Bleeding Edge: Daemon Character Guide

Daemon is the leader of Bleeding Edge's titular gang. This guide will teach you how to use Daemon's unique skill set to its fullest and secure victory for your team. His quick fighting style and ability set make him a worthy foe, so all the better to master him!

Daemon from Bleeding Edge

Daemon is one of the characters any Bleeding Edge player will encounter in most matches they play. He is a recommended Damage character for beginner players, and is thus the first choice for many new to the game. Even after you’ve gotten the hang of things, though, Daemon can prove an incredibly strong and versatile character. His unique blend of skills makes him an asset to any team combination as a key damage dealer. This guide will show you how to make the best use of his abilities based on your playstyle, and help you secure victory in the arena.

Bleeding Edge is available on the Microsoft Store for $29.99. For our thoughts on the game, read our Bleeding Edge review.


Daemon is a strong melee character, but he has relatively low health. As a result, his strength lies in getting in and out of battles quickly, dealing heavy damage before falling back. As a general rule, he can hold his own 1v1 against Support types, as well as fellow Damage characters. In conflicts with numerous opponents or with Tanks, however, you’re likely to need assistance. Daemon’s main ability is a 4-hit melee combo, dealing heavy damage. His other abilities are where his versatility truly begins to shine.

Daemon has 2 mods which are suitable to any playstyle, and are up to the player’s discretion. These are the usual health and damage mods which each Bleeding Edge character has. While they are useful abilities, they do consume a valuable mod slot which can be used to create a focused character build; something to be kept in mind while making the choice to use them or not.

Bleeding Edge's Daemon

Bleeding Edge’s Daemon


Daemon’s Shift ability allows him to rocket forward and, should the player choose, slash in a circle, dealing AoE damage to enemies around him. While the damage is certainly helpful, it is minimal when compared to Daemon’s primary attack. The ability’s primary utility, alongside Daemon’s other abilities, is to allow him to move quickly between two points.

Should you wish to spec Daemon’s Shift ability to output the maximum damage possible, there are two mods for you. Wylin’ Out will increase the ability’s damage by 15%. Combining this with Braced to generate a health shield on hits makes this ability a viable source of damage output. 

Alternatively, Shift can be modified to facilitate as much mobility as possible. This can be done with the Aero D mod, increasing the ability’s range by 50%. This is my personal selection for the character. Given the power of his default attack, crossing gaps at high speeds is more efficient than dealing more damage with the ability itself.

Daemon's Shift ability in action.

Daemon’s Shift ability in action.

Stealth and Sleep

Daemon’s Stealth and Sleep abilities come hand in hand. With a tap of the Y button, the character goes invisible, disappearing both from enemy sight lines and radars. With another tap, Daemon will stun a targeted foe, putting them to sleep. This move is one of Daemon’s most versatile, and therefore most effective. Its two main uses are, like Shift, either combative or tactical.

Should you wish to use these abilities aggressively, there are two main mods you should focus on. The first, After Effects, silences sleeping enemies for 2 seconds after they awaken, preventing them from using their abilities against you. The second, Trickin’, increases your first attack from stealth by 30% – a massive increase which allows a player to dispatch his opponents far quicker than usual.

Daemon in stealth mode.

Daemon in stealth mode.

There are three mods available to spec the ability tactically. The first, Slickin’, increases Daemon’s movement speed in stealth by 20%. This works incredibly well with the more generic Full Tilt mod, increasing Daemon’s default speed by 10%. With both mods, you can cloak and easily move from one capture or bank point to the next without anyone being any the wiser. Alternatively, Ghostin’ removed the already generous time limit of 18 seconds in stealth entirely, allowing you to remain invisible until you attack or sleep an enemy.

Personally, I opt for a mixture of both paths, combining Trickin’ with Slickin’ when possible. This allows me to easily flank enemies while also giving me a strong opening attack for moments when I am caught off guard by the enemy. Stealth and Sleep are the abilities I find most useful when playing Daemon in Bleeding Edge. 

Daemon using his spray paint to sleep an enemy.

Daemon using his spray paint to sleep an enemy.


Daemon’s Shuriken is his primary ranged ability. His thrown weapon slows enemies, while simultaneously draining their health. Like Shift, this ability does have damage capability, but excels in its tactical ability. There are only 2 mods which can alter the Shuriken ability. Crippler slows enemies hit by the ability for an additional 2 seconds. The other, Bleeder, extends the bleeding effect for the same time period. 

In terms of personal preference, I believe neither mod to be a good use of valuable mod space. While the Shuriken ability is useful, Daemon features fall more effective abilities in his roster. Leaving the ability unmodified, it can still be used to slow enemies and pick off those with already low health, allowing a player to spec into more effective builds with the mod space saved.

Daemon throwing a shuriken.

Daemon throwing a shuriken.

Ultimate Abilities

Like all his fellow Bleeding Edge characters, Daemon has two ultimate abilities to choose from at the beginning of a match. These can be extremely effective in turning the tide of a battle. The Ultimate you choose will have a heavy impact on the way in which you approach encounters.

Death Mark

Daemon’s Death Mark ability does exactly what it says on the tin: marks an enemy for death. He deals increased damage to said target. If the target is killed while the effect is still active, Daemon is able to cast the ability again without waiting for it to recharge. Death Mark is very useful when picking off individual enemies, but must be used tactically; use it against a single target while multiple units surround you and it may have trouble following through.

The Victimize mod can be used to maximize this ability’s output. It reduces the healing any marked target can receive by 50%. This is incredibly useful, especially when attempting to defeat an opponent being healed by Zero Cool. That particular support character is often capable of healing teammates faster than opponents can damage them. Reducing healing, then makes enemies linked with Zero Cool valid targets without first having to target the latter.

An enemy Marked for Death.

An enemy Marked for Death.

Shadow Strike

Daemon’s Shadow Strike ability creates a circular zone beneath his position. This makes him invulnerable, and damages any foe who enters the zone. This ability is less tactically inclined, and therefore more versatile. Additionally, Bleeding Edge exclusively features objective-based game modes as of this writing. Since the Shadow Strike zone fits perfectly over control points, the ability is optimal for zone defense. 

The best mod for this ability is Halting. It increases the slow effect by 20% to enemies within the ability’s radius, making it harder for them to escape. The longer an enemy is in the zone, the better the chance that you’ll be able to defeat them. Shadow Strike, alongside this mod, are my personal choices for gameplay. The objective-based nature of Bleeding Edge makes this ability incredibly valuable, further boosting Daemon’s utility on a team.

Daemon's Shadow Strike in action.

Daemon’s Shadow Strike in action.


Bleeding Edge has a great character roster. While playing, you’ll begin to notice that some characters function better together than others. Here are some characters whose abilities blend well with Daemon’s, and can help bring out the best of your playstyle.

Zero Cool

Zero Cool is one of Bleeding Edge‘s most efficient Support characters, and he pairs wonderfully with Daemon. He compensates for Daemon’s low base health, allowing him to continue fighting even when up against multiple foes. If Zero Cool is not on your team, Kulev, with his AoE healing and buff abilities, is an adequate substitute.


Buttercup can make use of AoE damage and slowdown abilities, which can help increase Daemon’s durability when up against multiple opponents. Combining this with Shadow Strike can lead to an impressive outcome.


Nighögger and Maeve both have immobilization abilities. As Daemon’s primary 4-hit combo is a massive damage dealer, any enemy who is forced to stay in one place is sure to fall before you. Teaming up with these two characters can ensure that.

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