How to Defeat Sigrid: Rogue Company Guide

This short guide will provide a few tips and tricks on how to defeat Sigrid. Rogue Company's newest rogue is a true menace on the field in the hands of any player, experienced or not. Expectantly, a rogue that can move without leaving cover has forced many to reconsider their usual approaches when engaging in combat.

How to Defeat Sigrid: Rogue Company Guide

The newly released Arctic Shield update introduced Sigrid, a new addition to the ranks of the Rogue Company. This new rogue is classified as a breacher, and was designed to change the way people approached combat engagements. In her cinematic teaser trailer, we saw her boasting a warrant pistol, an intimidating shield, and muscles that could give Dwayne Johnson a run for his money.

Immediately after the character was announced, there were concerns that she may be overpowered. After all, the new character’s shield would allow her to rush directly towards her opponents and shield-bash without ever leaving its safety. Now that she has been released, we know that this is not the case, and that Hi-Rez did a great job in balancing her. Still, she has proven to be very annoying to play against. Reading this guide will show you how to defeat Sigrid with ease.

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This was a risky move against a Fixer, but we were winning. Why not go for it?

This was a risky move against a Fixer, but we were winning. Why not go for it?

When facing a Sigrid with a shield up, the most obvious places to shoot are the sides and the back. This is easiest to pull off when you have allies around you, since it is impossible for the bodybuilding rogue to cover more than one side with her shield. However, this is significantly more difficult when you’re facing her alone. In this case, there are still a few open areas that can be exploited.

While standing up, the shield doesn’t cover the user’s feet, an area rarely taken into consideration. Thus, it is easy to take down a Sigrid player attempting to close the distance quickly. Of course, this task becomes increasingly difficult as distance is closed. Alternatively, shooting while the shield is raised renders the head exposed, and it can only be done with a secondary weapon. If you have good aim, you can make short work of her this way. Interestingly, using melee attacks while the shield is up is extremely effective, though this will probably leave you open to attacks from other nearby enemies. Thus, this tactic is only good when nobody else is around. It should be noted that most players still haven’t caught on to this, and that it may be a bug to be changed later.

Abilities and Gadgets

Trench, Chac, Sigrid, and Lancer looking fresh right before battle.

Trench, Chac, Sigrid, and Lancer looking fresh right before battle.

Gadgets, both lethal and not, are the bane of this new rogue. Sigrid’s shield doesn’t protect her from tear gas, incendiaries, or Vy’s poison, making these easy ways to throw her off. Additionally, raising the shield makes the bodybuilder slower, increasing the effectiveness of these. (This also makes Vy the perfect counter against her.) Other gadgets, like flashbangs, frags, and even semtex grenades can be blocked by the shield. Nonetheless, it is easy to get these behind someone. Anvil’s barricade also proves useful in stopping a Sigrid push, though positioning can be tricky.

Just like there’s some abilities that are really effective against the muscular rogue, there are others that aren’t. For Gl1tch users, the shield can’t be hacked once it has been activated. Additionally, her immunity to slowing effects makes Trench’s barbed wire useless against her. As an end note, a smart Sigrid player can revive an ally while safe behind the shield or simply protect them as a Saint drone does so.

Rogue Company - Cinematic Teaser: Sigrid

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