing.

One would think the first Arachno-Gauntlet in the game would be easy but nooooo…

One would think the first Arachno-Gauntlet in the game would be easy but nooooo…

All Firearms aside the silenced pistol will cause nearby spiders to run, so try to prioritise those who have not yet been alerted and are still moving slowly. Remember that the Revolver is a six-shot weapon which means you will only be able to miss once before the challenge will be rendered uncompletable! If you are struggling, spend a run or two keeping an eye out for all the Spiders’ spawn points. The S.P.I.D.A.R. upgrade will show you exactly how close you are to any spiders, making it easy to find your next kill. An optional upgrade for this challenge is the Cargo Pants; this gives you infinite clip-size/unlimited ammo/max ammo on all your weapons. That means if you have that upgrade, you can fire as many times as you like without worrying about needing to reload.

2. Second Encounter

  • Arachno-Gauntlet Location: Secret Room behind the bookcase
  • Arachno-Gauntlet: Kill 10 spiders with the shotgun
  • Recommended items: Energy Drink
  • Recommended Upgrades: Gel Insoles, S.P.I.D.A.R.

When the trial first begins, position yourself near the air vent in the room you entered from and shoot the Spiderlings as they land on the rug underneath it. Doing this will net you three to four kills early on as the Spiderlings take a second or two before they move and will be an easy target for you to hit. However you won’t be able to just sit there and spawn kill them all. If you are struggling on this part, use an Energy Drink.

The spiders here spawn infrequently, once you get three move on!

The spiders spawn here infrequently, once you get three move on!

Once you have eliminated three of the Spiderlings, run into the hallway and use an Energy Drink. The Spiderlings repeat the same path as they try to escape from you; often times you’ll be able to see them running up the sides of the cabinet in the middle of the hallway. Try to crouch as close to the Spiderlings as you can and shoot them like you did in the previous challenge. If possible, try to hit spiders that are close by each other as not only can this help you net multiple kills in one shot, but it will also unlock an achievement for you as well.

This Arachno-Gauntlet can be one of the most frustrating in the early game due to the fact the shotgun fires its entire clip whenever you shoot it. If you fail, try to take the time to familiarise yourself with the paths that the Spiderlings will run down. Their paths in this trial are not random. Doing so will allow you predict where they are running to and be able to act accordingly.

3. Domestic Duties

  • Arachno-Gauntlet Location: In the garage on a shelf
  • Arachno-Gauntlet: Kill 10 Spiders with Fire
  • Recommended Items: Hair Spray, Molotov, or Flamethrower
  • Recommended Upgrades: S.P.I.D.A.R.
Finally, a challenge where you Kill it with Fire!!

Finally, a challenge where you Kill it with Fire!!

This is the easiest challenge in the game and really requires no upgrades or additional weapons besides the Hair Spray. Throw flames on the shelves and just about anything else in the room; short bursts of flame are recommended so you don’t burn through your ammo too quickly. It isn’t overly complicated nor is it overly difficult, so go and give those spiders hell! Once again the Cargo Pants can help as they give you unlimited ammo, but with this one it is not essential.

4. Major Inconvenience

  • Arachno-Gauntlet Location: Next to the Barcode Scanner where the level begins
  • Arachno-Gauntlet: Kill 5 Spiders in 15 seconds without using explosives
  • Recommended Items: Frying Pan, Energy Drink, Silenced Pistol
  • Recommended Upgrades: Gel Insoles

On the face of things, this Arachno-Gauntlet should be the hardest one in the game; killing in such a narrow time frame should be near impossible to all but those with the best reflexes. However in reality, it isn’t so difficult.

When your Energy Drink runs out drink more!

When your Energy Drink runs out drink more!

This Arachno-Gauntlet is designed to teach you how to use the Energy Drink and is built around it. Once the challenge begins, use an Energy Drink and smash the nearest spider with the Frying Pan. You are dealing with exploding spiders, so flame weapons will not work on them. If there are any spiders that you feel are a little out of your reach then use the silenced pistol; firing this will not scare the nearby spiders, thus meaning less time running after them with the pan.

