Bloodstained: RotN 100% Weapon Guide

Curious to see what weapons you should make? Want to know which weapon is missing from your archives? Our Bloodstained: RotN 100% Weapon Guide is here to help! We cover all the weapons, their stats, and how to make/find them.

Bloodstained: RotN 100% Weapon Guide


Within Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (RotN) there are 126 weapons across 11 different categories. Suffice to say, there’s a lot to choose from. You can find lots of weapons within the castle, but most of your weaponry will be crafted. Weapon recipes are learned by finding their respective gear recipe books throughout the castle. This weapon guide will not be going over where to find those books. You should be able to come across them in your exploration. However, this guide will give a list of every single weapon, how to find/make them, along with their stats and a brief overview of each type. Additionally, weapons that require another weapon or piece of gear to craft them will be bolded. Tables will follow an order of Name, Stats, and Components/Where to Find, reading left to right.

If you need help with filling out your map check out our 100% Map Guide. For other helpful tidbits, head on over to our Bloodstained FAQ. Lastly, we’ve recently released a new 100% Achievements Guide.



Boots are generally fast and have the limited range of how far Miriam can kick. Most boots you’ll find carry the Strike element. While boots aren’t impressive on their own, there’s a handy technique you can learn with them that can let you reach places you aren’t meant to early on.

Kung Fu Shoes8 (Strike)Houndskin x2
Battle Boots12 (Strike)Cotton x3/Houndskin x3/Lion Mane x1
Lethal Boots14 (Slash)Battle Boots x1/Baselard x1/Cotton x2
Toy Shoes17 (Strike)Hemp x2/Durable Leather x1/Rat Teeth x1
Steam Boots21 (Strike)Mithril x2/Damascus x1
Bunny Boots24 (Strike)Toy Shoes x1/Lili Tail x2/Lili Ears x1
Dragon Shoes28 (Strike+Fire)Wool x2/Dragon Bone x2/Dragon Scale x2/Flame Ring x1
Hermes Shoes38 (Strike+Slash)Dragon Shoes x1/Demon Claw x1/Rhava Bural x1
Hell’s Kneels45 (Strike+Slash+Dark)Hermes Shoes x1/Fiend Fang x1/Dainsleif x1


Special item of note are the Toy Shoes, simply for the fact that they squeak when you run in them. Aint that cute?


Daggers are the fastest weapon type, with roughly the same damage spread as boots. However, they have a much more limited range. Daggers can be useful if you want to poke and dash, avoiding damage wherever possible. There is a technique that allows Miriam to throw her equipped dagger, giving her some added range. However, it’d probably be better to stick to directional shards, since either option will cost you MP. Daggers universally use the Thrust damage attribute.

Knife8 (Thrust)Bronze x1
Baselard14 (Thrust)Iron x4/Bronze x1
Kukiri19 (Thrust)Iron x4/Oak x2
Poison Kukiri16 (Thrust+Poison)Kukiri x1/Poison x2
Swordbreaker24 (Thrust)Mithril x2/Damascus x1
Main Gauche29 (Thrust)Swordbreaker x1/Gold x1/Steel x1
Carnwennan30 (Thrust+Light)Main Gauche x1/Crimsonite x1
Mandau Pasir45 (Thrust)Carnwennan x1/Orichalcum x1/Imbrued Bone x1


Although it’s not listed in its stats, the Main Gauche actually does increase defense by 10 points.


Excluding the special swords, Rapiers are the least represented weapon type in Bloodstained: RotN. They have a similar damage spread to swords, though they feature the Thrust damage type, rather than Slash. They also feature a similar range to swords. Rapiers do have one of the easiest techniques to execute, done by simply hitting attack 3 times. Though, while it’s easy to do, it’s easy to accidentally do as well.

Rapier12 (Thrust)Bronze x3
Epee16 (Thrust)Iron x2/Obsidian x2
Stinger19 (Thrust+Poison)Epee x1/Steel x2/Poison x1
Misericorde25 (Thrust+Light)Crystal x2/Ruby x1/Sapphire x1/Emerald x1
Kazikli32 (Thrust+Curse)Misericorde x1/Crystal x1/Gold x1
Joyeuse52 (Thrust)Kazikli x1/Gold x1/Orichalcum x1/Bixbite x1


With the rapid attack technique and Stinger or Kazikli, it’s easy to apply poison or curse, respectively, to an enemy. Of course you get the most use out of this method by attacking enemies with a high health pool. No point in poisoning a bat. A fun technique you can do with the Joyeuse and Misericorde is what amounts to three attacks done at once, leaving behind a Z, like Zorro. One of Bloodstained‘s many references.


