Intro Guide: 5 Thing You Should Know Before Playing TABG

Are you thinking about diving into the world of Totally Accurate Battlegrounds? Are you wondering what to expect about this new Battle Royal online game? Did you enjoy Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and is now looking forward to playing this new IP? This Intro Guide will help you by giving you a sneak peek into some of the game's aspects before you play your first match.

Intro Guide: 5 Thing You Should Know Before Playing TABG

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is a parody of the Battle Royale genre. A bunch of physics-based weirdos fight it out on an island, everything is silly and possibly a bit buggy.  This game was Developed and published by Landfall Games and was released on Steam on June 5, 2018.

1)Weird Physics

Intro Guide: 5 Thing You Should Know Before Playing TABG. Weird Physics inside a Car
Just like in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, this game has some weird physics. This doesn't mean that during gameplay abnormal or strange things happen, it´s just the way your character reacts to jumping, falling, punching and shooting, as well as getting punched and shot. You have to be very careful about what weapons you use and how your character reacts to them, f.e: the big, heavy and strong machinegun is not only going to help you kill faster but will also make you suffer from recoil every time a bullet is shot; this is also true for the heavy sniper, which will force you back every time you shoot and depending on your position this may push your character off the spot. Also, jumping is kind of funny and awkward, as well as punching, which makes your character look like a sky dancer outdoor promotional sign fighting. So the lesson here is to have in mind that this game has physics that make your character and your enemies react and behave in some silly, fun and strange ways without becoming abnormal.

2) 50 Players Per Match

Intro Guide: 5 Thing You Should Know Before Playing TABG. Player aiming to another player. 7/50 players left.
This doesn't need to be explained in much detail to understand it, just remember that you will be facing 49 players per match and not 99 like in any other Battle Royal game.

3) A Big Map

Intro Guide: 5 Thing You Should Know Before Playing TABG. Map of the Game
Just like any other Battle Royal game, this one has a map that resembles a big island. To be fair, the map is not that big, but the fact that you are playing against 49 other players and not against 99 makes it feel as if it was. There is going to be a lot of matches in which you are going to be facing dead times during gameplay unless you decided to land in one of the most crowded places. This is one of the only aspects of the game in which I think the developers need to update, but at the same time is not such a big issue for the game is still fun and landing in crowded places just "fixes" this inconvenience. 

4) Small Amount of Ammo, Weapons and Pick Up's

Intro Guide: 5 Thing You Should Know Before Playing TABG. Some of the gear you can get.
Just like the game description says, this game is a PUBG and other Battle Royal games parody, and one of the ways they do it is by reducing the number of pickups, weapons, and ammo you can find in the game. This doesn't mean that there are no pickups in general in the map, but I can assure you, you will spend some matches without finding any pickups at all unless you land in one of the crowded places, and still it does not assure you will get anything because in those places there are not enough items for everyone, and the most far away and lonely places have houses and huts with nothing at all to pick up in most cases. So keep in mind that there are few items scatter throughout the map, but if you are lucky you may be able to pick or loot good gear.

5) Unique Style

Intro Guide: 5 Thing You Should Know Before Playing TABG. Star and Customization Screen.
Finally, the game has a unique style in the way it makes fun of Battle Royal games. Not only does the weird physics make it fun and unique, but the art style, the fact that you can customize your character before each match, the sound effects, the weapons, for there are some silly thing like frying pans, the pillars that fall from the sky and act as cloud storms shrinking the map gradually reducing the playable area, and even it's deploying Bus, which are just a bunch of flying trucks from which you are launched off to the map, make this a different and silly experience in which the idea is not to win, but to have fun by making a joke out of every situation possible.

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