A Robot Named Fight!: Ultimate Boss Guide

Your name is Fight. Shouldn't you know how to do it? This boss guide for A Robot Named Fight will teach you the details necessary to making every boss a breeze, even the foul Megabeast. With over 20 bosses to take down, there's a lot of info to know about how to combat the world ahead.

A Robot Named Fight!: Ultimate Boss Guide Cover

What would a roguelike be without bosses to impede the player’s progress? A Robot Named Fight! has plenty in store for players to face with every run, each varying in difficulty and exploitability. With over 200 hours to my name between two platforms, I’ve faced each boss to the game several times—some an almost insane amount of times. Whether from the Forest Slums or the Underground City, this boss guide will show you the ways that each boss from A Robot Named Fight! can be taken down effectively.

Before beginning, I would like to note that a secret boss will also be included in this article, so in case you don’t want to be spoiled, there’s your warning.

New to the game and don’t know your way around? Be sure to check out this A Robot Named Fight! beginners guide!


Abominate this!

Abominate this!

Debatably the easiest boss in the game, and the reason I listed this one first. There isn’t anything too complex to Abomination, despite the name. Its attacks and patterns are pretty simple, and once you memorize them, defeating this boss without getting hit should be commonplace.

Abomination has two primary attacks: a vomit laser and some slimy projectiles. The first is the one you should worry about, as it’s pretty easy to remain in the line of fire. The second, well, as long as you keeping shooting it, shouldn’t be an issue. Easiest method of defeat is to simply stand and shoot, until it begins the animation for its vomit laser. It’s a nearly split-second transition, so be ready to jump on a moment’s notice. There is space within the room for you to jump over Abomination, allowing you to shoot it from behind. By the time the laser stops, its health will be at a point where it should die prior to its next attack. That is, had you kept pace with shooting at it. Pretty straightforward.


Notice the time difference between this image and the last? Abomination isn't tough.

Notice the time difference between this image and the last? Abomination isn’t tough.

This one is almost as simple as Abomination, but its attacks are occasionally harder to foresee. Sluggard is a giant husk of flesh that can either shoot a large barrage of bolts or summon gliding meat to attack you. Its movement is incredibly slow, however, so use that to your advantage when facing it. Another handy note is something I actually discovered on accident:

Sluggard will not touch you. If you stand in one spot, Sluggard will slowly inch towards you, but will not make contact with you, backing away at the last pixel. So while Abomination has you doing some minimal parkour, the best advice with Sluggard is to keep absolutely still until it attacks. Like Abomination, it will go through a quick animation to signify that it is attacking, so you will have to jump at a moment’s notice. Luckily, the bolt barrage is short enough that a single jump will avoid it completely, unlike the vomit laser. The meat summoning also isn’t much of a concern, as a single shot from your weapon will most likely kill them.

Stand in place, shoot continuously, and jump when it registers an attack. Piece of cake(y flesh).

Bioplasma Mouth Meat

That's a lot of mouths.

That’s a lot of mouths.

There are actually two forms of this boss: Mouth Meat and Bioplasma Mouth Meat. The differences between them are minimal, so I decided to document the harder version, typically found in the Forest Slums.

The more you shoot Bioplasma Mouth Meat, the more it sheds. Indeed, damaging this meaty foe will have it multiply into tinier enemies. Cause enough damage and it will explode into three medium-sized enemies, all of which can shoot bolts at you at regular intervals. (The base form can, too.) The best method of combat is to simply keep shooting, annihilating all floating meat members while keeping your distance. The less blocking your shots, the faster the main threat can be dealt with.

The regular Mouth Meat does not have the ability to shoot bolts, so its threat only comes in the form of its meat droppings. A similar method of attack is necessary, though the meat it spawns will travel around on the ground, so it’s advisable to crouch and take them out first. The base Mouth Meat will simply float around, so it won’t actively pursue you meanwhile.

Beak Lord

More like geek lord.

More like geek lord.

Personally, I feel this is the most annoying boss of the first area. It’s not especially difficult, but it can overwhelm you if you’re not careful. Beak Lord is, like Mouth Meat before it, an amalgamation of meat conjoined to make a bigger meat pile. Shooting at it will eventually have it separate into 5 or 6 smaller beak-wielding meatballs, which is where said overwhelming could take place.

In its base form, Beak Lord will simply float in the air, drifting back and forth at a leisurely pace. After a few seconds, it will begin shooting bolts at you, then repeat the process after a short break. If the room you face it in includes a platform (as shown above), I would recommend using it as a shield against its bolts, as they will not phase through terrain. If not, simply run around and avoid the bolts to your best ability.

