Bloodstained: RotN 100% Achievement Guide

Like the castle itself, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night's achievements have secrets. Our 100% achievement guide is here to help! We list every achievement and how to earn them so you can be sure you've done everything the game has to offer (for now).

Bloodstained: RotN 100% Achievement Guide


There’s no shortage of things to do within the hellspawn castle of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. The 45 achievements it has covers nearly everything the game has to offer. While some are obvious, like killing bosses or collecting things, others might not be so clear. So for whatever gaps you have in your list, our Bloodstained: RotN 100% achievement guide is here to help!

There are a few things within the game that do not count toward any achievement. The gold medals you receive for killing a boss without being hit yourself do not count toward achievements. There’s no achievement for them specifically, nor do they count toward your item collection achievement. You do not need to open every single chest, but many of them do contain unique items which will count toward your item collection. Technically, there’s no achievement for doing every quest. However, all the quest chains end with a reward that’s a unique item, so you’ll have to do them all eventually if you want 100% achievements.

A spoiler warning for the boss achievements, of course. They’ll be kept as vague as possible, as there are a couple that you can miss and it’d be a shame to have to do another run just to get them. The achievements have been broken up into four categories. And, just for fun, they’ll include the percentage of Steam players who have collected that achievement, at the time of publishing.

We’ve also published a 100% Map & Secret Rooms guide and a 100% Weapon collection guide if you need guidance in those areas.



The following achievements are those that you will most likely earn without even trying. There are a couple you might overlook, just from not needing to revisit the feature. However, by and large, these are the ones that you’ll have to work hard not to get.

  • Shardbinder: “Absorb your first shard.” (94.3%) You’ll get this one minutes into the game. Unless you turn off your game before it happens, you can’t miss it.
  • Might’ve Known: “Discovered a hidden breakable wall.” (83%) Throughout the game are walls, floors, and ceilings that can be broken open to discover a secret room on the other side. When you hit one, it’ll cause a distinct crumbling sound, and with two more hits it will break. The familiar Carabosse can also point these out for you. The shard Detective’s Eye, found on Seekers, will highlight breakable surfaces when you’re close enough.
  • A New You: “Change your hairstyle.” (63.8%) Directly across from the Dian Cecht Cathedral warp portrait is a room with Todd, the killer barber (get it?). For the low, low cost of $Free.99, Todd will change your hair style and color, as well as the colors of your dress, skin, and eyes. New styles can be found in books acquired through exploration.
  • Marathon: “Travel 42.195 kilometers.” (63.7%) Just keep moving. You’ll get this one before you reach the end, good or bad.
  • Moonwalker: “Backstep, backstep, backstep. A lot.” (61.8%) The exact number of back dashes you need to do are unconfirmed, but some say around 100. Assuming you’re using your backstep to evade danger a lot, or just to quickly move through levels, you’ll get this one quickly.
A map showing where Todd the Killer Barber resides for an achievement

Bloodstained: RotN 100% Achievement Guide – Todd is a short hop away from the warp.

  • Growing Pains: “Reach level 50.” (28.7%) Just as the achievement says, reach level 50. This is where the percentage takes a dramatic dip. You’ll likely not hit level 50 by the game’s end, without some grinding on the side, but you’ll probably come close.
  • Bookworm: “Borrow 10 books.” (26.3%) A simple one, but one that the majority of (Steam) players overlook. You simply want to check out 10 different books from O.D., found in Livre ex Machina. He’ll also get new books as you progress through the game, as well as increase your borrow limit.
  • Down Pat: “Master a weapon technique.” (26.3%) Obviously, most people don’t bother much with techniques. They add a fun element to the game, but they’re not required to beat the campaign. To master a technique, you’ll need to use that specific technique many times on demons. You can’t just hang out in Arvantville and show Johannes your sweet moves. 
  • Kickstopper: “Jump kick 10 times without touching the ground.” (23.2%) To pull off a jump kick, you’ll first need the Double Jump shard. After your second jump, hold Down and press the jump button again. Miriam will drop kick onto an enemy’s head. This can be repeated over and over so long as the demon stays alive, or you jump over to another demon (but don’t touch the ground). The best targets for this achievement are big enemies, like the dog heads or dragons. Boss also work, but it’s more dangerous. You’ll want to use weaker shoes, like Kung Fu Boots, so you don’t accidentally kill the enemy before you hit 10 kicks.
  • Scrap Heaper: “Break down items into materials 10 times.” (18.2%) Only 18%? People must love their stuff. To earn this, talk to Johannes and select Dismantle. You’ll need Alkahest, which can be found on any ghost enemy or in the shop. How much of it you’ll need per item will vary.


The big bads of your adventure. Most of these achievements are obtained simply by killing their associated boss. However two of them can be missed if you do something in the wrong order. The achievements in question are Just a Flicker and Usurper. They will be elaborated on shortly. By the way, this is where spoilers will really kick in, but again vagueness will be a goal.

