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Ion Fury: Complete Trophies and Achievements List

3D Realms' newest shooter, Ion Fury, has a set of 30 trophies and achievements locked away in its armoury. We'll give you the details here! Your mission is to kick all the ass necessary to earn them and reward yourself with some gum afterwards.

Ion Fury: Complete Trophies and Achievements List

Ion Fury is a first-person shooter that was first released by 3D Realms on August 15th, 2019, on PC. It may have taken a while, but Ion Fury has finally been granted a console-port and with it, a set of trophies and achievements for you to shoot your way to. If you’re unfamiliar, 3D Realms are arguably known for their famed FPS franchise, Duke Nukem; with the titular character known for his brash, tough-talking machismo that would shoot anything that moved.

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Ion Fury Unlock all trophies
Shaken, Not Stirred Step out of the bar
Altar of Sacrifice Survive the onslaught
The Future of Law Enforcement Demolish Heskel’s oversized security droid
Hunter, Killed Defeat the Revenant 8991-PX
Brutalized Separate the Twins
Express Elevator Survive Heskel’s horribly overdesigned trap
Mech Warrior Clear the lab of Warmechs
Capital Defense Defeat Dr. Heskel
Firepower Matters Collect all weapons
A Secret Place Find 50 of Dick’s secret stashes
Cowabunga! Eat 30 slices of pizza
Addicted Drink 20 cans of soda
Demanufacture Decapitate 100 enemies
Bad Mojo Stomp 20 cockroaches
Arachnophobia Kill 20 spiders with the Electrifryer
Overkill Kill 30 flying enemies with explosives
Cranium d’Or Kick 20 severed heads
Gone Batty Find Roy’s final resting place
Diddle for the Middle Get a bullseye
Peanuts and Cracker Jacks Reach the secret level
All Doors Are Locked Unaffordable housing
Wasted! Admire the Red Eagle
The Owls Are Not What They Seem A dream of a Black Lodge
Complete and Total Meltdown Find the Elephant’s Foot
Terminated! Ow!
Ultimate Failure Find the secret lab
Demolition Turkey Get 3 Strikes (3 or more killed) with Bowling Bombs
Dedicated Complete the game on Maximum Fury difficulty
T-Shirt Proof that you’ve done it all

The Lawsuit Of The Beast

The game previously experienced controversy with its “Iron Maiden lawsuit“, as Ion Fury was previously titled “Iron Maiden”. However, the famous English heavy metal band took issue with the name and threatened 3D Realms with legal action unless the name was changed. 3D Realms consequently changed the name to Ion Fury as a result.

Ion Fury Consoles Release Date Trailer

Ion Fury will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on May 14th.

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