Crysis Remastered Trilogy – Mega Trophies & Achievements List

Become the ultimate super-soldier with the help of a powerful Nanosuit, making you a predator among prey. Map your environment and adapt to defeat an invading species and ensure humanity's survival. Experience all three Crysis games the way they were meant to be experienced.

Crysis Remastered Trilogy - Mega trophies & achievements listThe original PC benchmark franchise returns in all its glory, remastered for modern hardware. We’ve compiled a comprehensive achievements list to help you achieve 100% completion in Crysis Remastered Trilogy. This list includes everything you need to know about the trilogies 115 achievements and how to unlock them. 

Possible spoilers ahead; read at your discretion.

Crysis Trophies & Achievements List

Trophy/Achievement Title  Unlock Requirement 
Platinum Trophy (PlayStation Specific) Earn all available trophies 
Crysis Controlled  complete the game on any difficulty 
Cool In A Crysis Complete the game on Hard or Delta difficulty 
Perfect Soldier! Complete all Secondary Objectives 
Delta: Act 1 Complete ‘Contact’, ‘Recovery’ and ‘Relic’ on Delta difficulty
Delta: Act 2  Complete ‘Assault’, ‘Onslaught’ and ‘Awakening’ on Delta difficulty
Delta: Act 3 Complete ‘Core’, ‘Paradise Lost’, ‘Exodus’ and ‘Reckoning’ on Delta difficulty
Without Question  Complete 6 Secondary Objectives 
No Fly Zone  Destroy 5 helicopters 
Team Raptor  Kill 400 enemies 
Weapons Master  Perform a kill with every firearm 
Choke Hold Kill 20 enemies with grab 
Marathon Man Speed sprint 3km 
Keen Observer  Tag 30 enemies using the binoculars 
A Little Trouble Parking  Discover the fate of the Lusca’s Call
Easy Darlin’ Rescue the hostage 
You Knew, Didn’t You? Regroup with Prophet upriver 
Very Strange Readings  Infiltrate the excavation site 
Livin’ Up To Your Name  Board the VTOL for extraction 
Pro-Aircraft  Destroy all AA guns around the harbour 
Enjoy The Fireworks Destroy the cruiser 
Empty Platform  Secure the train station 
You’re On Your Own  Proceed to the mining complex 
One Careful Owner  Reach the end of ‘Onslaught’ in the tank you started with
Going Underground  Enter the mines 
It’s On Like General Kyong  Defeat General Kyong 
I’m Coming Out  Escape the mysterious structure under the mountain
Expedition Team Escort Prophet to safety 
I’m A Marine, Son!  Help the marines evacuate 
Strickland Would Be Proud  Defeat the flight deck invader 
Close Encounter  Secure victory in the Battle of Lingshan
Following Orders  Complete 3 Secondary Objectives 
Tank Buster  Destroy 5 enemy tanks 
This Is My Rifle  Customize a weapon to use all 5 modification points
Special Forces  Kill 200 enemies 
Long Distance Relationship  Kill an enemy 200m away
Something For Every Occasion  Use all weapon attachments 
Nano Ninja Perform 5 consecutive kills without being spotted by an enemy
Knock-off Knockout  Kill an enemy Nanosuit soldier with a Strength punch
Zoology  Pick up an animal 
Catch This! Kill 10 enemies by throwing an object at them 

