How to Evolve Galarian Yamask in Pokémon Sword & Shield

Among the strangest conditions for evolution in Sword & Shield comes from Galarian Yamask. We can help you with that! With this fool-proof method, we can ensure that your pokédex will be one step closer to completion with your brand new Runerigus!

How to Evolve Galarian Yamask in Pokémon Sword & Shield

In the 8th generation of Pokémon, there are various new forms for previously established pokémon. This has been a recurring tradition since the 4th generation, but this time, some of the conditions for evolution are tricky. Take Galarian Yamask for example, whose evolution requires something truly unique to the Pokémon lore.

If you’re having trouble getting that fabled Runerigus, fret not! The following will be a fool-proof method that has been tested to have your Galarian Yamask evolve with no issues. All you’ll need are two certain items and a specific location in the Wild Area.

Focus Sash + Poké Doll

Assuming the player already has a Galarian Yamask in their possession, what they’ll need to make this process as easy as possible are a Focus Sash and a Poké Doll. Some may already see where this is going, but for others, here’s how it goes:

  • Take your Focus Sash and equip it to Galarian Yamask. This ensures that if it’s at full health, a potential one-hit KO will not occur.
  • Face off against a pokémon of a much higher level. Yamask found in the wild range between levels 29 and 33, so take it to a part of the Wild Area where the pokémons’ levels shoot past 40. Ensure that the weather does not damage it in the case the opponent does not attack in its first turn, or the Focus Sash won’t work.
  • Your Yamask needs to have 49+ damage taken in one hit*, which is why the Focus Sash is so important. The HP range of a level 30 Yamask blurs between 60 and 80, so trying to gauge how much damage an opponent does without the Focus Sash becomes cumbersome. If successful and you survive with 1 HP remaining, use the Poké Doll to escape from battle.

(*Note: There are conflicting reports of whether the 49+ damage needs to occur with one hit or within one battle. I personally needed it to be in one hit, but others have stated success after slow-draining through one battle. I have framed this guide to reflect what had to work for myself.)

Dusty Bowl – Wild Area

Dusty Bowl's place on the map

Dusty Bowl’s place on the map

The place shown on the map above is where one will need to go after its Yamask is at 1 HP. (Do not recover it.) In the Dusty Bowl area, there are a collection of pillars and structures that adorn the area, taking on the appearance of an abandoned, desert-like environment. Once there, all you’ll need to do is walk underneath the stone arch located around the middle of the area, which is vastly accessible with your character’s height.

For a better visual example, refer to the image below:

The Dusty Bowl evolution spot

The Dusty Bowl evolution spot

If successful, the screen will quickly fade to black and your Galarian Yamask will immediately begin to evolve. Congratulations!

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