After it splits, the smaller bounce beaks will begin to bounce around the room, with some taking different directions. The room isn’t usually so cramped that they can’t be totally avoided, but it can be tricky to calculate where all will bounce at one time, as a single pixel is all it takes for them to change directions. Again, if the stand is available, get on top of it and shoot the bounce beaks from above, assuming they’ve started bouncing around below. If not, try and take out the smaller group of bounce beaks first and make your way up quantitatively.

Ooze Hart

What big eyes you have!

What big eyes you have!

One of two bosses exclusive to the Forest Slums, Ooze Hart is a bit of a morbid battle. Its initial form is fairly inadequate, as it moves very slowly and is not capable of outward attacks. The most it will do is excrete poisonous goop from its bodily pores (directly below it) or roar to summon floating meat organisms to attack you. The latter is mildly annoying, but easy to deal with. It isn’t until you take this feeble meat spawn’s health all the way down that the real challenge begins.

In its second phase, its head will explode and wings will form upon its back. Automatically regaining half of its total health, its mobility and offensive prowess heightens tremendously. It will fly around and swoop towards the player with reckless abandon. If that doesn’t work, it will follow the player and shoot gas from the same pores as before, only with much longer range. Always keep your distance. Ooze Hart only has half as much health as before, so continuing to shoot it from afar will have the battle end in no time. Just be sure to keep track of it, as it can phase out of the confines of the room.


Meat and nature do not mix.

Meat and nature do not mix.

Blightbark might seem massive and overwhelming, but in my opinion, it’s among the easier bosses in the game. Generally speaking, the game will have you access this boss’s room from an upward position, meaning you are in view of its upper meat patch and away from many of the attacks the lower portion unveils.

To keep things simple, even if you spawn on the lower portion, always focus on the upper patch first. It offers close to no defense and can be dealt with easily. If left alone for long enough, it will spawn meat flies that buzz around the room—annoying, but not too threatening. Shoot at it until it explodes, and by that point Blightbark’s health will be sufficiently lowered.

When facing the lower portion, I would advise placing yourself on the upper-most platform just above its eye level. This will provide cover from a lot of its attacks, particularly one where it shoots slime out of its nose. In the game’s previous builds, it would also put you out of reach of its tongue-lashing attack, but the most recent update fixed this. Therefore, you will have to watch for it opening its mouth, jumping up just before the tongue pierces the platform you’re standing on. Keeping shooting it straight on, and be wary of its fist-pounding move, which will stun you until you wiggle yourself back into position (though it won’t hurt you). Eventually, Blightbark will end up… slight bark… because it will explode… again.


Well... I just call it

Well… I just call it “the fly.”

Yeah, I’m just gonna refer to this as “the fly boss,” because that name is one only copy and paste can gauge correctly.

Like Abomination in the first area, Fly Boss is my personal pick for easiest in the second. Its attack pattern is very simple, with only a minimal amount of foresight required to tackle it effectively. When starting the fight, it will buzz around for a few seconds, leaving it open to attack. Afterwards, it will glow orange, then zoom towards where the player was standing, followed by a few green bolts shot (which cannot be destroyed by regular player bolts). It will continue this process forever, so countering it becomes easy through repetition.

Shoot at it when it’s vulnerable, just before it glows orange and charges again. Avoid the bolts it fires and progressively get its health down to zero. It won’t take that long, usually—especially if you have, well, any offensive upgrades at all.

Wall Creep (Caves)

Well, the name is accurate.

Well, the name is accurate.

This fight will be denoted as “(Caves)” due to a revamped version of this boss appearing in the Coolant Sewers. More on that later.

The good news about Wall Creep is that it cannot move. The bad news is that its offensive reach spans almost the entire room. The top half and bottom half of this meaty nemesis both sport different attacks, with the bottom one being more dangerous. If you step foot within the lower portion of the room at all, it will charge up a giant vomit laser that takes up the entire space below the platform in the middle of the room. This can be seen by a twinkle in its eyes. For nearly all intents and purposes, avoid staying at the bottom of the room. (However, a full jump can narrowly avoid the length of the laser.)

The top part doesn’t give the player much room, either. Its meaty t-rex arm will slowly extend to the length of the platform to force you out from the top-half of the room. Do you risk getting damaged by a slow-moving arm and avoid the laser? Or tempt fate by running around on the ground and wait for the arm to retract? Well, my advice is to trigger the bottom’s laser, then immediately jump on the platform at its right-most portion to wait out the laser and hopefully avoid the arm. By that point, the laser animation should end and you can hop back down and shoot before it starts back up in about five seconds. When twinkling again, you can finish Wall Creep off by targeting the top portion. It doesn’t have a ton of health, so it shouldn’t be too complex.