Crysis 2 Trophies & Achievements List

Trophy/Achievement Title  Unlock Requirement 
Platinum (PlayStation Specific) Earn all trophies in the game
Evolution  Complete 12 levels on Veteran difficulty 
Medal of Honor  Complete 12 levels on Supersoldier difficulty 
Men of Destiny  Complete the single player campaign on Veteran difficulty 
Supersoldier Complete the single-player campaign on Supersoldier difficulty 
Fire Walker  Assist the evacuation at Bryant Park 
Dark Night of the Soul  Defend Central Station 
Crossroads of the World  Complete the evacuation of Times Square 
Theseus at Last  Locate Jacob Hargreave 
Home Stretch  Reach Central Park 
Start Spreading the News  Finish the single-player campaign on any difficulty 
City That Never Sleeps  Complete 6 levels on Veteran difficulty 
Heart of Darkness  Complete 6 levels on Supersoldier difficulty 
The Tourist  Find all New York souvenirs 
Band of Brothers  Keep all marines alive during the rescue in Semper Fi or Die
Speeding Ticket  Break the speed limit in front of 10 speed cameras
Can It Run Crysis?  Complete In At The Deep End 
Foreign Contaminant  Escape the Battery Park evacuation center
More Than Human Assimilate Alien tissue at the crash site 
False Prophet  Find Nathan Gould 
Internal Affairs  Infiltrate the CELL facility at Wall Street 
Into the Abyss  Infiltrate the alien hive 
Once a Marine, Always a Marine  Assist the Marines in Madison Square 
Hung Out to Dry  Reach the Hargreave-Rasch building 
Close Encounters  Stealth kill 25 enemies 
Fastball  Kill 10 enemies by throwing an object at them 
Death Grip  Kill 10 enemies with grab and throw 
Popcorn  Kill 20 enemies with the microwave cannon 
Two Heads Are Better Than One  Kill two enemies with a single bullet 
Blast Radius  Kill at least 3 enemies with a single grenade 
Headhunter  Kill 4 enemies in a row with headshots 
Death Slide  Kill 5 enemies while sliding 
Food For Thought  Kill a CELL operator with a giant donut in Lower Manhattan 
Hole in One  Throw an alien down the sinkhole in Dark Heart 
Literary Agent  Scan all of Richard Morgan’s books in the NY public library
Stealth Assassin  Re-route the power in Eye of the Storm without being detected

Crysis 3 Trophies & Achievements List 

Trophy/Achievement Title  Unlock Requirement 
Platinum (PlayStation Specific) Unlock all trophies in the game
Halfway To Hell  Complete 3 of 7 levels on Supersoldier difficulty 
Bring it On  Complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty 
Professional Superhero  Complete the campaign on Supersoldier difficulty 
Nanosuit Veteran  Complete 3 of 7 levels on Veteran difficulty 
World Saver  Finish the campaign on any difficulty 
Geared-up  Unlock all weapon attachments 
Suited-up  Upgrade all Nanosuit modules to maximum level 
Can You Hear Me Now  Welcome to the Jungle: Disable the Nanosuit Jammer
Who Needs Rockets?  Post-Human: Take out an attack helicopter using the Predator Bow
White Rider  The Root of All Evil: Surf the donut down the river for 20 seconds
Roadkill  Red Star Rising: Crush 5 enemies with the Buggy
Ping Pong! Only Human: Kill all Pingers
Inside Job  Kill 10 enemies using hacked sentry guns
Post-Human Warrior  Kill 10 enemies in a single Supercharge boost 
Arrow to the Knee! End an enemy’s career as a CELL operative by wounding him in the knee with an arrow!
Staying Sharp  Complete Tutorial 
Welcome to the Jungle!  Complete Post-Human 
A Flawless Getaway  Complete Welcome to the Jungle 
Off the Grid Complete The Root of All Evil 
Turning the Tide  Complete Safeties Off 
Brink of Apocalypse  Complete Red Star Rising 
Belly of the Beast  Complete Only Human 
The True Measure of a Hero  Complete Gods and Monsters 
Perks of the Job  Save a Nanosuit module package 
Be a Pro, use a Bow! Kill 10 enemies with every arrow type 
Maximum Strength  Kill 25 enemies using only the Nanosuit’s enhanced powers instead of guns
Hunter-Gatherer  Retrieve 10 arrows from pinned enemies 
The Gibson  Complete 20 hacking challenges 
I’ll Have That! Rip off and use all alien weapon types 
Taste of Your Own Medicine  Kill 25 enemies while supercharged 
Breaking the Lore  Retrieve all CELL intel 
Bang For the Buck  Kill a deer using explosive arrows 
Improviser Kill two enemies in one strike using the environment
Nanosuit Ninja  Perform 20 Stealth Kills without alerting nearby enemies
Stick Around Using the Predator Bow, pin 10 enemies to walls with arrows
Clever Girl!  Stealth kill a Ceph Stalker 
Poltergeist  Kill 10 enemies with thrown objects without being detected

Good Luck, Completionist! 

There you go! We hope this Crysis Remastered Trilogy achievements list helps you get the most out of this beloved shooter franchise. All three list don’t deviate wildly from each other, so 100% completion should be a case of rinse and repeat. Playing on Supersoldier difficulty may the only major hurdle between you and that shiny platinum. 

Crysis Remastered Trilogy - Official Teaser Trailer

Crysis Remastered Trilogy is available on PS4/5, Xbox One/SX, Switch and PC.

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