Empire of Sin Complete Trophy/Achievements List

Empire of Sin is a fresh new strategy game that is filled with incredible trophies and achievements to collect. There's a range of easy ones that will take you no time at all, but for the true collector, this guide will help you reach the lofty height of platinum. This is a game with a set of trophies and achievements to be proud of picking up. Anyone who looks at your profile and sees them will respect you, and if they don't then they can expect to be sleeping with the fishes.

Empire of Sin Complete Trophy/Achievements List

Empire of Sin launched this week! With that in mind, we know the eager collectors among you are ready to start pulling in all of those milestones from this Empire of Sin trophy and achievement list. This list covers the trophies and achievements you can pick up on PlayStation 4 (and PlayStation 5 through backward compatibility), Xbox One (And Xbox Series X/S through backward compatibility), and PC. While the game is also available on Switch, the achievements are not. Let’s dive in. 

Empire of Sin Trophy and Achievement List

Overachiever Collect all trophies Platinum
Closed Casket Kill Daniel McKee Jackson Bronze
Pushing Daisies Kill Dean O’Banion Bronze
The Lion Sleeps Tonight Kill Maggie Dyer Bronze
Curtain Call  Kill Goldie Garneau Bronze
It’s Just Business Kill Frank Ragen Bronze
The Irish Goodbye Kill Frankie Donovan Bronze
Luck of the Draw Kill Stephanie St. Clair Bronze
Last Call  Kill Joseph Saltis Bronze
Shoulda Stays in Sicily Kill Angelo Genna Bronze
Whacked Kill Ronnie O’Neill Bronze
You Know Who I Am? Kill Alphonse Capone Bronze
Flor de Muerto Kill Elvira Duarte Bronze
Into the Sunset Kill Salazar Reyna Bronze
The Ice Queen Go-eth Kill Mabel Ryley Bronze
Like Shootin’ Ducks in a Pond Kill Sai Wing Mock Bronze
Jack of All Trades, Master of None Own five of each racket type Bronze
There Goes The Neighbourhood Took over a neighborhood Bronze
Back From the Brink  Returned to the hanger with under 5% hull integrity Bronze
Public Enemy 1 Became Enemy of the State while maintaining the highest notoriety Bronze
Bullseye Take down an enemy with a single shot Bronze
Let This be a Warning Perform an execution Bronze
Trust Me Land a hit with 10% or lower odds Bronze
I’ve Got Your Back  Form a Business Arrangement Bronze
I Know a Guy Hire a gangster of each profession Bronze
Reliable Max the loyalty of one member of your crew Bronze
This Never Happened Bribe a cop Bronze
I’ll be Back Have someone in your crew go to jail Bronze
My Specialty Get a synergy bonus Bronze
On My Own Complete the tutorial Bronze


Maximizer Get a hotel and have all synergies simultaneously Silver
Alphonso Capone, No 1 Win as Alphonse Capone Silver
Dean O’Banion, No 1 Win as Dean O’Banion Silver
Maggie Dyer, No 1 Win as Maggie Dyer Silver
Frank Regan, No 1 Win as Frank Ragen Silver
Frankie Donovan, No 1 Win as Frankie Donovan Silver
Daniel McKee Jackson, No 1 Win as Daniel McKee Jackson Silver
Joseph Saltis, No 1 Win as Joseph Saltis Silver
Elvira Duarte, No 1 Win as Elvira Duarte Silver
Mabel Ryley, No 1 Win as Mabel Ryley Silver
Goldie Garneau, No 1 Win as Goldie Garneau Silver
Sai Wing Mock, No 1 Win as Sai Wing Mock Silver
Stephanie St. Clair Win as Stephanie St. Clair Silver
Angelo Genna, No 1 Win as Angelo Genna Silver
Salazar Renya, No 1 Win as Salazar Reyna Silver


Lone Wolf Finish the game without recruiting a gangster Gold
Bulletproof Finish the game without getting anyone in your crew killed Gold

Get Them While it’s Fresh

Empire of Sin is a game I’ve been looking forward to ever since it was announced. Part of the appeal is the fact that the characters in the game are real, and they’re also related to the developers. The stories in the game are also based on true events, so when you play through a certain event, it’s even crazier because you know that it probably happened in exactly the same way at some point in the early 1900s. Don’t let this game pass you by, and pick up every single trophy while you’re interested in it, otherwise, you’ll let it fall by the wayside. 

Empire of Sin Gameplay Demo | Summer of Gaming

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