Excluding special swords and 8-bit weapons, the sword type has the most representatives. A rather standard weapon, swords are a middle ground between the faster boots and daggers, and the heavy hitting weapons like great swords and katanas. All swords feature the Slash attribute. You won’t be lacking for choice in this category, and chances are you’ll be sporting several of these weapons throughout your playthrough.

Short Sword12 (Slash)Bronze x2
Long Sword18 (Slash)Iron x3/Bronze x2
Ulfberht Sword22 (Slash)Long Sword x1/Obsidian x2/Houndskin x2
Invisible Blade27 (Slash)Ectoplasm x9/Steel x3/Silver x1/Mercury x5
Harpe29 (Slash)Ulfberht Sword x1/Steel x2
Murgleis25 (Slash+Stone)Gargoyle Stone x1/Damascus x2/Mithril x1
Red Umbrella31 (Slash)Reward for killing Bloodless
Blutgang33 (Slash)Grotesque Shell x1/Platinum x2/Crystal x1
Fragarach28 (Slash+Light)Sword Fragment x1/Gold x2/Holy Water x7
Hofud32 (Slash+Curse)Sword Fragment x1/Gold x2/Demon Fang x2
Dainsleif47 (Slash+Dark)Hofud x1/Dragon Talons x1/Dark Matter x1
Florenberg42 (Slash+Fire)Hofud x1/Fiend Fang x1/Bixbite x1/Flame Ring x1
Almace47 (Slash+Ice)Hofud x1/Fiend Fang x1/Diamond x1/Ice Ring x1
Caladbolg37 (Slash+Lightning)Hofud x1/Fiend Fang x1/Emerald x3/Thunder Ring x1
Ridill20 (Slash)Florenberg x1/Almace x1/Caladbolg x1/Dragon Heart x1
Bandit Blade53 (Slash)Reward from Lindsay
Blue Rose58 (Slash)Florenberg x1/Alamace x1/Caladbolg x1/Imbrued Fang x1
BloodbringerX (Slash)Granted after receiving Bloodbringer Shard
Valkyrie Sword54 (Slash)Found in Towers of Twin Dragons with Dimension Shift


As you can tell, the Hofud blade is good for a lot of crafting. And those weapons made from Hofud can be crafted into one of two blades. Blue Rose could be argued to be Miriam’s canon sword, as it’s the same sword seen in a lot of official art. Don’t be fooled by Ridill’s low base damage. The sword actually hits 3 times with each swing, so that 20 is more like 60, making it slightly stronger than blue rose. This makes it a good weapon to use in tandem with crit boosting equipment.

Bloodbringer has a variable damage, being based on how much your Bloodbringer familiar has leveled up. At level 37, my Bloodbringer had a base damage of 35. Though it hasn’t been testing personally, it could theoretically be the strongest sword in the game, if you level it up enough. Valkyrie Sword is special in that it’s part of the Valkyrie set, and can only be found late in the game. It also comes with a hidden technique, once you’ve mastered all other techniques.


Clubs are basically swords with Strike damage. There’s really not much else to say about them. However, a lot of them do come with extra elemental damage.

Mace15 (Strike) Elm x1/Bronze x2
Morgenstern20 (Slash+Strike)Elm x2/Iron x2/Obsidian x1
Macuahuitl30 (Slash+Strike)Oak x2/Obsidian x2/Damascus x1
Yagrush 32 (Strike+Lightning)Walnut x2/Thunder Ring x1
Ayamur45 (Strike)Mahogany x1/Gold x1
Sharur50 (Strike+Frost)Ayamur x1/Bixbite x1/Ice Ring x1
Mistilteinn52 (Strike+Light)Sharur x1/Kaladanda x1/Imbrued Bone x1


The most important club on this list is the Ayamur. Ayamur can drop from the water horses in the Forbidden Underground Waterway. What makes this special is Ayamur can be broken down into gold ore. Gold ore cannot be obtained except through deconstruction and rarely in blue chests in the Forbidden Desert. For this reason, many suggest you farm Ayamur as a means to get gold ore (and gold currency if you want to sell it).

Special Swords

Though the game labels these as swords, they were separated from swords in the archives. Likely, this is due to the swords not behaving like other swords, or any weapon for that matter. These can be hard to find, but extremely powerful when you do.

