Bloodstained: RotN 100% Map & Secret Rooms Guide

If you're stuck with a 99% map or curious about the size of Bloodstained: RotN, our 100% map guide has you covered. We mark all the secret rooms for easy discovery. Find all that the castle has to offer you and reach that splendid 100%!

Bloodstained: RotN 100% Map & Secret Rooms Guide


As is true with nearly every Metroidvania game, including classics like Symphony of the Night and modern masterpieces like Hollow Knight, 100% map completion can be an arduous task. Though it seems entirely within one’s grasp at first, soon you’ll facing down 99% and have no idea what’s left to find. Hopefully, this map will shine a light into the darkness and lead you out the other side. In addition to being a complete 100% map, all secret rooms have been marked with a blue icon. It’s frustrating having to look at a 100% map and compare it to your own, struggling to find that one room you don’t have. Since secret rooms are almost always the ones people miss, I thought it best to mark those. 

The map is broken up into three sections: the Galleon, the Main Castle, and the Side Area (couldn’t think of a better name for it). 

If you need help with weapons, check out our 100% Weapon Guide. For other helpful tidbits, head on over to our Bloodstained FAQ. Lastly, we’ve recently released a new 100% Achievements Guide. Vote below on what 100% guide you want to see from us next!


The Galleon

The ship that welcomes you to Bloodstained.

Bloodstained: RotN 100% Map & Secret Rooms Guide – Galleon Map

The first area you’ll see when starting Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Bloodstained: RotN). Though there’s only one secret room, you won’t actually be able to clear out all rooms during your first visit to the ship. Several areas require stronger jumping abilities to reach, so be sure to return here once you feel more vertical.

Main Castle

It's said to be bigger than Symphony of the Night's castle

Bloodstained: RotN 100% Map & Secrets Guide – Main Castle Map

As you can tell, this is where you’ll be spending most of the game. A few of the secret rooms aren’t broken into by breaking the wall, but instead the ceiling or floor. If you find yourself unable to break a wall into a room, try breaking in from above or below.

Side Area

A primarily endgame area.

Bloodstained: RotN 100% Map & Secret Rooms Guide – Side Area Map

This map includes the Evil Tunnel, Underground Sorcery Lab, Hall of Behemoths, and Glacial Tomb. The bulk of this area is endgame content, and requires you be on the path for the true ending to even reach. They also don’t contain any secret rooms.


Chances are you’ll be completing 85-95% of the map on your own just through basic exploration. However, hopefully this guide has filled in the rest. If you’re more interested in finding the secrets on your own, I would recommend using the Carabosse familiar (dropped by the pink fairy enemies) and the Detective’s Eye shard (dropped by Seekers). Carabosse, at level 10 and above, will float over to secret walls and point them out to you. This includes both walls that lead into secret rooms as well as walls that contain power ups. Detective’s Eye highlights breakable walls when the player is close enough.

Carabosse and Detective's Eye help you find secrets.

Bloodstained: RotN 100% Map & Secrets Guide – Helpful Shards

And remember, some secret rooms aren’t accessed by walls. A few rooms you have to destroy the floor or ceiling to enter. Just keep slashing away! If you feel I’ve missed any rooms, please let me know and I’ll update the maps accordingly.

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