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Castle Pals Offers Extremely Easy Platinum And 11 Gold Trophies

Castle Pals isn't the first game to practically give you its platinum trophy on a silver platter, but its list of 11 gold trophies isn't one that you're going to spend months agonizing over. Clearly aimed at the trophy hunters, this list will suit those collectors who are always keen to add to their fat stack of silverware.

Castle Pals Offers Embarrassingly Easy Platinum and 11 Gold Trophies Cover

Terminator Salvation and My Name is Mayo are just two, of MANY, games I think of straightaway when it comes to easy platinum hunting. I’m ashamed to say I have the platinum trophy for Terminator Salvation. I battled through the godawful campaign on “Hard” and endured the trials and tribulations of the steaming, heap of lower-class garbage it served up to me. Why? The trophy list similarly consisted of 11 gold trophies and of course, the platinum. I’m a sucker for trophies, as many people are.

I’m wise enough to understand why certain companies do this: For a bigger game like Terminator, it encourages rentals and bargain bin regrets. Castle Pals is very cheap and can be mowed through in no time at all, letting you seamlessly enjoy its splendors, and be rewarded at the same time.

Platinum PalsGet all other trophies.
It’s Kylee TimeComplete a level with Kylee.
It’s Owen TimeComplete a level with Owen.
It’s BlueFind the Blue Gem.
It’s RedFind the Red Gem.
Half Way Act 1Finish Act 1 – Level 6.
First ActFinish Act 1.
Half Way Act 2Finish Act 2 – Level 6.
Time To RetryDie on any level.
I Got Gold!Get gold score on any level.
Double GoldGet gold score on 2 levels.
Fourfold GoldGet gold score on 4 levels.

You’ll Be Dying To Get Your Hands On A Gold Trophy

Yes, even a single death will boost your gold count. This list is as easy as you like, and there’s also a platinum walkthrough, too. It indicates that you can have this done in less time than it takes to watch an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Castle Pals - Gameplay Trailer (iOS)

Castle Pals is available to buy on PS4, Xbox, and Switch.

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