5. Garden of Evil

  • Arachno-Gauntlet Location: To the right of the small build up the stairs
  • Arachno-Gauntlet: Kill 10 Spiders with the Shurikens
  • Recommended Items: Energy Drink
  • Recommended Upgrades: Gel Insoles, S.P.I.D.A.R., Giant Magnet

This is arguably the most difficult Arachno-Gauntlet in the game. The Shurikens do not operate like other projectile weapons; they are thrown on a delay, so you must time your shots. To help compensate for this, the Energy Drink will slow down the spiders and crouching over them as you did in previous shooting challenges will reduce the time it takes to strike them. Throwing Shurikens at stationary targets is always easier than throwing them at a moving one.

Tough? Yes. Satisfying? YEESSS!

Tough? Yes. Satisfying? YEESSS!

Flashbangs are another option as they are able to stun the arachnids for a few seconds; do not look in the direction you threw it, otherwise it will blind you for a few seconds. If thrown whilst under the effects of the Energy Drink, there will be a delay before they explode which will cost you time; only use them once the energy drink has run out, then drink your next one just after it explodes. The Cheese Puffs can be used to lure the spiders into easier to strike positions. It will be tempting to use the Giant Magnet to bring back the Shurikens after you have thrown only a couple, but remember that it has a cool down, and where possible try to pick them up and only use the magnet when you have one Shuriken left.

6. Barnstormer

  • Arachno-Gauntlet Location: In the barn next to the cash register
  • Arachno-Gauntlet: Kill 10 Spiders without reloading the Assault Rifle
  • Recommended Items: Energy Drink, Cheese Puffs
  • Recommended Upgrades: S.P.I.D.A.R.

This one is similar to the first challenge in the game and requires similar tactics; take energy drink to slow down time and crouch over the spiders before shooting them. Try to fire only one shot at a time to conserve ammo; it only takes two shots to kill most spiders. Try to prioritise the Queen spiders as they are slower and spawn Spiderlings which are even easier to deal with; they require only one shot to kill. The Royal Grape Cheese Puffs can create more Queens, though without the Cargo Pants you’ll only be able to create two extra. 

Spiders will often get stuck trying to climb up the righthand side of this plank

Spiders will often get stuck trying to climb up the righthand side of this plank

At the time of writing, there is an area in the barn were spiders can get stuck which makes them easier to shoot. However please remember that this may be patched out in future updates; because of this, it might not be a viable strategy long term.

7. Paper Trail

  • Arachno-Gauntlet Location: In the meeting room next to the table in the corner.
  • Arachno-Gauntlet: Kill 10 Spiders in different ways
  • Recommended Items: Every weapon you have and Energy Drink
  • Recommended Upgrades: S.P.I.D.A.R., Gel Insoles, Cargo Shorts

The wording of this one quite frankly is terrible; what it really means is kill 10 spiders using a different weapon each time without reusing any of them. This means you can use each of your firearms, flame weapons, melee weapons, and explosives without worrying about using the same type. When setting up for this Arachno-Gauntlet I set up my item slots as follows:

  1. Slot 1 Clipboard
  2. Slot 2 Frying Pan
  3. Slot 3 Trimmer
  4. Slot 4 Revolver
  5. Slot 5 Silenced Pistol
  6. Slot 6 Shotgun
  7. Slot 7 Assault Rifle
  8. Slot 8 Hair Spray
  9. Slot 9 C4 Explosives.
This Arachno-Gauntlet honestly feels as much of a test of your scroll wheel skills as much as it is your spider killing skills.

This Arachno-Gauntlet honestly feels as much of a test of your scroll wheel skills as much as it is your spider killing skills.

