Hyrule Warriors FAQ

There's no denying Hyrule Warriors is a massive game with lots of content. And with all that content come lots of questions. We're going to answer the most frequenly asked questions to hopefully help you out in saving Hyrule!

Hyrule Warriors FAQ
Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is big. Like really big. It's actually a rare case of a game having too much content. With all those maps, your best bet is to go into the game with some knowledge on how the game works. Though it offers tutorials, there are some areas it doesn't cover. That's the focus of this guide – to answer those burning questions.

#1: Who is the best character?

This question can have a couple different answers. It really depends on what you mean by “best.” If you’re looking for the character with the most raw power, Ganondorf and Young Link take the cake. Ganondorf’s swords give him huge range, able to clear an entire keep from 100% to 0% with the swiping combo. Though his swords are slow, his trident makes him one of the fastest characters. His range is sacrificed somewhat, along with raw damage, but his speed and mobility more than make up for it. Young Link, meanwhile, is at his best when he’s using Focus Spirit. Once activated, he transforms into Fierce Deity Link, giving all his moves heavily increased damage and some extra range as his sword sends out shockwaves. The only problem is Young Link is not at his best all the time, unlike Ganondorf. Link, meanwhile, can have the highest starting damage, with a fully unlocked Master Sword hitting 900 power; but getting to that point takes so long, and you’re likely looking for a quicker answer than what that can give you.

Alternatively, Sheik is great because of her utility. Though her damage output is on the weaker end of the spectrum, her ability to dish out an attack for every element means you’re always capable of exploiting a boss/commander’s weakness. Her water combo gives her a 4-heart shield and stays up for as long as you don’t take those 4 hearts of damage. It’s also easy to reapply, so there’s almost no reason why she should ever be without, giving her near invincibility.

#2: Who is the worst character?

No, Fi is not the worst character. Her attacks are weak and her kit is pathetic, but she has some very strong mobility, so she at least has that going for her. No the worst character is a tie between Tingle and Ruto. Ruto, like Fi, has very weak output in terms of damage, and her combos leave much to be desired. The only strength she has is she can cast out a wave of water far away from herself, taking out enemies in the distance, but that really only comes in handy for taking out keeps with barriers you don’t have a fairy for, and that will rarely if ever happen.

The other worst character is Tingle. I just really hate Tingle.

#3: What is the best way to make rupees?

Rupees make the world go round. In addition to being needed for potions and badges, rupees can be spent on heroes to level them up, though the price will start to spike dramatically the higher you go. So how do you fill your giant’s wallet with all that green (red, blue, and purple)? Well sadly the glitch that existed in the Wii U version was fixed for the Switch release. So we’re going to have to go the honest route.

The most efficient way is to sell weapons. Now unfortunately you can only get 5 weapons per map, but on later adventure maps like Grand Travels, the cap increases to 8. If you’re looking for bang for you buck and don’t mind a bit of repetition, the first Gold Skulltula rewards map gives 50k rupees for a victory.

#4: What is the best way to gain exp?

If you feel comfortable with a hero, then leveling them up through exp is an even better use of your time. So where’s the best way to do that? On the adventure map Master Quest, in the bottom left corner, is a “Rack Up Your KO” challenge. These maps are all about clearing out as many baddies as you can within 8-10 minutes. The enemies on this specific map are even higher level than usual, so they will reward more exp to match. The heroes of Ganondorf, Agitha, Ghirahim, and Lana, along with the bosses of Argorok and Manhandala also make an appearance, offering up materials along with your exp.

If you’re looking for a hero to gain huge levels and then spend rupees on the rest, Young Link is recommended for this. The strongest ability you have on KO maps is your Focus Spirit, allowing you to clear out more enemies for more exp, rupees, etc. Young Link is all about Focus Spirit, able to keep his meter going by feeding his special meter into it using his strong attack. Just execute his Triforce combo and you’ll be clearing areas in no time.

#5: How do I find Skulltulas?

These little buggers will only come out when certain conditions are met on the map. Throughout the story mode, the first skulltula on each map appears after you kill 1000 enemies. The second can only be earned on Hard or Hero mode, with a specific hero and weapon (as noted on the map selection screen). But what are the conditions for these skulltulas, as well as those hidden on all the adventure maps?

To find out the conditions needed to get a skulltula to spawn, pause the game and select Warrior Info, then select Gold Skulltulas, which gives you the info needed. Now some conditions try to be vague, putting ???? over some of the key words, so you’ll need to do some detective work. And as you’ve probably already figured out, to track down the gold skulltula once it’s spawned, you need to listen for the skittering sound it makes as you grow closer.

#6: What do the elements do?

Aside from being the weakness of each character and boss, elements actually affect your attacks in different, very subtle, ways. Enemies afflicted by fire will explode when they land on the ground, dealing damage to enemies around them. When a foe has a water bubble around their head, they will take some damage over time. As an enemy is being electrocuted in the air, they will take increased damage from your attacks so long as you keep them off the ground. Light element causes groups of enemies to take increased damage from your consecutive attacks. Finally, a weapon with the darkness element will deal increased damage against a single target, making it great for taking on commanders and bosses.

#7: What’s new in Definitive Edition?

Depends on which version you played before the Switch release. If you’re coming from the Wii U version, having skipped over Legends, then you’ll find a lot new to play with. Plenty of adventure maps, a Wind Waker inspired addition to the main quest, and the My Fairy feature. However most of those new features are carry overs from Legends. One new feature is that you can buy adventure items. On adventure maps, you need certain items, gained from completing maps, to search for hidden rewards. Before, you had to complete a mission each time you wanted a new item. Now, however, after earning it once, you can buy the search item for a relatively cheap amount of rupees.

A massively welcom feature is the ability to control multiple heroes at once. Before, you only had control over one hero per map, with several other heroes occasionally coming along but were controlled by NPCs. Now in select maps, both in adventure and legend modes, you can bring up to four different heroes! This is a great boon to those adventure maps that require a specific hero, possibly one you're not comfortable playing. Just add them to the roster, then put in your preferred hero along with them and switch to them at your earliest convience. 

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