Intro Guide: 5 Things You Should Know Before Playing SoAMoM

If you are thinking about buying and playing State of Anarchy Master of Mayhem for PC, Xbox, or Switch, keep in mind this next 5 thing about the game.

Intro Guide: 5 Things You Should Know Before Playing SoAMoM Cover

State of Anarchy Master of Mayhem is an indie video game developed by Lapovich Studios and published by New Reality Games. The game was published on March 31, 2017, for PC in Steam, and on Xbox and Switch on August 1, 2018, and is the sequel to State of Anarchy. The game takes place in the middle of an alien invasion on earth, which causes a state of anarchy where you must survive. This is a top-down view bullet hell/shooter/adventure game that is unique and with its own distinctive feel. The game runs like butter in any device and for this article, we played the Switch version.

State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem trailer (Switch)

1) Doodle ArtIntro Guide: 5 Thing You Should Know Before Playing SoAMoM. Doodles

The first thing you should know is that you are going to be playing a video game with its whole visual style being those of doodles. The doodles resemble those of a high schools student, the ones you would have found in a mid 90’s school desks, so don’t think that because of its art style this game is a nonviolent one, on the contrary, it’s quite bloody, just like the drawings of a high school student. For some people, this can be a nice feature of the game, for others maybe not, but still is one of the most distinctive elements of it. I’ll even dare say that it helps make it a lot more heartwarming if you also used to draw stuff like this back at school.

2) 40 levels of pure anarchy

The game as a whole has 40 levels including boss fights. These levels are open world which means that you can take your time and explore all of them before finishing them. Each level has a main quest that usually involves the killing of a semi-boss. After finishing each level you’ll immediately start the next level. Keep in mind that right after finishing each stage you will be able to buy upgrades for your character so try and always spend your money wisely for those upgrades will make your gameplay a lot more enjoyable. Finally, the levels are just gorgeous and the number of colors and chaos that you see is just amazing

3) Boss fightsIntro Guide: 5 Thing You Should Know Before Playing SoAMoM. Bosses

Throughout your gameplay, you will have to face different boss fights that are going to put to the test all of your abilities. Each boss is different and unique and they sure are challenging. For the boss fight, you will mostly be trapt in a limited space where you will have to move and evade all of the different attacks the boss shoots at you while at the same time damaging him with your own arsenal while you dodge natural obstacles like fire, asteroids, etc…

4) Variety of levelsIntro Guide: 5 Thing You Should Know Before Playing SoAMoM. Variety

While playing throughout the game you will notice that even though some stage may be kind of similar, all of the stages are different. You will have stages that will take to space, stages where you will have a limited space to move, stages that are more of a hold your ground and survive a certain amount of time, or ones where you’ll have to kill someone as fast as possible, so there is always something new and unique to each one. Also, as the game has a story each stage is kind of a new chapter of it and as you move forward you will see that the chaos and the state of anarchy are going to evolve and become even greater.

5) Just the right priceIntro Guide: 5 Thing You Should Know Before Playing SoAMoM. Price

Lastly, the game has a price tag of eight (8) dollars for the Switch and Xbox version and a six (6) dollars price tag in Steam, and they do are worth it. this IP has enough material to make those six (6) or eight (8) dollars more than just a fair price, and even though the game is excellent and will have you engage for a long time, it is one of those games that is best enjoyed if played at sporadic periods of time, so you’ll have a game that will last you for some weeks. Finally, this game has one of the best OSTs I have ever heard on a video game (its a 90’s grunge like style of rock) and you can purchase it for just one (1) dollar at Steam as a DLC (if you decide to buy the Steam version), so less than ten (10) dollars for an amazing game with an amazing visual style, a fun story and a fantastic soundtrack is just something that not always happens, so give it a try. 

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