When the challenge begins, make your way over to the orange box where you received the RPG. Once the spider lands on the floor, use the Energy Drink and kill it with the clipboard; the energy drink will make it harder for the spider to run away as well as set up for the rest of the challenge. I then switched to the frying pan and killed my next spider, then the trimmer and so forth. As soon as you kill a spider, switch to the next weapon on your list. When your Energy Drink runs out, press ‘Q’ to bring up your inventory to get your next one. Once you have killed 9 spiders, press ‘Q’ to bring out the RPG and use that to claim your final kill.

8. Contingency Omega

  • Arachno-Gauntlet Location: The big red button in the launch room
  • Arachno-Gauntlet: Kill 30 Spiders
  • Recommended Items: Frying pan, flame thrower, Silenced Pistol, Energy Drink, Royal Grape Cheese Puffs
  • Recommended Upgrades: S.P.I.D.A.R., Flashlight, Gel Insoles

Do not kill spiders on your way to the Arachno-Gauntlet; this will give you more to kill once the Arachno-Gauntlet begins. You should only attempt this challenge after you have completed the level at least once. When you enter the room where the challenge takes place in, set down some Royal Grape Cheese Puffs and trigger some spiders; walk up close to them, inspect the item they are hiding on or stand near them. Eventually they will run over to the Cheese Puffs and then turn into Queens.

With the right planning you can easily kill more than you need to!

With the right planning you can easily kill more than you need to!

Collect the key cards from the side rooms and then activate the Arachno-Gauntlet. Once the timer starts use the energy drink, turn on your flashlight and run into each of the side rooms and kill the spiders inside of them using either the flame thrower or the frying pan. Doing this allows the Radioactive Spiders in the main room time to create some Zombie Spiders and thus gives you more to kill.

When the spiders are dealt with in the side rooms, return to the main room and kill as many as you can. Try to prioritise the nonradioactive Spiders first as they can then be resurrected by the Radioactive Spiders and net you some extra kills. The aim is to not kill too many too soon, otherwise you’ll run out of spiders before any extra ones can spawn in to allow you to complete the challenge in time.

9. Consequences

  • Arachno-Gauntlet Location: The Big Red Button Outside.
  • Arachno-Gauntlet: Kill 40 Cockroaches
  • Recommended Items: Frying pan, flame thrower, C4 Explosives
  • Recommended Upgrades: S.P.I.D.A.R. Flashlight, Gel Insoles

This is a similar Arachno-Gauntlet to the last one, however there is no way to set it up like the last challenge; you cannot snag kills from any cockroaches still hiding in the level. Once the challenge begins, bring up the Scanner to find the nearest Cockroach and start exterminating them with whichever weapon you wish; though the flame thrower is the best option for this challenge. The explosive barrels and your C4 will allow you to kill multiple Cockroaches in short periods of time. 

Honestly this is probably the easiest Arachno-Gauntlet in the game.

Honestly this is probably the easiest Arachno-Gauntlet in the game.

Always keep moving. Fire off bursts of fire where you can. And if all else fails you can always reset the challenge; though it is better to go the rest of the level, as that way the explosive barrels will respawn and help you out with reaching the target.

With this one completed you’ll have finished all the game’s Arachno-Gauntlets! Congratulations! Hopefully this Arachno-Gauntlet guide will help you finally complete the game’s challenges. If you have any tips of your own, share them in the comments below!


  1. Avatar photo

    Played in vr and even though I couldn’t do some of the things, the tip to use energy drink and royal cheese puffs was a huge help.

  2. Avatar photo

    its even easier and can be done sooner to use baits.

  3. Avatar photo

    i sooooo want to install but ive seen it on youtube i think the ninja stars are the hardest to kill a spider lol

  4. Avatar photo

    I think that it is easier for some of these with tiny mode

    • Avatar photo

      Thank you for the reply! I have found Tiny Mode can help with some of the tasks that are stricter with aiming. Well, providing that you are able to unlock it first!

  5. Avatar photo

    If anyone has trouble with the hairspray method where it does not give you the method of kill, I found the throwing star as a good substitute.

    • Avatar photo

      You must be a better shot than I am to hit anything with the throwing stars thats for certain 🙂


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