  • Storm Abolisher: “Eradicate the cause of the maelstrom.” (86%) Defeat Velar on the Galleon Minerva.
  • Samurai Showdown: “Drive back the Samurai.” (74.2%) Defeat Zangetsu in the Garden of Silence. After doing so, be sure to mark that room you fight him in on the map. For the future.
  • Show of Hands“Eradicate the wrathful work of art.” (70.2%) Defeat Craftwork in the Entrance zone (not literally the entrance to the castle, that’s just the name of the area).
  • Wing Clipper: “Eradicate the iron marquess.” (65.7%) Defeat Andrealphus in the Live ex Machina.
  • Snake Charmer: “Eradicate the twin-headed dragon.” (62.8%) Defeat Valac at the Towers of Twin Dragons.
  • Loco Motive: “Eradicate the runaway train.” (60%) Defeat the Glutton Train on the Bridge of Pain.
Image of the first Abyssal Guardian boss fight in Livre ex Machina

Bloodstained: RotN 100% Achievement Guide – He looks tough, but he’s a pushover.

  • Speed Demon: “Eradicate the hypersonic hellraiser.” (59.5%) Defeat Bathin in the Underground Sorcery Lab.
  • Dragonslayer: “Eradicate the netherdrake.” (56.4%) Defeat the Abyssal Drake in the Livre ex Machina. Although this is a previous area, you’ll be back with the Reflector Ray.
  • Tourniquet: “Eradicate the bloodthirsty maiden.” (55.3%) Defeat Bloodless in the Dian Cecht Cathedral. 
  • Just a Flicker: “Fulfill your promise to a friend.” (54%) Defeat the boss in the Hall of Termination without the “special item.” You’ll be able to encounter this boss long before you fully explore the castle, so don’t shy away from the fight. Defeating this boss, without a specific item you’ll be given later, will give you the achievement and your first bad ending (don’t worry, you can reload the save).
  • Hermetically Sealed: “Subdue the alchemist.” (49.8%) Defeat the boss in the Hidden Desert.
  • Transcendence: “Triumph over yourself.” (48%) Defeat the Doppleganger in the Secret Sorcery Lab.
A cutscene shot of the vampire Bloodless, boss of Dian Cecht Cathedral for the Tourniquet achievement

Bloodstained: RotN 100% Achievement Guide – Have you seen the castle, lady? It’s stained with it!

  • Rodeo Star: “Eradicate the skeletal warhorse.” (46.4%) Defeat Orobas in the Inferno Cave.
  • His Blade: “Inherit the blade that demons fear.” (42.5%) Defeat the boss found in the Oriental Sorcery Lab. You’ll need this for the true ending.
  • All Bets Are Off: “Eradicate the duke of high rollers.” (38.8%) Defeat Valefar in the Den of Behemoths. Note: Having lots of money, like 100k+, will make this fight much harder.
  • Moon Scraper: “Eradicate the ???” (36.4%) Defeat the first boss in the Glacial Tomb.
  • Dethroned: “Eradicate the ???” (32.7%) Defeat the second boss in the Glacial Tomb.
  • Usurper: “Observe the rise of the castle’s new master.” (29.5%) Very easy to miss, more so than Just a Flicker. To earn this, after getting the “special item” from the Oriental Sorcery Lab boss fight, go back to the Hall of Termination and fight its boss again. Do NOT use that special item, just defeat the boss normally. Doing so will net you the second bad ending.


Here is where most of your achievement hunting efforts will be spent. Some of these you’ll achieve just through playing the game normally. Others will require you to go out of your way to get 100% in a category. Either way, these are the achievements that ask you to do X amount of something, and can be tracked through your Personal Data tab in the Archives.

  • Able Alchemist: “Transmute items 10 times.” (72.6%) Although it’s not called transmuting in Johannes’ menu, it’s referring to crafting items. Does not count prepared meals.
  • Demon Hunter: “Slay 1,000 demons.” (61.3%) You will undoubtedly have this one before the game’s end.
  • Treasure Hunter: “Open 100 chests.” (61.2%) Like Demon Hunter, this will just happen on its own, unless you quit before it does.
  • Make a Wish: “Break 1,000 candleholders.” (52.3%) Anything that emits a purple flame is a candleholder that can be broken and works toward this achievement.
  • True Haggler: “Earn at least 100,000 G in total item sales.” (37.3%) There’s some confusion in the community on this one. It’s unclear if it means you spend 100,000 G through item sales, or you earn 100,000 G by selling your items. If you’re working on completing the item list, you’ll likely be able to gain this one either way.
  • Arvantville’s Angel: “Complete 30 quests.” (36%) This is referring to the missions that Abigail, Lindsay, and Susie give you throughout the game. As you can see below, there are 58 quests you can complete, so you can get this achievement without doing all of them. However, each of the women will give you a unique item for completing their respective chains. So if you want 100% item completion, you’ll do them all.
A list of the personal data of someone with 100% achievement completion

Bloodstained: RotN 100% Achievement Guide – My personal data shortly after completing every achievement.