Flying Edge18 (Slash+Thrust)Found in Towers of Twin Dragons
Oracle Blade30 (Slash+Thrust)Flying Edge x1/Crimsonite x1/Demon Wing x2/Flight Feather x2
Rhava Bural14 (Slash)Drop from Killer Barbers
Rhava Velar16 (Slash)Rhava Bural x4/Crimsonite x1/Imbrued Fang x1/Sharp Razor x4


Flying Edge and Oracle Blade attack by having the sword be thrown out directly in front of Miriam. The blades have a considerable range to them, and while this does lower their attack speed considerably, they offer a great deal of safety to Miriam. 

Rhava Bural and Rhava Velar are two weapons you’ve likely seen mentioned in many forums and videos. The weapons attack by creating rapid swipes in front of Miriam, attacking many times in quick succession. Furthermore, Miriam can actually move while attacking; something exclusive to the Rhava weapons.

Great Swords

The heavy hitters of Bloodstained: RotN. These weapons hit hard, but have the slowest attack speed. However, with Optimizer and/or Great Sword Expertise shards, the speed can be easily offset. Great Swords also attack in an arc, allowing Miriam to hit enemies directly above her. Like swords, this weapon type uses the Slash attribute.

Claymore17 (Slash)Bronze x2
Pelekus22 (Slash)Iron x2
Flamberge29 (Slash)Iron x2/Obsidian x2
Spiral Sword13 (Slash)Flamberge x1/Steel x1/Obsidian x1
Berdiche35 (Slash)Pelekus x1/Damascus x1/Silver x1
Carnot’s Rebuke39 (Slash)Found in the Towers of Twin Dragons
Gram42 (Slash)Mithril x1/Damascus x1/Silver x1
Gambanteinn45 (Strike)Pelekus x1/Mahogany x1/Platinum x1
Lohengrin43 (Slash+Fire)Gram x1/Crystal x1/Flame Ring x1
Schedar48 (Slash+Ice)Gram x1/Crystal x1/Ice Ring x1
Steel Lightning39 (Slash+Lightning)Gram x1/Crystal x1/Thunder Ring x1
Kaladanda46 (Strike+Stone)Gambanteinn x1/Mahogany x1/Gold x1
Durandal65 (Slash)Lohengrin x1/Schedar x1/Steel Lightning x1
Dies Irae57 (Slash+Light+Dark)Durandal x1/Crimsonite x1/Fiend Fang x1
Ukonvasara67 (Slash+Lightning)Dies Irae x1/Steel Lightning x1/Orichalcum x1/Cypress x1
Eternal Blue84 (Slash+Ice)Dies Irae x1/Orichalcum x2/Imbrued Fang x1


Like the Rhava blades and Rudill, the Spiral Sword’s base damage is deceptive. Rather than striking once, the Spiral Sword hits several times on hit, and can remain spinning inside the enemy. This can really rack up the damage, just be careful you don’t get greedy. Gram is the Hofud of the great sword weapon type. It’s a component in several weapons, which themselves are also components of stronger weapons.

Eternal Blue is basically the great sword version of Blue Rose. It sports a similar design pattern, and has the highest base damage of any other weapon its in weapon type (excluding 8-bit weapons). Unlike Blue Rose, it has an elemental type, Ice. This means that demons resistant to ice will take less damage from it. However, Eternal Blue’s damage is so high that it shouldn’t make much of a difference.


Katanas as a weapon type are similar to swords in its damage, though slightly slower. They do sport a good selection of powerful techniques, however. So if techniques are what you’re interested in, Katanas might be the weapon type for you.

Dull Blade13 (Slash)Bronze x3
Nodachi18 (Slash)Iron x3/Bronze x1
Tsurumaru22 (Slash)Obsidian x3/Iron x1
Honebami27 (Slash+Strike)Damascus x1/Steel x1/Morgenstern x1
Raikiri25 (Slash+Lightning)Damascus x3/Thunder Ring x1
Swordfish36 (Slash+Strike)Found in the Forbidden Underground Waterway
Dojigiri40 (Slash)Crystal x1/Platinum x1/Mithril x1
???45 (Slash)Reward from ???
Mikazuki49 (Slash)Dojigiri x1/Crimsonite x1/Mahogany x1
Grand Izayoi51 (Slash)Mikazuki x1/Orichalcum x1/Cypress x1


As you probably noticed, there is one katana left a mystery. That’s because it’s identity and method of obtaining it could be seen as spoilers. You may be able to guess what it is, but just to be safe. Don’t worry about missing out on it, you’ll find it eventually as it’s part of progression.


