Demon’s Souls: Trophies & Achievements List

Although it'll still be a challenge, this Demon's Souls trophies list should help you see how far you'll have to go to grab the game's platinum. This list has a lot of the same stuff as other Souls games: beating bosses, getting items, and snagging weapons. But, there are also some fun challenges to try.

Demon's Souls Trophies & Achievements List

With the beautiful remake of 2009’s Demon’s Souls releasing on November 12, we’ve now had a look at the trophy list. Like any Souls game it won’t be an easy feat: you’ll have to take down every boss, as well as collecting a number of items. However, there are some interesting challenges in the list that’ll make you play in a new way. Now, these will still be difficult, and many of these trophies will make boss encounters even harder. But, if you want another reason to brave a second playthrough, these trophies might be just the incentive you need. With that in mind, go ahead and take a look at the list below.

Slayer of Trophies All Trophies Obtained Platinum
Phalanx’s Trophy Slayer of Demon “Phalanx” Bronze
Tower Knight’s Trophy Slayer of Demon “Tower Knight” Bronze
Penetrator’s Trophy Slayer of Demon “Penetrator” Bronze
False King’s Trophy Slayer of Demon “False King” Bronze
Armor Spider’s Trophy Slayer of Demon “Armor Spider” Bronze
Flamelurker’s Trophy Slayer of Demon “Flamelurker” Bronze
Dragon God’s Trophy Slayer of Demon “Dragon God” Bronze
Fool’s Idol’s Trophy Slayer of Demon “Fool’s Idol” Bronze
Maneater’s Trophy Slayer of Demon “Maneater” Bronze
Old Monk’s Trophy Slayer of the Demon “Old Monk” Bronze
Adjudicator’s Trophy Slayer of the Demon “Adjudicator” Bronze
Old Hero’s Trophy Slayer of the Demon “Old Hero” Bronze
Storm King’s Trophy Slayer of the Demon “Storm King” Bronze
Leechmonger’s Trophy Slayer of the Demon “Leechmonger” Bronze
Dirty Colossus’ Trophy Slayer of the Demon “Dirty Colossus” Bronze
Maiden Astraea’s Trophy Slayer of the Demon “Maiden Astraea” Bronze
Return to Form Help a player vanquish a boss Silver
Unwelcome Guest Vanquish a player as an invader Silver
One Shall Fall Vanquish the Tower Knight without killing any archers Silver
Brother-in-Arms Vanquish Penetrator with Biorr Bronze
Fists of Legend Vanquish Dragon God with the Hands of God Bronze
Time for Rolling Cross the walkway through the Idol’s volleys of arrows Silver
Not Fooled Vanquish the Fool’s Idol without hitting any clones Silver
One Shall Stand Vanquish Adjudicator without having him fall down Silver
May you be unharmed Vanquish Maiden Astraea without killing Garl Vinland Silver
Seekest soul power Embrace the power of the Old One Gold
A Dash of Sage Rescue Sage Freke the Visionary Bronze
Umbasa Rescue Saint Urbain Bronze
Worthy of the Sword Deliver Makoto to Satsuki Silver
Road to Possibilities Give the Searing Demon Soul to Blacksmith Ed Bronze
One of the few Obtain Istarelle Silver
Witch in the Tower Rescue Yuria the Witch Bronze
Legacy of the Kings Obtain the Northern Regalia Gold
Sage’s Trophy All Magic Spells Obtained Gold
Saint’s Trophy All Miracles Obtained Gold
King of Rings All Rings Obtained Gold

Time for bosses

Looking at all the Demon’s Souls trophies, it’s clear that you’ll need to do a lot of boss fights. Possibly multiple times. And, with the renowned difficulty of the Souls series, grabbing the platinum in this remake will be no walk in the park, especially since it will take more than one playthrough to nab every trophy. If you plan on finishing this trophy list, be prepared for a pretty tough, but rewarding, struggle.

Demon’s Souls releases on November 12 for PlayStation 5.

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