Bloodstained: RotN 100% Side Quests Guide

Unsure what to make for Susie? Unclear on where to find the Demon Lords for Lindsay? Our 100% side quests guide for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is designed to help! A complete list of every quest in Bloodstained: RotN, including requirements and rewards.

Bloodstained: RotN 100% Side Quests Guide


One of the relatively new features, relative to Symphony of the Night and Aria of Sorrow, is the introduction of side quests. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night puts Miriam on a dangerous and time sensitive quest to stop a new age of demons. However, that doesn’t mean the lovely shardbinder can take some time to make some mac and cheese for a little old lady! Within Bloodstained there are three quest givers (technically four, but we’ll get to him later): Susie, Lindsay, and Abigail. Each has their own kind of quest they give, but they all boil down to “give me X” or “kill X number of Y.” 

While some may scoff at needing to do these quests, they hold valuable and sometimes unique items. If you want the achievement for 100% in items and 100% in weapons, you’ll need to do all of their quests. This 100% side quests guide exists to give you a rundown of each quest chain, what you need, and what you’ll get. The columns are categorized by Quest Name, Requirements, and Rewards, in that order. Rewards that can only be obtained through a quest will be bolded. A short summary before and after each list to give context and clarification, too. The quest chains will be separated by their quest givers. 


Lindsay is one bloodthirsty mama. As one of the few survivors of the demons’ attack on Arvantville, Lindsay has taken it upon herself to avenge the deaths of all the townspeople. Now that Miriam has come along, she has decided to outsource her quest for vengeance to her. Lindsay’s quests consist to killing a set number of demons. Each subsequent quest will target demons of later and later areas, following a similar path to your exploration. Therefore, it’s a good idea to visit Lindsay whenever you’ve completed one of her quests to get a new one for the next area. Lindsay can be found in the middle room of the Arvantville main hub building, near the stairs.

The Quests

Avenge the death of my husband! Morte x5 Ring x3
Avenge the death of Rosaly! Dullahammer x3 Uni Rice Bowl x3
Avenge the death of Annette! Gieremund x4 Hemp x5
Avenge the death of Lisa! Sabnock x2 Brigadine x1
Avenge the death of Simon! Barbatos x5 Obsidian x5
Avenge the death of Porter! Demon x4 Steel x5
Avenge the death of Dan! Wolfman x3 Hair Apparent III x1
Avenge the death of Edward! Shield Outsider x5 Silver x3
Avenge the death of Shawn! Assassin x4 Cutpurse’s Ring x1
Avenge the death of Dario! Ocypete x6 Heavy Cream x5


picture of the Bandit Blade from Lindsay quest

Bloodstained: RotN 100% Side Quests Guide – Bandit Blade

Avenge the death of Trevor! Axe Outsider x5 Damascus x3
Avenge the death of Martha! Deeseama x8 Speed Belt x1
Avenge the death of Mathius! Archdemon x6 Platinum x2
Avenge the death of Soleiyu! Living Fossil x4 Crystal x2
Avenge the death of Carl! Lamashtu x6 Diamond x1
Avenge the death of Mitta! Gusion x13 Crimsonite x1
Avenge the death of Sypha! Demon Lord x6 Bixbite x1
Avenge the death of Juste! Millionaire’s Bane x1 Gold Power Ring x1
Avenge the death of Richter! Revenant x1 Bandit Blade x1


The Rewards

The three unique items that Lindsay will award you with are the Hair Apparent III, Gold Power Ring, and Bandit Blade. Gold Power Ring is a ring that will boost your stats based on how much money you have. A useful ring if you plan on farming up some cash (though it’s recommended you don’t do that until after you fight Valefar. Bandit Blade is a decent, though hardly the best, sword with a special technique unique to it. The ability will let you teleport behind an enemy and attack them in the back. It’s basically the “nothing personal, kid” weapon. A fun Easter egg, too, for long time fans of the Castlevania series found in the names of the fallen.

