How to Complete the Fractured History Force Tear in Jedi: Survivor

Having trouble with the alien frog monster duo? Here is how to beat the fractured history force tear in Jedi: Survivor. Oggdo Bogdo and his spawn may be fearsome opponents but they can fall. With a bit of heart and a blaster shot to the face, you can destroy them once and for all.

How to Complete the Fractured History Force Tear in Jedi: Survivor

Everyone who played through Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order remembers the oggdos and particularly the boss, Oggdo Bogdo. They were probably equally as happy knowing that the oggdos likely wouldn’t appear in the sequel. Then they went on their quest for the poncho cosmetic only to find that it was guarded by none other than the Spawn of Oggdo.

The revamped enemy was even more deadly than its ancestors back on Bogano. If you’ve experienced this, you have completed the first step of completing the fractured history force tear in Jedi: Survivor. That is the last of the good news for this vicious challenge. 

The force tear after it has been completed

The force tear after it has been completed

How to Gain Access to the Fractured History Force Tear

To unlock the ability to challenge the fractured history force tear, you first have to take on bedlam raider Fort Kah’Lin located on Koboh. It’s not too hard to get to or get through. It’s just a mix of the average enemies you fight throughout the game on Koboh.

Once you’re there, you’ll find a large metallic circle in the ground. On top of it will be a group of B1 droids and looking down on it will be two bedlam smashers looking down on you. When you walk into the middle of the circle, it’ll open up like you’re dropping into a Rancor pit, but this enemy is much more terrifying.

Fort Kah'Lin's pitfall trap

Fort Kah’Lin’s pitfall trap

You’ll have to contend with the Spawn of Oggdo. You can trick or force throw the bedlam smashers into the pit with you which makes Spawn of Oggdo much easier. Depending on how well they do, they could get him as low as a quarter of his health remaining. You can also use tips from dealing with the force tear to help defeat Spawn of Oggdo here. 

After defeating him you’ll notice a familiar creature in the corner, a small frog-like thing. It’s identical to the one found in Doma Dendre’s shop back in Rambler’s Reach. It’ll also be glowing blue because of a force echo.

This is the frog that will be in Doma's shop (pictured) and in Spawn of Oggdo's lair. Interact with it in both locations to gain access to the fractured history force tear.

The frog thing in question

When you interact with it, Cal will say something about feeling judged by the frog. Next time you return to Doma’s shop, you’ll notice her frog also has a force echo. Interact with it and reveal the fractured history force tear in Jedi: Survivor


Before you enter the force tear there’s gonna be a few things you want to do. First, have as many stims as you can. I’d recommend at least 10. You’ll also want to have the blaster stance which you get fairly early in the game.

You’ll want to have the stance decently upgraded but there aren’t any upgrades that are absolutely necessary. Another thing you’ll want is the charge shot blaster upgrade acquired from Caij Vanda at the cost of only two bounty pucks. 

The charge shot selection

The charge shot selection

The final thing you’ll want is the ambidexterity perk. This perk will make you deal more lightsaber damage shortly after firing your blaster at an enemy. This is located in the devasted settlement. The video below will show exactly how to get to it and acquire the perk. Keep in mind, you will encounter enemies along this path. 

Jedi: Survivor Ambidexterity Perk Location

Fighting Spawn of Oggdo and Oggdo Bogdo

Jedi: Survivor’s fractured history force tear is brutal. Spawn of Oggdo was hard enough on his own but they’ve brought Oggdo Bogdo back too. Not only that but he is buffed to match his successor.

They both have one-shot capability even if your health is completely maxed out. Don’t fear though, they’re not unbeatable, and because they’re in a force tear, losing the battle doesn’t set you back as much as it normally would. 

The initial places upon entering the force tear

The initial places upon entering the force tear

The strategy is fairly simple. Go in with the blaster stance. Hang back and charge the blaster. When one of them begins to get aggressive, blast him. Even if it was about to use an unblockable attack, the charged shot will stagger it. Go in, get a few hits, and retreat.

If you get in a bind, use the force slow ability. When you use force slow, never attack both. If you only attack one in the force slow, it’ll be as if there is only one for its duration because the other will be frozen by the ability. 

As shown in the picture Spawn of Oggdo is staggered when hit with the charge shot in the fractured history force tear

Spawn of Oggdo being hit with a charged blaster shot

That’s it. You’ll whittle them down. You’ll likely lose a few times but using the blaster to stagger them will make things much easier. Once they fall though, you’ll have completed the fractured history force tear and you won’t have to deal with Oggdo Bogdo or any of his kind hopefully ever again.

Who knows though, Respawn may resurrect them again in the next Star Wars Jedi game. If you’re looking for other Jedi: Survivor help, check out this guide on finding the droideka slice ability

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