All Chivalry 2 Trophy References to Popular Films and TV

The trophy and achievements list for Chivalry 2 is full of references to various films, TV shows and more. This is a breakdown of each and how they relate to the game. If you're a fan of stuff like Game of Thrones or Monty Python, you'll have a good time checking them out.

All Chivalry 2 Trophy References to Popular Films and TV

The developers at Torn Banner Studios are clearly big fans of other medieval and fantasy texts, and they wear their inspirations on their sleeve. They’ve had some fun when naming the trophies for Chivalry 2 with references to famous film lines, TV quotes and more. With everything from Monty Python to 300, here are all the trophies that pay homage to the greats that came before.

What Do We Say To the God of Death?

Not today. For bandaging yourself three times in one life you will earn this trophy. This is of course a reference to Game of Thrones. This is first spoken by Arya’s water dance instructor, Syrio Forel, back in season one. Syrio teaches Arya how to use a sword, a skill that proves invaluable throughout all eight seasons up to the climactic fight against the Whitewalkers at the Battle of Winterfell. Here the line is said once more, by the red priestess Melisandre to encourage Arya to fulfil her destiny in killing the Night King.

Chivalry 2 - Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4

The influence of this trophy quote is clear in Chivalry 2. Your own swordplay skill is a huge factor for success in the game. So perhaps the devs are encouraging you to take Syrio’s teaching to heart; although I’m not sure how well it translates from a TV show. Another meaning that you could take from the quote is the idea of determination in the face of death and the refusal to give in. This works perfectly in the context of the Chivalry 2 trophy, say “not today” by healing whenever you take damage and run back and forth to the nearest re-supply box. You’re not a coward, you’re Arya Stark.

I got Better!

Even at a glance, you can see the Monty Python influences on Chivalry 2, with everything from the aesthetic to the nature of the emotes and voice lines. So predictably some quotes have made it into the trophy list. First up we have this one which is awarded for being revived after going down. The quote seemingly comes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail in the scene where a man claims to have been turned into a newt by a witch only to state “I got better” after the looks of confusion. This line has become one of the many quotable lines from this film due to the silly absurdity of a very much human person claiming to have been a former amphibian.

At times, you too will be able to overcome grievous bodily harm all thanks to getting better. Although it’s not as easy as being turned into a newt as you must rely on your team’s help. It is kind of surprising that you can take a sledgehammer to the face but still get back up just because a teammate holds their hand out. Must be the power of love.

The Things I Do For Love

Game of Thrones is back again with another iconic quote from its very first episode. I’m sure if you’ve seen the series, or probably even if you haven’t, you’ll know where this one comes from. In the closing moments of the pilot, young Bran Stark accidentally discovers the incestuous relationship between Jaime and Cersei Lannister. So Jaime, being the scumbag that he was in the early seasons, pushes Bran out the window to keep his love a secret after saying the line in question.

Similarly, in the game, you must make an enemy fall to their death. Luckily for you, your opponent will no longer be a problem as they plummet off the castle walls, into a spike-filled moat while screaming in terror; if only Jaime was as skilled as you. Moments like this seem to present themselves all the time while playing Chivalry 2 and soon enough you’ll find yourself role-playing as the Kingslayer – minus all the incest and betrayal, but you can still lose your hand.

Fortunately, the exact same thing doesn't happen in-game.

Fortunately, the exact same thing doesn’t happen in-game.

Brave Brave Sir Robin

“He was not at all afraid, to be killed in nasty ways”. To get fifty kills in one match, you too must be as brave as King Arthur’s knight, Sir Robin, from Monty Python and the Holy Grail  – or at least according to the song. The minstrels claim that he is willing to risk his head being smashed in, his limbs all hacked and mangled and various other gruesome ways to die.

This is rather fitting for what will happen to you while trying to capture objectives while on the battlefields. To get fifty kills you’ll need to be on the frontlines of every fight and be on the top of your game, but you can just as easily end up as a bloody corpse in the blink of an eye. So maybe you should just beat a very brave retreat; it’s just a trophy after all. 

The tale of Sir Robin with subtitles (Brave Sir Robin)

Battle of the Bastards

This one fits the trophy description very well. It refers to the huge battle at the end of season six of Game of Thrones, where Jon Snow attempts to retake Winterfell from Ramsey Bolton. But for Chivalry 2 you need to kill an enemy who is using a bastard sword while also wielding one yourself. The battle is often considered one of the best in the series, and in all of TV for that matter, for its incredible choreography, writing, cinematography and special effects.

Although the game is strictly medieval focused and not fantasy, the influence of Game of Thrones is clear to see. Especially with the authentic and gritty take on sword-fighting and visceral violence. Many of the key action moments could potentially be recreated in Chivalry 2, especially the more grounded fights because alas, there are no dragons fighting for the Agatha Knights or the Mason Order. Then considering bastard swords can be used the temptation for creating this trophy must have been too much to pass up.

Chivalry 2 does feel as epic as this at times.

Chivalry 2 does feel as epic as this at times.

Fight In The Shade

As we move away now from medieval parody and fantasy television, this trophy refers to Zack Snyder’s spartan epic 300. The line comes as Michael Fassbender’s character is taunted by one of Xerxes’ envoys. He states how their “arrows will blot out the sun” to which he confidently replies: “Then we will fight in the shade”. It’s one of the best lines of the film as it highlights the courage of the Spartans and their lack of fear against insurmountable odds. It’s a threat that becomes a reality not long after when indeed the number of arrows fired by the Persian army darkens the sky.

Talking of insurmountable odds, anyone who has played the game will know that archers can be the most rage-inducing adversaries. They are constantly buzzing around like an annoying fly at a summer barbeque, slowly whittling your health down while hiding behind their other braver teammates. Regardless, they have a purpose, a purpose which you must serve to get this trophy. To do so, you must fire 1,000 arrows. Now would this be enough to blot out the sun? I’d say probably not, at least not compared to the film, but it will feel like it for your enemies.

300 - Fight In The Shade

This Is Fine

This one is a little bit different. Instead of relating the game to a similar film or TV show, Torn Banner decided to use a meme for this one. I think anyone who has spent time scrolling through Facebook and Reddit will recognise it. The image typically features a dog wearing a hat, sitting at a table smiling while the room is engulfed in flames around him and the speech bubble reads, “This is fine.” Clearly, a very relatable figure. We’ve all been there with our lives falling apart but decide to just accept our fate and make ourselves a nice cuppa. For those wondering, the origins come from the webcomic series called Gunshow illustrated by K.C. Green in 2013.

This trophy is ‘earnt’ when you die from fire in Chivalry 2, very achievable. Therefore it’s likely designed to reassure the player as they burn to a crisp as a way of saying ‘It’s okay, these things happen, this is fine’. With several sub-classes having access to firebombs and combined with objectives that involve burning villages and tents, it can be hard to avoid the inferno at times. Once you’re on fire, your health can melt away rapidly so sometimes all you can do is accept your fate.

Look, it's you when you miss your firebomb throw.

Look, it’s you when you miss your firebomb throw.

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