Additionally, you may be wondering where to find Millionaire’s Bane, Demon Lords, and Revenant. Demon Lords can be found within the Glacial Tomb, a true endgame area. Millionaire’s Bane is found behind the locked door in the Halls of Termination. The key for that door is found in the Den of Behemoths (another true endgame area). Revenant is also behind a locked door, his being in the Garden of Silence. The key to his door is found in the Glacial Tomb.


Abigail is a sweet nun who, rather than seeking revenge, just wants to honor those who died. Although, her list of people are different than Lindsay’s, so I guess they ran with different crowds. Cliques, right? Abigail will ask you to bring her items that she will use to honor the memory of those lost. Some of these items you can find during your regular exploration. However, others will need to be crafted or are rare items. Abigail’s quests rewards you with the best ring in the game for farming shards, so completing her questline is highly recommend. Abigail can be found outside and to the left of the Arvantville hub, just past the farmer.

The Quests

In Memory of Caleb Ring x1 Safe Ring x1
In Memory of Noel Brigadine x1 Pizza x3
In Memory of Morris Bat Wings x1 Chocolate Cake x3
In Memory of Talia Rhava Bural x1 Toy Shoes x1
In Memory of Norrah Flame Ring x1 Eye of Horus x1
In Memory of Edith Tea Dress x1 Hair Apparent IX x1
In Memory of Alba Hound Vest x1 Cowboy Hat x1


Picture of the Solomon's Ring from Abigail quest

Bloodstained: RotN 100% Side Quests Guide – Solomon’s Ring

In Memory of Dennis Flame Circlet x1 Warlock’s Necklace x1
In Memory of Lily Silver Tiara x1 Chicken Casserole x3
In Memory of Wanda Silk Dress x1 Maid’s Hairband x1
IN Memory of Rachel  Ribbon x1 Silver Power Ring x1
IN Memory of Nadia  Diamond x1 Majestic Plate x1
In Memory of Enos Orichalcum x1 Forneus Meuniere x3
In Memory of George Ancient Tiara x1 Solomon’s Ring x1


The Rewards

The Eye of Horus is an accessory that will zoom out the screen when worn. A decent item if you wanted more visual information. However, its stats don’t impress. Warlock’s Necklace will boost your DEF and INT while also reducing the cost of spells. Maid’s Hairband is primarily just for show. Finally, we get to Solomon’s Ring. In addition to some decent stats, Solomon’s Ring is a must for anyone looking to get every shard in the game, or those who simply want to max out the Grade of their favorite spells. 


If Lindsay is Wrath, then surely Susie is Gluttony. This little old lady will eat out an entire Old Country Buffet on her own. All Susie wants is specific dishes. However, she can’t remember the name of them. Really? You can’t remember the name of pizza? Anyway, Susie won’t be able to ask for the food by name, but she will give small hints as to what she wants. Furthermore, she’ll have a thought bubble with a picture of the food she wants. But why go through that hassle? Compiled is the list of every food you’ll need to bring her. Susie can be found next to Dominique’s shop in Arvantville.

However, before you start, keep something in mind. Whenever you make a dish, that dish will become available to purchase from Dominique. So, if you have the money, when you make a dish go ahead and eat it for the permanent stat boost. Then, buy the same dish from Dominique to give to Susie. Her forth quest gives you an Apron, which has a chance to produce a dish twice for the cost of one. Save some money there!

