How to Become Mayor in Streets of Rogue

The Alpha 60 update to Streets of Rogue adds the game's final stage and ending. This final stage requires you to engage in some city-wide politics. Learn just how to become electable and be the new Mayor in our guide.

Streets of Rogue. Assassin Mayor decrees free backstabs for all!
In Streets of Rogue, the player is a member of a Resistance dedicated to taking out the Mayor after they outlaw chicken nuggets and confiscate all the booze for a party that bombed. The newest version of Streets of Rogue, Alpha 60, adds a final stage and gives players the opportunity to depose the Mayor by stealing their hat through a variety of means. There are three ways (with slight variations) you can become Mayor: violently, peacefully, and legally.

1. Good ol’ Violence

Streets of Rogue. Because sometime you just gotta be a giant cannibal with a sledgehammer.
The most straightforward method is to just take out the Mayor and steal their hat. Unfortunately, this method can be a bit difficult, as the Mayor has an escort of about half a dozen Supercops that carry machine guns and shotguns. If you aren’t very confident with your combat capabilities, you can still kill the Mayor indirectly, such as by polluting air filtration units with cyanide or blowing them up with a well-placed time bomb.

Streets of Rogue. Pictured: Admission of a capital offense.
There’s also a special way to inflict some damage on the Mayor and their personal security squad. If you sneak into the Mayor’s Office (a repurposed version of the large bank type of building,) the safe contains a recording of the Mayor saying some naughty things. If you interact with a turntable, you can play the record to reveal some of the Mayor’s misdeeds. This’ll prompt the people in the turntable’s building to form an impromptu lynch mob and rush the Mayor in an attempt to kill them. Since the Mayor’s security is heavily armed, they’re pretty likely to kill the mob, but they’ll likely take some decent damage in the fracas.

2. Peaceful takeover

Streets of Rogue. Obligatory joke about American politics.
This one either requires a good deal of luck or you have to be the Shopkeeper. Before you can approach the Mayor, you have to obtain a badge from the Clerk at the front desk of the Mayor’s Office. Otherwise, the Supercops on security detail won’t let you near them. When you speak with the Mayor, you can simply ask for the hat, but you have a 10% chance of success, and you and the Mayor are surrounded by the security. If you have either version of the hypnotizer, you can use it on the Mayor to increase the chances of success, but it’s still about ~30% at best.

Probably the easiest way to get the peaceful takeover is to play as the Shopkeeper. As the Shopkeeper, you have the ability to chat with people and buy items they’re carrying. This includes the Mayor’s Hat. Of course, since getting this item means you win the game, it won’t be cheap. We’re talking a few thousand in cold hard cash. Repeatedly participating in the Shopkeeper’s Big Quest (collecting an item and selling it via their Portable Sell-o-Matic) can help you rack up the cash.

3. Due Legal process

Streets of Rogue. If you've played your cards right, this is all you have to do.
This one is probably the most complex of the methods. This one requires you to play in a certain way over the course of the entire game. However, if you’ve done things properly, Mayor Village simply becomes as easy as a walk to the desk, a chat, and a walk to the podium.

What makes me electable?

Streets of Rogue. The stat bar, now with electability.
Alpha 60 adds two new stats that tell you if you can win the mayoral election: electability (floor) and electability (city.) At the start of the game, your city electability starts out at -5, and your goal is to bring it into the positives by the time you reach Mayor Village. In order to influence the city electability in your favor, you have to have floor electability in the positives when you leave the floor. Having floor electability at a minimum of +1 boosts city electability by a point. Likewise, a negative floor electability reduces city electability. Assuming no special circumstances, like disasters or playing as certain characters, you start each floor with -5 electability. There are a few good ways to raise it:

Rub elbows with the populace

Streets of Rogue. Trading booze and cigarettes for votes.
An easy way (depending on your class) to boost your electability is by interacting with the people. Each person on a map can give +1, -1, or zero electability. By chatting up folks and making people like you, they’ll add to your electability. Some common methods include:

  • Buying something from any sort of shop.
  • Freeing prisoners and slaves.
  • Giving Office Drones some food/booze/cigarettes.
  • Paying Bouncers for entry to locations.
  • Getting healing from Doctors.
  • Donating blood to Clerks at doctor’s offices.
  • Hiring people (you can always dismiss them if you have too many followers.)
  • Having Scientists identify unidentified syringes.
  • Paying Mobsters $500 to influence the elections. This affects city electability instead of floor electability.
  • Taking traits that influence people’s attitudes towards you.

Neutralize those who dislike you

Streets of Rogue. Well, only one option, and it involves an axe.
This part of maintaining electability is much simpler and more direct. If someone’s attitude towards you is ‘Annoyed’ or ‘Hostile,’ they’ll count as -1 to your floor electability. However, they can’t vote against you if they’re dead or unconscious. This method may not be viable for every type of character, however. If that’s the case, it might be better just to make friends with other people. Alternatively, if you have a hypnotizer, you can use it on one of your enemies for a +2 change to your electability.

4. Whoops.

In addition to the three regular endings, there’s a secret bad ending. I won’t spoil the details, but you might be able to find it if you happen to be a real butterfingers with the Mayor’s Hat.

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