Infinite Warfare Fast Keys Guide

Struggling to farm those keys in Infinite Warfare? Tired of not having a shiny new epic weapon? No longer! This guide will give you a concise and efficient method of gaining consistent keys in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The supply drops are screaming to be opened!

Infinite Warfare Fast Keys Guide
Low on keys? Multiplayer got you down? That is all about to change for you my friend. The hands-down best method for gaining keys in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is right here. We'll be delving into the world of Zombies, and getting our hands dirty with the in-depth details that will get you the juicy loot you're looking for.

This guide uses the Zombies in Spaceland map, the default Zombies map available to all players within Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


There aren't too many prerequisites that you'll need for this method, but there are some recommendations. Firstly, make sure you've at least played a couple of rounds of Zombies before you try this method. Infinite Warfare zombies, whilst similar to Treyarch's iteration, is indeed a different ballgame, and being accustomed to it can only bring greater success.

On that subject, learn to train. It is essential in your success. Without learning how to lure zombies around lock a flock of lemmings, you're destined for doom. Training is a simple concept, and learning your spacing and roots does not take long. It is an invaluable skill.

Furthermore, I'd recommend having some decent levels on your guns in Zombies, or at least a variant of some sort. Certain variants really don't fare well in Zombies, but if you've been lucky enough to get something like the Karma 45 Kismet, the NV4 Fallout, or the Oni Kaiken, you're in for a much easier time. The Karma 45 Kismet will grant you a free random perk every 75 kills, the NV4 Fallout will drop a Nuke powerup every 150 kills, and the Oni Kaiken is an extremely powerful weapon variant that can one shot up to about round 18. Nevertheless, this method can easily be done without any variants, these just make it easier.

Tuff 'Nuff and Trailblazers are great perks for this method

Round 1 – 5

The early rounds are the most important. Not only will you need to be fast and efficient, but you'll need to have a gameplan in mind. My personal plan for the first 5 rounds are as follows:

  1. Turn power on in the starting area and reach the main park area
  2. Purchase a weapon that can carry me to about Round 10. I usually opt for the Karma 45, NV4, or the Erad.
  3. Begin to work my way towards the outskirts of the map, turning on the power and using the teleporters to link up the Pack A Punch machine.
  4. Start to think about purchasing your perks. Seeing as you're going for speed and efficiency, I'd recommend Tuff 'Nuff, which will let you survive more hits, and Trail Blazer, which will leave a path of flame behind you when you slide.

These rounds are easy, but bad point optimization and management can leave you flustered and in a predicament. Take a little bit of time to line zombies up and utilize your Kendal 44 default pistol and melee hits to maximize points. With 5 bullets in the leg of each zombie and a melee to finish it off, you can easily be over 1200 points after Round 1.

Point Maximization is essential in the early rounds

Round 5 – 10

This is where things can start to get problematic. In this time frame, you will encounter your first Clowns round, an easy affair if you're prepared, and you'll need to start thinking about your first Brute encounter. You ideally want to have the Tuff 'Nuff perk by this time to avoid any mishaps with zombies and clowns. You should also aim to have Pack A Punch available by Round 10, as it will come in handy in the later rounds.

Brute Encounters

So a masked behemoth has wandered into the park and is an avid fan of your brains. Fear not, they're simple to deal with once you know how to. Find yourself a powerful and accurate weapon such as the NV4, Volk, HVR etc, and be ready for the Brute. Whilst they're intimidating in size and strength, good positioning and accurate shots on his head will take him down quickly. Just be sure not to get swarmed when it happens, and avoid his Laser attack. Whilst it won't put you down easily whilst you have the Tuff 'Nuff perk, its very easy to get ambushed by a stray zombies whilst it is happening, and you definitely don't want that.

Focus fire on the Brute, be wary of stray Zombies though

Round 10 – 20

So this is where you should be getting into your groove. Assuming you have your weapons and perks sorted out, just train the zombies you have around the first plaza area of the Kepler System zone. This area is nice and roomy giving adequate room to have the mindless undead follow you around, but it has a single narrow passageway which is perfect for sliding and utilizing the fire of your Trailblazer perk, which is extremely effective up until about round 20. Even after this round, Trailblazer is still a wonderful perk to have, and you'll rarely ever have to use your precious ammunition.

If you haven't been lucky enough to find or craft a Karma 45 Kismet to earn you free perks, I would recommend picking up perks you'd like in the downtime at the end of rounds. Quickies for faster reloading, Racin' Stripes for improved sprint speed and duration, Blue Bolts for an electrical discharge upon reload and Bang Bangs Candy to make your gun fire two bullets at once are all great choices, but not necessary at all, especially if you have the aforementioned Karma 45 Kismet.

The problem arises however when the Brutes start to come in twos. The Kepler System plaza area if very restrictive when there is a big green monster hulking around, so lead it back towards the centre of the map, whittling down zombies as you go. When there are only a few zombies left, that is the perfect time to attack the Brutes. They're too slow to keep up with the undead horde, so you'll find it easy to separate the two.

Kepler Plaza is an excellent area to train with the Trailblazer perk

Where should you finish?

Well previously there was indeed a limit on the keys you could earn from a single Zombies session, making round 20+ the ideal finishing point. However, that cap has apparently been removed, so stay in it until you die, or get bored. You're pretty much set up at this point, but you'll eventually see Trailblazer's effectiveness start reduce into the higher rounds, and then its all a battle of attrition, or the fight against boredom. Either of the two.

So is this method worth it?

In a word, yes. In a 20 minutes game of Zombies, you're guaranteed to earn more keys than 20 minutes worth of Team Deathmatch. Not to mention that you'll have to be on your A-Game constantly in Multiplayer, and any losses will severely hamper your key earn rate. So, now that you know, throw yourself into the undead nightmare that is the Zombies mode and earn yourself some keys. Good luck on the draw!

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