The Quests

Craving a Portable Snack Rice Ball Thorn Whip
Craving Something Irresistible Pizza Convex Glasses
Craving Fried Finger Food Fried Potatoes Tsurumaru
Craving Yellow Kernels Corn Chowder Apron
Craving Baked Dish Macaroni Gratin Kukri
Craving a Classic Sweet Cookies Hair Apparent IV
Craving Something Spicy Curry & Rice Berdiche


Bloodstained: RotN 100% Side Quests Guide – Haagenti

Craving a Novel Idea Omurice Gondo-Shizunori
Craving a Rolled-up Treat Strawberry Crepe Feather Robe
Craving Saucy Strands Classic Spaghetti Murgleis
Craving Something Refreshing Lemonade Duelist’s Guard
Craving Something Breaded Pork Cutlet Dojigiri
Craving Something Fluffy Egg Souffle Misericorde
Craving a Miracle Chiffon Cake Fanghsi Scarf


picture of the Recycle Hat from Susie quest

Bloodstained: RotN 100% Side Quests Guide – Recycle Hat

Craving a Crispy Skin Chicken Saute Kaladanda
Craving Something with Sea Urchin Uni Rice Bowl Lethality Ring
Craving a Risotto Apple Risotto Demon Necklace
Craving Noodles in Broth Soy Ramen Gambler’s Ring
Craving Food That Falls Apart Simmered Forneus Dainsleif
Craving a Beef Hot Pot Sukiyaki 8-bit Nightmare
Craving Something Life-Changing Exquisite Steak Recycle Hat


The Rewards

The Convex Glasses will zoom in on your character. Good for taking Miriam screenshots of your dope hair and color combinations. The Lethality Ring will boost the damage you deal with critical hits. Great when paired with a crit build focused around the Rhava weapons. Demon Necklace “eliminates vulnerability when using shards.” Gambler’s Ring gives 7 LCK, making it the best LCK boosting accessory you can get. 

Finally, we have the Recycle Hat, one of the best items in the game. The Recycle Hat causes you to not consume ammunition! This allows you to combine the strongest gun with the strongest ammo to create the highest damage weapon in the game – with unrivaled range! However, the trade off is making Miriam wear a floral-printed fedora. Nothing in life is free. Unfortunately, making the Exquisite Steak is time consuming. Mostly, it’s because you need two Flying Beef.

Flying Beef only drops off the golden calf itself, Haagenti. This demon appears in the Oriental Sorcery Lab. Thankfully, they’re an easy kill, so long as you kill them before they breathe petrification on you. However, the drop rate for Flying Beef is 1%. Keep in mind, you need two of these. Good thing you got the Gambler’s Ring to boost your LCK. Also, Exquisite Steak will boost your STR by 10, so be sure to make/buy some for yourself.


Though not technically a quest giver like his female counterparts, Benjamin’s plight does get recorded in your archives as a quest. Benjamin needs to be found, twice in secret rooms. The third time he’s out in the open, but you’ll need to come back for him once you have the right shard. Though I can’t 100% confirm it needs to be done in an exact order, below is a map of a confirmed working order of how to find Benjamin.

The Stranded Man Find Benjamin in the Entrance zone. 1,000G
The Still Stranded Man Find Benjamin in the Forbidden Underground Waterway 5,000G
Why, Stranded Man? Find Benjamin in the Oriental Sorcery Lab. 10,000G


Map of where to find Benjamin in Bloodstained

Bloodstained: RotN 100% Side Quests Guide

Now, to get to Benjamin in the Oriental Sorcery Lab, under that rocky arch, you need Dimensional Shift. This shard is given to you after beating the first boss of Glacial Tombs. After you have found Benjamin the third time, you can find him back in Arvantville. There, he will reward you with the Adversity Ring. The Adversity Ring is a risk-reward accessory that boosts your stats while also applying status effects to you. It is a unique item, so this is the only way to get it. Therefore, you need to do Benjamin’s quest chain to get 100% item completion.


And so ends another 100% completion guide for Bloodstained: RotN. Hopefully you found this side quests guide informative and helpful. If you’re looking at a required item for a quest and can’t find it your transmute/prepare lists, you are likely missing that item’s respective recipe book. The only exception is possibly the Flame Circlet, which requires you to first buy the regular circlet from Dominique. 

If you have any questions or comments about where to find the required items and/or demons, feel free to leave a message below in the comments section. We also have a 100% map and secret rooms guide if you’re looking for a specific area to farm. Thanks for reading and good luck on your quests!