Obviously, spears have the best range of any of the weapon types in Bloodstained: RotN. Nearly all of them feature the Thrust damage type. Speed and damage wise they’re similar to swords and clubs. As you may have guessed, the main difference between swords, clubs, and spears is their damage attribute (strike, slash, and thrust).

Spear13 (Thrust)Elm x1/Bronze x2
Lance18 (Thrust)Elm x1/Iron x3
Partisan22 (Thrust)Oak x1/Steel x1
Shovel 27 (Thrust)Damascus x2
Sanjiegun29 (Strike)Walnut x3/Obsidian x1
Gondo-Shizunori33 (Slash+Thrust)Honebami x1/Mahogany x2
Leng Yan Ju36 (Slash+Thrust)Gondo-Shizunori x1/Diamond x1
Areadbhar40 (Thrust+Fire)Cypress x1/Crimsonite x1/Flame Ring x1
Niflheim45 (Thrust + Ice)Cypress x1/Crimsonite x1/Ice Ring x1
Gungnir36 (Thrust+Lightning)Cypress x1/Crimsonite x1/Thunder Ring x1
Gae Assail46 (Thrust+Light)Areadbhar x1/Niflheim x1/Gungnir x1


Of note, many of the high tier weapons in the spears list don’t require another weapon to craft them. Rather, Areadbhar, Niflheim, and Gungnir only need rings as their gear component. Furthermore, rings are easy to craft themselves, requiring only a few, easy to find, parts.


Whips are probably the most unique weapon type Miriam can find. They have a considerable range, but seem to attack in front of Miriam as well as slightly toward the ground. The biggest downside to whips is the delay you incur after attacking. This can be offset by jumping and then attacking before hitting the ground. Though they don’t attack like the classic style whips of Castlevania, they are nonetheless a staple of the franchise, and its spirital successor Bloodstained.

Whip13 (Strike)Houndskin x2
Thorn Whip20 (Slash+Strike)Houndskin x3/Bat Fang x4/Lion Mane x2
Flame Whip27 (Strike+Fire)Durable Leather x2/Dreadful Rag x2/Ruby x1
Black Cords35 (Strike)Durable Leather x3/Monster Bird Hair x4/Moco Oil x3/Melting Skull x1
Snakebite32 (Strike+Poison)Strange Leather x2/Sinister Rag x2/Demon Tail x3/Dragon Scale x1
Beast Killer45 (Strike)Slimy Leather x2/Queen’s Tail x3/Demon Pelt x3
Albireo50 (Strike+Frost)Beast Killer x1/Water Horse Mane x2/Ice Ring x1
Andromeda52 (Strike+Light)Albireo x1/Dragon’s Wrath x2/Diamond x1/Imbrued Skull x1


Like spears, whips have only two weapons that require other crafted gear to make. They do, however, seem to require a wider variety of materials than most other weapons.


Supposed to be a specialty weapon in Bloodstained: RotN, guns are ranged weapons that require ammunition to use. While Miriam has the Infinite Rounds option should she run out of other kinds of ammo, it will drastically affect your damage output. Guns are best suited for bosses that are giving you a hard time. All guns use the Strike attribute and no other elemental bonus. Your elemental bonuses will come from different ammo types.

Musketoon5 (Strike)Elm x1/Bronze x1
Blunderbuss10 (Strike)Elm x2/Iron x3
Tanegashima12 (Strike)Oak x1/Steel x2
Toradar15 (Strike)Walnut x1/Damascus x1
Culverin20 (Strike)Walnut x1/Platinum x1/Mithril x1
Betelgeuse23 (Strike)Mahogany x1/Gold x1/Crystal x1
Verethragna25 (Strike)Betelgeuse x1/Cypress x1/Crimsonite x1
Adrasteia 26 (Strike)Verethragna x1/Orichalcum x2/Imbrued Skull x1


Don’t be fooled by the base damage for these guns. Their main source of damage will come from the bullets you load them with. With diamond bullets, the stronger guns will have the highest base damage of any other weapon in the game. It’s just a matter of the ammo consumption that stops their usefulness. However, get the Recycle Hat from the food side quest chain, and you’ll never have to spend another bullet!

Of special note is Adrasteia. In addition to having the highest base damage for a gun (excluding Renee’s Requiem), Adrasteia also shoots homing bullets! It fires a red beam that darts toward the nearest prey, like Darkseid’s Omega Beams. It can be tricky to use when enemies are above Miriam, as the bullets don’t travel in a 90 degree angle, but it’s still very useful.

