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Biomutant – Trophies & Achievements List

This essential achievements list will help you return balance to a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a mysterious plague. Combine martial arts, melee combat and weaponry to defeat your enemies. Choose your path in this unique RPG that offers a vibrant open world and a narrative of survival to untangle where the fate of the world lies in your hands.

Biomutant - Trophies & Achievements ListEmbracing classic Kung-Fu movies and modern open-world design, Biomutant drops you into a world teetering on the abyss as a plague ravages the land where the tree of life lies at the centre. To help you achieve 100% completion, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Biomutant achievements. This list includes everything you need to know about the game’s 47 achievements and how to unlock them.

Possible story spoilers ahead; read at your discretion.

Biomutant Trophies & Achievements 

Trophy/Achievement Title Unlock Requirement 
Biomutant  Unlock every trophy/achievement in the game
Old World Gadgets  Discover all 15 Old World Gadgets 
Paragon  Defeat all four World Eaters 
Social  Discover all 16 side characters 
Kneel Discover all 30 Alters 
Pew Pew! Unlock all gun proficiently skills
Hack n’ Slash  Unlock all melee weapon proficiency skills
The Dragon  Defeat or subdue all five rival Tribe Leaders
Conscious  Complete all 20 Conscience Dialogues 
Trek  Discover all 6 Tribe Forts 
The Adventure Begins  Escape Bunker 101
Twinkle Twinkle  Discover a Twinkle Crashsite 
Under the Table  Win a Drinking Competition against Gulp
Wung-fu Master  Defeat 50 enemies using Super Wushu
Thugs  Defeat 25 Bandits 
Tar-up Drown 5 enemies in oil during combat 
Specialised  Reach level 25 with any Character Class
DNA Overload  Re-code your DNA at a Cooling Tower Biopool 
Max Gains Upgrade any 2 attributes to 100
Electrified  defeat 20 enemies using the Ki-Spark ability 
Stick it to Them  Stick 25 enemies to the Mucus Bubble 
Sproing! Bounce 50 times on a Fungus
Nautica  Ride the Googlide across all water resistance levels 
Heavy Metal  Survive 5 minutes in the Mekton while in the Deadzone
Rodeo  Ride a Gnaut 500 meters 
Toytinkerer Unlock all Automation Upgrades 
In the Green Possess more than 1000 Greenleaf
Elementary  Obtain 10 of each Crafting Resource 
Zoo-do Capture 20 Sqvips
Quack  Capture 20 Gumducks
Bugologist Capture 20 Glittermoths 
Flap-flap Capture 20 Pippis
Angler  Capture 20 Guppos
Bagman  Buy an item from Honki
Adventurer  Discover all 7 Environment Biomes 
Eye on the Road  Discover and enter 3 Manholes 
That’s Mine! Detonate 3 Bangballs on the Porky Puff
Snack-time  Feed the Jumbo Puff World Eater 6 Sqvips
Mariner  Feed the Murk Puff 10 Guppos
Gumshow  Pull all teeth from the Hoof Puff 
Conquest  Take over 6 Tribe Outposts 
Show-off Defeat Enemies using 3 Different Tribe Weapons
Starstruck  Craft a 7 star weapon 
Hammertime  Find and equip 5 different Mekton upgrades
Riding the Wave  Find and equip 5 different Mekton upgrades 
Knockout!  Deal more than 1000 damage in a single hit
End of the Rainbow  Find out what’s at the end of a Rainbow

Good luck, Completionists!

There you go! We hope this Biomutant achievements list helps you get the most out of this Kung-Fu fable. The game seems to have a good verity of achievements with plenty to collect, catch, and upgrade. As for length, its suggested that it will take roughly 25 – 30 hours to gain 100% completion, making it far more obtainable than the advantage RPG.

Biomutant - Official Release Trailer

Biomutant is available on PS4/5, Xbox One/SX and PC.