Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed: 4 Essential Beginners Tips

Four essential beginners tips for Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed. Crypto returns to defeat the KGB, Martian foes and hippies in his continuing mission to conquer the globe for the Furon Empire. Use these four beginners' tips to make this remake a supersonic blast from the past!

Destroy All Humans 2 - Reprobed 4 essential beginners tips

Conquering Earth and subjecting the human race takes hard work, dedication and more than a little anal probing. Crypto and his boss, Pox, are back; this time, it’s global! To get you to grips with Destroy All Human! 2 – Reprobed, here are four essential beginners tip that’ll have you probing like a pro. Now, go forth and DESTROY ALL HUMANS!

Dressed To Kill… Literally

Crypto isn’t simply a psychopathic killing machine; he’s also a master of disguise. It may not surprise you that a little grey (not green) Alien walking down Main Street might cause a bit of distress. Choose this wreckless path; it won’t be long until the entire military complex lands on top of your bulging cranium. Such an unfortunate end can be avoided by using Crypto’s Body Snatch ability. The neat trick allows you society for a short time, allowing you to get from A to B without leaving Terafirma. Your mental ability to prolong the disguise will deprecate, but scanning the minds of humans will pause the disguise’s believability. 

Dress to impress

Dress to impress.

On the subject of believability, it’s advisable to avoid using telekinesis to throw enemies or a peaceful hippie like an unloved rag doll. Doing so will render your human form suspicious, and you’ll be attacked on sight. Human flesh sacks aren’t your only fashion choice. Crypto has many costumes he can unlock, adding a nice bit of personalisation to the monochrome Furon; Your saucer can also be pimped out. Though there’s no gameplay benefit to any of these costumes, they’re a welcome addition to this growing franchise of remakes.  

Replay Missions On Your Terms

While DAH2 isn’t precisely Dark Souls levels of difficulty, some missions and side quests can become hectic, leading to your inevitable death. Each mission naturally has a primary objective, usually involving eradicating all life in a certain radius. Two or three optional goals accompany the primary mission that asks you to go out of your way in one way or another. Abduct forty Yakuza gangsters? Not a problem! Slice KGB agents in half with a Dislocator? Point me at em! You don’t need to do these, but if you’re a completionist and trophy hunter, you’ll kick yourself for ignoring them.

For legal reasons, definitely not Godzilla

For legal reasons, definitely not Godzilla.

The completion of some optional tasks will come naturally. Still, some require attention and, dare I say it, some unfair advantage. You can replay every main and side mission from the Holodeck in your saucer, but the odds are most definitely on your side this time. A selection of gameplay enhancers can be activated before beginning the mission. These include everyday things like invincibility, unlimited ammo, etc. Other, more wacky ones can mess with Earth’s gravity and provide us with a constant ninja companion to fight alongside us. Accessing these enhancements makes these extra objectives a piece of cake!

Landing Zone, Activated!

The flying saucer isn’t just a handy means of transport for Crypto; it’s your primary means of mass destruction when devastating handheld weaponry isn’t devastating enough. Each location in the game (Bay City, Albion, Takoshima, Tunguska and Solaris) have several landing zones. These landing zones can are activated by completing a task for the Furon god, Arkvoodle. It doesn’t take long to get from one side of a map to another via Crypto’s SKATE ability. Still, I recommend taking the time to activate all landing zones for tactical reasons, if not logistical ones.

All hail, Arkvoodle!!!

All hail, Arkvoodle!!!

There’s nothing worse than being blown out of the sky, knowing you we so close to the only landing zone on the map. Activating them solves that issue, even if checkpoints are more generous than the original. You’ll be shot at a lot in this game, and sometimes it’s nice quickly get to your next objective in comfort, with a massive death Ray in case any unfriendly humans happen to look up at the sky and finds an alien with a convincing Jack Nicholson impression delivering oblivion from above. You could also use a temporary cloaking system if you prefer a more pacifist route to world domination; the choice is yours. 

Upgrade Your Weaponry 

Enjoying the serene calmness of Takoshima or the love-in of Bay City isn’t an option for Crypto. Attacks on sight by police, army and KGB agents are a given, and that means one thing – weapons! Our little psycho has an armoury of unique weaponry that’ll bring the pesky human race to a heel. The Disintegrator Ray will burn your enemies to the bone, while your handy dandy anal probe will… well, I don’t have to elaborate on that. Others like the Zap-0-Matic, Ion Detonator and Dislocator always keep the gunplay fun. To make these base weapons impactful, you’ll need to upgrade.

Each weapon or ability has either three or six upgradable nodes

Each weapon or ability has either three or six upgradable nodes.

Upgrades to weapons, abilities and defensive skills are upgraded through the spending of Furon Cells. Each mission you complete will give you a varying number of cells for the base objective, with a few extra for achieving optional goals. While you’ll earn enough of these through story progression, you’ll need more if you plan on maxing out every weapon and ability. Extra cells can be found around each location, some out in the open and others better hidden. Upgrading Crypto is a must on any difficulty. It’s the difference between enslaving humanity and an early introduction to the Furon afterlife.


I sincerely hope these Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed beginners tips give you some footing in this faithful remake of a bonkers sequel. A game that makes lampooning decades past a fun, if slightly outdated, outing. This game’s for you if you’re looking for explosions and social commentary wrapped in crass humour. Good, dumb fun.

Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed - Release Trailer | PS5 Games

Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed is available on PS5, Xbox Series S/X and PC.

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