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John Wick Hex – Complete Trophies & Achievements List

John Wick Hex is a strategic chess game, with everyone's favourite sharp-dressed hitman. Cement John’s reputation as the deadliest assassin in the world with our essential trophies and achievement list. Gain 100% completion with the intense focus of the legendary Baba Yaga, himself.

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To help you achieve 100% completion in this strategy game, based on the hit movie franchise, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of John Wick Hex trophies and achievements. Our list includes everything you need to know about the game’s 32 Trophies and how to unlock them. 

John Wick Hex Trophies & Achievements List 

Trophy/Achievement TitleUnlock Requirement 
Death’s Very EmissaryGain every achievement in the game
The Devil’s Dance Earn the Baba Yaga name in Elysium 
Watery GravesEarn the Baba Yaga name in the Harbor 
Notorious Artist Earn the Baba Yaga name in the Gallery 
Known Quantity Earn the Baba Yaga name in the bank
Respected Earn the Baba Yaga name in the Alps
Legendary Earn the Baba Yaga name in Lair 
Rumors AboundEarn the Baba Yaga name in Chinatown 
Something With a BeatComplete Elysium in expedited mode
A Contender Complete the Harbor in expedited mode
One Hit WonderComplete the Gallery in expedited mode
Fast Deposit Complete the bank in expedited mode
Blizzard Complete the Alps in expedited mode
Just in TimeComplete the Lair in expedited mode
Excommunicado Begin a new game at 6pm
WastefulReload a gun which is only missing one round
87eleven Use a takedown, a strike and a push on the same enemy 
Change of Heart Kill someone using two or more guns
SurvivorComplete a location with under four bars of health remaining 
Clipped Kill someone by throwing a gun at them 
Sharp Shooter Earn the Alyosha Popovich name in any location 
Guns. Lots of GunsEarn the Zmei Gorynych name in any location 
Directed AngerEarn the Letun name in any location 
Never Miss Earn the Koschei name in any location 
Birthright Complete the Lair
Iced Complete the Alps
A Withdrawl Complete the Bank 
Pop Art Complete the Gallery 
Civil War Complete the Harbor
Last Orders Complete Elysium 
Quick Start Complete Chinatown in expedited mode
Edgar Was AloneComplete Chinatown 

Good Luck, Completionist!

There you go! We hope this John Wick Hex trophies and achievements list helps you get the most out of this unmissable opportunity to play the Baba Yaga, himself. Most of the achievements look to revolve around gaining John’s legendary reputation, so expect to be doing plenty of killing as the world’s best-dressed hitman.  

John Wick Hex is available on PC and PS4

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