ETG: Top 5 New Elements for Advance Gungeons & Draguns DLC

The new and awaited DLC for the amazing game Enter the Gungeon has finally arrived, and with it comes some new elements that you should be aware of before returning to the Gungeon. Here we present the Top 5 New Elements to be found on Advance Gungeons & Draguns, Enter the Gungeon newest DLC.

ETG: Advance Gungeons & Darguns Top 5 New Elements.
Gungeons & Draguns is the latest DLC for the game Enter the Gungeon. The DLC was released last July 19, 2018, and came with a bunch of new stuff that made this game even better than what it already was. The next 5 New Elements that are presented in the guide are the ones that feel more relevant to talk about and have in mind before playing, so stuff like listing the new NPC's, Weapons, Object, etcetera, are not going to be mention here, for that you can find two links at the end of the guide that will take you to some lists that talks about those elements.

1) New Synergy chests + 500 more synergies

ETG: Advance Gungeons & Darguns Top 5 New Elements. New Chests
The first big element that we find in this new DLC is the fact that now there are Synergy Chests.  Synergy Chests are special chests that upon opening them, they will either turn red or blue. If they turn red, they will drop a random item or gun. If they turn blue, they will drop an item or gun that completes a  synergy.
Synergy chests will appear randomly in the place of regular chests, and will always have a fuse. They can also be purchased from Synergrace, and can't be mimics.

The DLC also adds more than 500 SYNERGIES, this means more buffs and special abilities to exploit and use to make your stay at the Gungeon a lot more engaging.

2) Extra Hearts = extra life

ETG: Advance Gungeons & Darguns Top 5 New Elements. Heart Dipensor
This new DLC also get rid of the tedious mechanic that makes it impossible for you to pick up more hearts and half-hearts than those of your max health. The new mechanic lets you pick up extra lives and to retrieve them you have to go to a Gungeon shop and acquire it by interacting with the big red health dispenser that you will find next to the counter. This dispenser can also be found at the entrance of each level of the Gungeons.

3) No locked shops and a free gun

ETG: Advance Gungeons & Darguns Top 5 New Elements. Shop
Just as the heading reads, there are no more locked shops, so now you have access to all the shops that can be found in each Gungeon without having to worry about the keys to open them. Also, if you use a shortcut to access to the second floor of each Gungeon, the shopkeeper at that second-floor shop will have for you a free gun.

4) Blockner's ghost random mini-Boss encounter + resourceful rat secret floor boss encounter

ETG: Advance Gungeons & Darguns Top 5 New Elements. Blockner
Blockner can now appear as a mini-boss fight at any moment during your gameplay at the Gungeons, so be prepare to take actions and shot him dead as soon as he appears. There is also the possibility of finding a secret room where you can fight Resourceful Rat as a mini-boss fight, but the room is created randomly by the Gungeon Random Generator, so not all levels or Gungeons you playthrough will have that secret room.

5) Co-op now has a 100% drop rate for all players

ETG: Advance Gungeons & Darguns Top 5 New Elements. Co-op
Finally, the new DLC lets Co-op players to play and receive the same amount of items and drops, so if you play Co-op now you can expect to have the same experience in drops than the one you experience in solo mode. This change is aiming to incentivize players to engage in more Co-op adventures now that you can get the same amount of items/loot during your gameplay. This also makes the game a lot more balanced and fair.

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