How to Grow Giant Crops in Stardew Valley

Want to grow giant crops in Stardew Valley but don’t know how? Check out this guide to find everything you need to know about increasing your farm’s income by growing massive crops! Giant crops are deceptively easy to grow, and require little effort while producing maximum reward.

How to Grow Giant Crops in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is full of hidden secrets. And the biggest Stardew Valley secret of all is giant crops. If you are looking for ways to improve your farm’s profits, investing some time and effort into trying to grow these ginormous crops is a great way to do so. 

All you need to grow giant crops in Stardew Valley is seeds, a watering can, a little bit of effort, and a lot of luck. 

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What Are Giant Crops?

Giant crops are massive versions of regular crops that have a chance of appearing on your farm. They are so big that they have to be harvested with an axe and yield far more crops than the amount that goes into them. These supersized fruits and vegetables have the potential to double your profits overnight and are deceptively easy to achieve.

Not every crop has the ability to supersize, however. There is only one crop per season that is able to do so — except in Winter, of course. The crops that are able to yield giant crops are cauliflowers in Spring, melons in Summer, and pumpkins in Fall.

How Can I Grow Giant Crops?

The method behind growing giant crops is easy, but achieving it is not guaranteed. You will need nine cauliflower, pumpkin, or melon seeds, and at least the first upgrade of the watering can. The first upgrade or more of the watering can is very important because creating giant crops requires the ability to water three tiles at once.

In order to grow giant crops in Stardew Valley, you will need to plant nine of the corresponding seeds in a 3×3 square patch on your farm. Once your crops reach maturity, don’t pick them! Continue to water your fully grown crops each day. Every day after you water your mature crops, there is a 1% chance that they will combine to form one big Cronenberg crop.

How to grow giant crops in stardew valley

Plant your crops in a 3×3 tile garden

Once you have successfully grown your giant crop, whip out your axe. After a couple of blows, it should explode into a rain of regular-sized crops. The giant crop will yield 15-21 crops, which is a huge upgrade from the nine that go into it.

More Giant Crop Tips

While the method of growing giant crops is simple enough, there are some limitations. You are unable to grow giant crops in the greenhouse, on the Ginger Island farm, or in a planter pot.

They also don’t wither like normal crops, even in Winter. So you can keep your giant crops hanging around on your farm to make sure you have enough funds to make it through the cold Winter months.

Make Your Thumbs and Your Wallet Greener by Growing Giant Crops

The main ingredient to growing massive crops is patience. 1% isn’t a huge percentage by any means. In fact, it’s about as slim as chances get. But if you wait long enough and make as many 9×9 tile gardens as you can, you are sure to grow some giant crops in no time!

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