No Man’s Sky Guide – Don’t Waste the Fuel, Dive For Cyto-Phosphates!

No Man's Sky a game where you truly get rich any way you want to, including in the ocean deep! Get ready to take a deep plunge searching for cyto-phosphates, so pack your oxygen and carbon and go hunting for one of the best raw resources to ensure your way into S class equipment!

No Man's Sky Guide - Don't Waste the Fuel, Dive For Cyto-Phosphates!No Man’s Sky is an open galaxy game that allows users the ability to explore countless worlds however they choose! With endless ways to make yourself rich, it can become a grind, but all you need is stacks of “cyto-phosphate”. Found in most aquatic environments with habitation, you’ll find a plethora of flora which have the material in high supply! Flora, once scanned allow you to typically pull cyto-phosphate, and salt from them. With enough carbon, oxygen, and patience; you’ll find an easy-to-mine substance that sees you profiting in the long run! In this guide, you’ll learn the ins and outs to becoming a billionaire on No Mans Sky in no time!

What Are Cyto-Phosphates?

Cryo-phosphates, continuously referred to as “A blue green organic substance created in the metabolic process of plant life”. The substance being essential for most sub-maritime technologies, and worth a fair number of units to any vendor! This mineral proves valuable for a variety of crafting recipes, as well as in the production of submarine technology.

Cyto-phosphates are found in most oceanic flora, are easily mined with the basic mining tool, allowing for minimal work on the players end to farm the material. For this reason, the material is often worth a fair amount of units, and for the purpose of this guide is more valuable to the player than the price of pulse fuel, or anti-matter cells used for jumping, making diving for cyto-phosphates one of the easiest ways to make money, having stacks that are both larger in value, and hold no need for refinement unlike its common alternative, glass!

Some flora which often can be found with lots of Cyto-Phosphates

Some flora which often can be found with lots of Cyto-Phosphates

While there are plenty of reasons to ditch wasting the fuel, and diving in the ocean for some cyto-phosphates; some of the many things you can make from cyto-phosphate include aquatic crystals, Archive Bypass Looms, and Hydrothermal Fuel Cells. Other things well within your ability to craft using cyto-phosphates include; Barnacles, Curly Coral amongst other things, making it quite the useful substance to keep on hand. You’ll have the luxury knowing that cyto-phosphates aren’t used for cooking, making it something you won’t have to burn if you’re dying!

If you want more info about what cyto-phosphates are, here’s a page you can use with more information!

Why Mine Cyto-Phosphates in No Mans Sky?

There’s plenty of reasons to crack down beneath the ocean and explore, be it the armored clams, the abyssal horrors, or the ever-interesting alluring objects; however, one thing you probably wouldn’t expect is the vast number of units sitting beneath the waves. Vast quantities of the material being located in common plants; cyto-phosphates have been spotted on planets that provide water. Due to being a raw resource, you can mine a large quantity of the substance with very little in the way of space issues. 

One Full stack of Cyto-Phosphates being worth round two million units -No Man's Sky Guide- Don't Waste the Fuel, Dive For Cyto-Phosphates!

One Full stack of Cyto-Phosphates being worth round two million units

One of the better parts about deep sea mining is that you won’t have to deal with pesky sentinels or pirates which constantly seem to want to pick a fight with you as an explorer. Most of the fauna in the water will leave you alone, and besides the abyssal horrors there is little in the way of aggressive instances in the oceanic worlds from what I’ve personally seen. 

The Dangers of Mining Underwater?

Things to remember when cyto-phosphate farming is that you have a few things working against you at the time! You will have to deal with the forever looming jelly-fish that attack you any time you destroy too much of the flora. There’s also having to deal with the constantly ticking oxygen supply, attempting to keep you nervous the entire time. 

Though there’s life support systems, the white bar, you will deal with the oxygen required for moving around below water. This is its own bar of required support which counts separately from your main life support systems. Thankfully, the supplies you’ll gather mining flora often include trace amounts of oxygen, allowing you to keep going on farming. Dangers in mind, you can easily navigate both of these issues with the use of your jetpack, and management skills! 

Abyssal horrors found when farming cyto-phosphates, appears like jellyfish

Abyssal horrors found when farming cyto-phosphates, appears like jellyfish

Start out, you don’t have many modifications that will allow you to last very long under the water, that’s okay! Consistent mining of resources means you’re able to nab yourself a fair amount of underwater related modifications for your exo-suit. We recommended that you are continuously sure of both your oxygen supply, and your environment around you. Make sure both are good before you mine! Either can indicate to you the keen dangers you might want to navigate, or potentially avoid. Be aware that the jellyfish will appear out of the flora that you destroy!

Don't waste fuel, Dive for Cyto phosphates video

In the event mining under the water proves too tedious, cyto-phosphates will be found on toxic planets soil. With an enhanced ship positron projector, you’ll enhance the time that taken to mine a single stack of the material. 

What Next After This Guide?

Observing as you explore, you’ll find cyto-phosphates will be in almost all flora on worlds from toxic, to paradise grade. There are very few worlds you’ll come across that don’t have the material, though it does happen! You won’t receive the material unless you first scan the flora with your analysis device. Generally, the process of farming a stack will be taking about a half hour to finish one complete stack. Considered a raw resource, you’ll be able to collect just under ten thousand in one full bundle in about twenty five minutes. The starting spacecraft could see yourself making two million plus per run, so happy farming, and remember: don’t waste the fuel, dive for cyto-phosphates!

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