  • Care to Devour: “Consume 20 different recipes.” (32.3%) This is earned through eating prepared food, either made yourself or found in the world. Food also gives permanent buffs, so it’s good to eat at least one of every dish. Susie will have you making a lot of dishes, and once you make one, you can find it for sale through Dominique. It’s recommend, then, if you can’t make two copies of the dish, to eat the one you made and buy the exact dish from Dominique to give to Susie. Or vice versa.
  • Demonologist: “Complete the demon list.” (17.3%) As you can see by the percentage, this is where things get intense. By the game’s end, you’ll have filled out the majority of the archive, but there may be some gaps. For one, demon #44 is one that’s often overlooked. You can learn how to encounter him in our Bloodstained: RotN FAQ. Some others that are often missed are the demons found in the 8-bit zone, the unique mini-bosses behind the locked doors, and the secret boss. All of these not only count toward this achievement, but also the Shardmaster one. So you may need to fight them several times (excluding the secret boss).
  • Cartographer: “Complete the map.” (15.6%) Looks like it’s easier to find demons than rooms. Most likely what you’ll be missing are secret rooms. If you need a complete 100% map, we have you covered with our 100% map guide.
  • Gilded Youth: “Amass a fortune of 500,000 G.” (13.7%) This one can be tricky as it’s not looking for you to have held 500k over the course of the game. Instead, it wants you to be holding 500k at one time. 500k is a lot of dosh, so it’s recommended to find some gold farming strategies to help you out. The shards Augment LCK and Augment Gold are highly recommended.
  • Shardmaster: “Absorbed every single shard.” (12.8%) As it says, you’ll have to earn every shard in the game. Most are from demons, though not all demons drop one (the exclusions being a few bosses and Muerte). Some you craft through Johannes. The white versions of yellow shards, that you get for getting a yellow shard to rank 9, are not required for this achievement.
  • Item Collector: “Complete the item list.” (6.3%) There’s a reason this has the second lowest completion percentage. Everything that is not a shard must be found or crafted. This includes: supplies, ingredients, materials, weapons, all armor types, and accessories. Key items, ammo, and books (from O.D.) may not be required to get this achievement, it’s unclear. However, if you get 100% in all the aforementioned categories, and you don’t get this achievement, then fill out key items, ammo, and books. They’re at least pretty simple to get.
  • Overlord: “Unlock every other achievement.” (4.4%) The last one you’ll get. Congrats!


Finally, we have the handful of achievements that just don’t really fit in other categories. These are oddities, requiring you to go out of your way to do something odd or unintuitive. 

  • Recital: “Listen to the faerie’s song.” (26%) This will require you to have the Carabosse familiar. With her shard equipped, head to the Garden of Silence and find the room that has a piano out in the garden. Sit down at the piano and wait.
  • Deja Vu: “Bounce a certain chair repeatedly.” (23.1%) A callback to Symphony of the Night. In the room underneath O.D.’s “office,” in the Livre ex Machina, there is a gap in the ceiling. With the Invert shard (gained from the Orobas boss), flip the gravity and start jump kicking O.D.’s chair. When you invert back, you’ll even have an item to loot. This item is unique, so it’s needed for the Item Collector achievement.
Miriam and Carabosse sit down at piano for the recital achievement.

Bloodstained: RotN 100% Achievement Guide – A lovely respite between demon slaying.

  • Army of the Night: “Thank you, everyone, for your endless kindness and support.” (18.8%) Sit through the entire credits. You can fast forward through the credits using the B or Y buttons, but you can’t skip out of them entirely. A few people have reported some difficulty getting this one. Personally, I started using the B fast forward once it hit the Kickstarter backers credits. So perhaps you need to wait till then before you speed things up.
  • Bloodstained: “Take in a large quantity of blood.” (15.3%) One most will overlook because they assume it wouldn’t be tracked. After getting the Blood Steal shard from Bloodless, you’ll be able to use that shard to suck up any blood spilled in a room. Blood is spilled when you or an enemy is hit by a melee attack (not a spell). You’ll need to take in 1,000 liters of blood to earn this one.


Hopefully this guide was of some aid to you on your blood-soaked quest. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below and they’ll be responded to ASAP. Thanks for reading!


  1. >The gold medals you receive for killing a boss without being hit yourself do not count toward achievements
    I wish I had read this article 6 bosses sooner

  2. I have all achievements except for overlord..i dont understand how thats missing if thats for getting all other achievements

    • It’s a bug I’ve seen mentioned a few times, but sadly one that’s hard to pin down the cause for. There are a couple of solutions that have been found to often, but not always, fix the problem. One is to master a weapon technique. Any might do, but Jinrai specifically came up a lot. The other option is to start a NG+ game. It won’t overwrite your current save file, just make sure you save in a new slot. In NG+, go and beat the first boss. With your late game gear and stats, she should be no problem. MIght have to be on Hard and/or defeat her without taking damage yourself, but again it’s hard to pin down the exact solution.

      Failing all those, you’re only option is to contact support. Hopefully it’s a simple fix since they would be able to clearly see you have 44/45 achievements.


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