Assassins Creed Odyssey: 10 Tips Beginners Should Know

Just picked up Assassin's Creed: Odyssey but don't know where to begin? Odyssey is the biggest Assassin's Creed to date so we don't blame you. Throughout our journey in Odyssey, we picked up a few tricks of the trade. Here are some tips for you assassins looking to make the most out of your experience in Ancient Greece!

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

If You Like Your Gear, Keep it!

Any piece of gear you earn throughout Odyssey can be upgraded as you progress through character levels. No need to wear those hideous boots that dropped because they are higher in level than your current (elegant) sandals. So that chest piece you fell in love with early but quickly outgrew can remain an effective piece of gear in your arsenal for many battles to come. Keep in mind that rarity does dictate how many traits can be slotted on any gear piece. The rarer the item the more versatile it will be.

Use Your First Point on Revelation

Remember that super useful skill in Assassin’s Creed: Origin’s where Bayek could scan the immediate area to uncover treasure? Well, it’s made its return in Odyssey but with one caveat: It’s now a skill your assassin has to spend an ability point on. Believe me, when I say, you’ll want to do this as early as possible. Loot is abundant in Greece but not always apparent. This is especially true when hunting for upgrade resources such as iron ore or wood. The best part of Revelation is that you’ll be able to upgrade it several times over the course of the game making it crucial for exploration.

The Spear of Leonidas Will be Key to Your Journey.

Purchase the Second Wind skill asap

Another key skill you’ll want early on is the Second Wind ability located in the Warrior Branch. It provides an instant 25% recovery to your health during the heat of combat at the cost of one adrenaline. In Odyssey your health does not recover in battle and assassins will find themselves in bad situations once surrounded. Second Wind allows you to stay in the fight and take a more aggressive approach. Get this skill early and keep it upgraded as better versions are unlocked.

Upgrade Your Hull Asap

Odyssey has a unique feature allowing you to recruit Lieutenants to your ship to bolster your stats in naval combat. There are four slots available to assign a Lieutenant but only one will be unlocked right off the bat. Upgrading your ships hull will allow you to unlock more slots to assign more Lieutenants at once. Because of the massive stat boost they provide, I highly recommend upgrading your hull fast and early, as naval combat will be a key component throughout Odyssey.

Mark Potential Lieutenants Before Clearing

What good are those open slots if you fill them with incapable leaders? Finding Lieutenants with best stats suitable for your ship will be a chief goal that assassins will want to prioritize early on. In order to find the best available, the easiest way will be to raid outposts. Military encampments will typically have some of the best leaders so it’s best to begin your search there. In order to assess who is worth taking you’ll want to hover over each enemy with your trusty companion Ikaros, revealing their stats. The better the rarity of the soldier the better their stats will be. Just be sure not to accidentally kill them when clearing those camps!

You Can Customize Individual Pieces of Gear in Odyssey.

Keep Multiple Gear Sets

In Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey you’ll find yourself tasked with a variety of assignments. Your gear will be key components in accomplishing these tasks efficiently. You seldom ever have to rely on just one set throughout the entirety of the game, you can equip whichever items best suits your current situation. Want to be stealthy and clear a camp as an assassin? Keep gear that boosts your assassin tree. Need to complete a conquest with an all-out battle of 150 vs. 150? Throw on your Warrior set. Do you want to hone your inner Artemis and become a God of the hunt? Use gear that boosts your Hunter skill-line. Don’t trash that old gear just yet!

loot War Supplies Before Burning Them

I’ve personally made this mistake several times and have been kicking myself over it. You’ll find War Supplies on posts located throughout Greece. These typically have an abundance of upgrade materials and gold inside them. Because you’ll want to burn them to weaken the regional occupants you could wind up destroying these supplies before collecting that sweet loot. Before you decide to torch the war trinkets of your foe be sure to hit that loot button beforehand.

Use Photo Mode as binoculars

The fantastic Photo Mode makes a comeback here in Odyssey allowing players to capture their best moments and share it with the community. While capturing your epic moments is great did you know you could move your camera around freely and zoom in on distance environments? Sure, you can’t landscape an entire region this way but I’ve made use of this in my benefit to identify “Haystacks” for leaping and generals to target in combat. To activate Photo Mode you’ll want to click in both your left and right stick simultaneously.

You can Loot on Horseback

Your trusty steed can help you get from point A to point B in quick time. What’s even better, however, is that you can actually collect loot on horseback without even having to stop. This is especially helpful when searching for upgrade materials on your way to the objective. Just tap Triangle/Y when in the proximity of a loot drop.

Conquest Battles Provide Some of the Best Loot in the Game.

Don’t Favor Either Faction

This tip is frankly a strong personal recommendation, rather than strictly a tip. Neither faction will be particularly fond of you, and as a mercenary, you don’t necessarily have to care for either Athens or Sparta. In fact, it’s more lucrative to align with the highest bidder, whether that is in Drachma or loot. I recommend checking the daily bounty to gauge the more lucrative options. You are shooting to be the top mercenary in Greece, and you’ll need as much coin as possible to accomplish this!

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