How To Quickly Level Up and Evolve any Pokemon in Sword and Shield

Quickly and efficiently level up each and every one of your Pokemon using our easy experience farming method! Cut down on all the tedious grind of fighting numerous wild Pokemon and experiment with all sorts of different Pokemon to create your dream-team faster than you ever thought possible.

How To Quickly Level Up and Evolve any Pokemon in Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield made some great additions to the usual formula of Pokemon games. The one that we liked the most is that it cut down on all the tedious grind necessary to level up and evolve your Pokemon so you can build that perfect team in absolutely no time. So without further ado, here are the steps you need to do in order to set up the best experience farm in the game and quickly level up any Pokemon without messing with exploits or your ranking score:

  1. Get a Pokemon with a varied selection of attacks
  2. Visit the Wild Area
  3. Find and participate in the Max Raid battles
  4. Go at it alone with AI teammates
  5. Earn Rare, Dynamax, and Exp. Candy
  6. Level up!

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1. Get a Pokemon with a varied selection of attacks

A versatile Pokemon is the best Pokemon

A versatile Pokemon is the best Pokemon

This is an important step in setting up and creating the most optimal and fast experience farm. Since the method relies on fighting all sorts of Pokemon, it’s good to have one that can end things quickly no matter the type of enemy Pokemon. While you could do it with many versatile Pokemon, in the early game we found great success in using Toxtricity, Perrseker or our starter. No matter which one you choose, make sure that each of its 4 attacks is of a different type so you are ready for most opponents you face down the line. Once you finish the story, switch over to Eternatus or, depending on your version, Zacian or Zamazenta to curb stomp any Dynamax you come across.

2. Visit the Wild Area

Wild Area = XP farm area

Look at the XP farm stretching in front of you

The Wild Area is the new open area of Pokemon Sword & Shield and it’s all about fighting strong Pokemon. It has multiple different regions and you can encounter different Pokemon depending on the weather or the time of day. It really doesn’t matter in which part of the Wild Area you are, it’s important that you get there and you are set to start the experience farm that will net you all the experience points you’ll ever need.

3. Find and participate in the Max Raid battles

Easy experience light

Mega Raids? More like mega experience fountains

Wild Area will feature a ton of Pokemon but you can ignore all of them. What you should be interested in are the glowing lights coming out of rock formations on the ground. These are the Max Raid battles against the giant Dynamaxed and Gigantamaxed Pokemon. They come in either red or purple color, designating the rarity and strength of the Pokemon within. Your goal here is to defeat or capture each one of these Pokemon as they’ll drop XP and other valuable items. Here is where your Pokemon from step 1 comes into play. He should be more than equipped to take down almost any Dynamaxed Pokemon and their cheap barriers.

4. Go at it alone with AI teammates

Mega Raid XP farm

You’ll breeze through most of these in a minute or two

Since you can’t participate in Max Raid battles without a 4-man team – you must rely on other players of AI teammates. Since the “matchmaking” can be very slow, the fastest way to do this is by simply clicking “Don’t invite others” and getting right into the fight. AI teammates won’t be as useful as real players, they’ll help in getting rid of the annoying barriers. Once they do that, you can go in and defeat the Pokemon. If you want things to go faster, don’t catch them and just reap your rewards.

5. Earn Rare, Dynamax and XP Candy

Rare and Exp. Candy farm

Getting around 300 000 experience in one go is insanely easy

Each Max Raid Battle, depending on the difficulty will drop various items. The most important for you are the rare, Dynamax and XP candies. XP candies are the most abundant and come in medium, large and extra-large sizes that are worth different amounts of experience. Rare candy immediately levels up a selected Pokemon, while Dynamax candies make his Dynamax form stronger. Rinse and repeat the XP farm until you have a fair amount.

6. Level Up!

Getting experience made easy

Easily create a dream team of Pokemon

By using this method, you can earn as much as 20 – 30 XP candies in 5 quick Max Raid battles and quickly level up your Pokemon. For example, by using the method, we managed to level up and evolve our level 20 Axew into a full-fledged, level 63 Haxorus in one XP candy feeding. Suffice it to say that this is a much faster method than going around and fighting random Pokemon. Using it in Sword & Shield, you won’t need to hesitate in switching up the members of your team thinking it will take you a long time until you make weak ones viable for any in-game activity. Enjoy!

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