8-Bit Weapons

Here is a list of special weapons in Bloodstained: RotN. These weapons are all crafted initially with an 8-bit coin. You’ll only find one 8-bit coin in the game, and all subsequent ones must be bought from Dominique for 4,000 gold! These weapons get more unique in that they can be upgraded, twice; first with the 16-bit coin, and then with the 32-bit coin plus the 8-bit Nightmare. A single 16-bit coin can be found by completing course one of the Boss Rush mode. A 32-bit coin is granted for doing course 2. These coins can also be bought in game for 24,000 and 64,000 gold, respectively. The 8-bit nightmare is found on the Demon Overlord in the 8-Bit realm.

Because all the weapons are crafted in the same way, the third column will not feature components, but instead any special properties the weapons might have, as well as their weapon type. Also, base damage is listed as: first tier, second tier, third tier. Each tier of course being their crafted level.

Dawn Blade23, 46, 67 (Slash+Light)(Great Sword) N/A
Blue Skies15, 31, 45 (Strike)(Boots) Shares the spot for highest base damage for Boots.
Boreal Rime Boots15, 31, 45 (Strike+Frost)(Boots) Causes Miriam to move as if on ice, causing slow start up when walking and a slide when stopping.
Oleanders12, 25, 36 (Strike+Poison)(Boots) N/A
Shield Weapon20, 40, 58 (Slash)(Sword) While attacking, the shield can deflect enemy attacks if timed correctly. Shares the spot for highest base damage for Swords.
Encrypted Orchid16, 32, 46 (Slash+Lightning)(Sword) N/A
Hikari16, 32, 46 (Slash+Light)(Sword) N/A
Moonwake16, 32, 46 (Slash+Light)(Sword) Looks like a spear, but attacks like a sword.
God Cross11, 23, 34 (Slash+Light+Stone)(Sword) N/A
Eu’s Sword20, 40, 58 (Slash)(Sword) Shares the spot for highest base damage for Swords.
Redbeast’s Edge52, 36, 52 (Thrust)(Rapier) Starts at dagger size with dagger attack speed. Becomes weaker at tier 2, but at tier 3 reclaims its power and now becomes rapier sized while still attacking at dagger speed. Shares the spot for highest base damage for Rapiers.
Prismatic Heart18, 36, 52 (Strike+Light)(Club) Shares the spot for highest base damage for Clubs.
Deathbringer26, 52, 72 (Slash+Fire)(Great Sword) N/A
Claw of Onmoraki23, 46, 67 (Slash+Light)(Great Sword) N/A
Blood Grinder23, 46, 67 (Slash+Dark+Curse)(Great Sword) N/A
Silent Calamity17, 35, 50 (Slash+Dark+Stone)(Great Sword) N/A
Sculptor’s Chisel16, 32, 46 (Thrust+Frost+Stone)(Spear) N/A
Black Dragon’s Ode20, 40, 58 (Thrust)(Spear) Highest base damage for Spears.
Renee’s Requiem11, 22, 32 (Strike)(Gun) Highest base damage for Guns.
Ambivalence18, 36, 52 (Strike+Light+Dark)(Whip) Able to swap between Light and Dark elements after weapon charge.


A few things to unpack here. As you can see, many of the weapons don’t have a special property. It’s possible these weapons do have a special trait of some kind, it’s just none that I’ve managed to find for myself. Several of the weapons are also tied, or are at the top, for highest damage weapon of their respective type. This makes 8-bit weapons very valuable, assuming you picked the right one.

As you get the 8-bit coin very early, many ask: which 8-bit weapon is best to get first? Deathbringer has a great starting damage, especially for that early in the game, and can carry you for awhile. Encrypted Orchid’s Lightning damage means you can stun enemies momentarily, allowing for safer strikes. Redbeast’s Edge can pack a major wallop, but its limited range means you’ll be put in danger more often than not. Finally, the Shield Weapon can offer easy and early protection.


So there you have it, folks, the entire list of weapons in Bloodstained: RotN, along with all their stats and how to make them. Remember, many of these weapons can be found within the castle, so if you can’t make a weapon, you may just find it along the way. If you don’t see a weapon on this list within your available crafts, you’re likely missing a recipe book, so keep looking. I hope you found our Bloodstained: RotN 100% weapon guide helpful. If you have any questions about where to find certain ingredients, or you have some of your own tips about weapon types, please leave a comment below!

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