Oh, the top portion can spit out meat, too. Not terribly inconvenient, but something to prepare for.

Mouth Meat Senior (Caves)

Can't take my eye off of you.

Can’t take my eye off of you.

Mouth Meat Senior is a bigger pile of meat than its proverbial child, evidenced by the sheer amount of space necessary to contain it in one room. It is also one of two forms of this big buddy; the latter version will come later.

Much like the smaller Mouth Meat, shooting at Senior will separate it into smaller parts. The catch? It will spawn both tiny meat spawns and regular Mouth Meats. Essentially, the more you shoot it, the more you make it rain down upon you. This is why blindly shooting it from one spot is bad… but also good.

Within the room you fight this boss in, there are a few ledges one can access on either side of the room. But be warned, meat that spawn out of the ground will bite you if you’re not careful of where you step. Specifically, the right ledge situated near the top of the room is where I would advise sitting. (Not to be confused with the platforms floating mid-air.) The reason for this is twofold: it only has one spawn point for ground-hiding meat (which you can avoid by leaning right) and it’s a soft spot for Mouth Meat Senior’s barrage of meat. You can continuously shoot it from this position and be relatively safe from its attacks, only exception being its pre-set bolt circle, which simply needs some quick movement skills (and which won’t happen when you fully separate it at least once).

Mouth Meat Senior is comprised of three forms: its base Senior size, three regular Mouth Meats, and then three more Mouth Meat Juniors split from that. It’s a battle of attrition that you can manage if you stay on the right ledge and keep shooting. Just be sure to clean up the mess on the ground after the battle has ended.

Wall Creep (Coolant Sewers)

You again?!

You again?!

Wall Creep in the Coolant Sewers is essentially the Caves version but on Hard Mode. The floor and platform is now very slippery, the vomit laser lasts for a longer period of time, and the top portion spits out toxic meat, which will hurt over time if you contact them. All of this sounds tougher than before, but thanks to a little switch now present, it’s debatably easier.

One of the primary features of the Coolant Sewers is the use of its wind mechanics. Fans adorning walls and floors impede players’ momentum in various rooms throughout the area. This boss takes advantage of that frustration, too. Placed on the right-side of the room, a fan will blow upwards if you shoot a green switch placed on the ceiling. This is key to making this fight easier. Run just underneath the switch and shoot at the bottom portion for as long as it’s charging up the laser. When close, shoot at the switch and place yourself in the wind path of the fan, which will put you out of reach of the laser. When finished, shoot the switch again to drop down and keep repeating the process. Eventually, Wall Creep: Green Edition will explode in meaty fashion.


Why do these things always have so many eyes?

Why do these things always have so many eyes?

Stalkus is very appropriately named; what does it do? Stalk us. Clever. Brilliant. And might I add: wonderfully “dad.”

Much like the Flesh Adder (coming soon), Stalkus’s room is thin and narrow, adding a bit of claustrophobia to the nature of the fight. Essentially, you never want to be too close to Stalkus, so your only choice is to run. To effectively counter Stalkus’s attacks, you will be running quite a bit. When shooting at the thing, try to angle your shots to hit the eyes, as constant damage in that area will have them explode. This will speed it up, but will also render it unable to shoot lasers at you. Trust me, you want that laser ability gone. Hitting you with it renders you immobile until positioned back upright and leaves you open to further attack. Run from one end of the room to the other, jumping over Stalkus as necessary and shooting at it with every chance.

Occasionally, and annoyingly, Stalkus will position its meaty tendrils that get in the way of your jump. You will have to take the hit for the greater good, as this seems to happen at random. Just keep on the path of running back and forth and eventually it will all be over.


Yeah, just hit it right in the stomach!

Yeah, just hit it right in the stomach!

When the Big Wet Update had just released (that’s actually what it was called), Leviathan was the boss that had given me the most trouble. This thing, more than any boss up to that point, had me suffering incredibly stressful deaths through menial effort. I just couldn’t get the timing down, nor could I figure out the spots necessary to get the job done effectively. I’m here now to tell you that this boss is still a major pain, but one that I can now manage.

Leviathan is a big, wormy thing that will pop in and out of the tubes present in the room, shown above. When finished with its first animation, it will crawl up and pop out of the other side, with the end of its body left to supply you with more meat to deal with. Its this combo-punch that had me struggling for so long. Trying to account for any and all attacks from both sides was too much for me. But it can be done with enough trial and error.

What Leviathan is capable of doing consists of two primary moves: spitting rising acid and a barrage of scratches with its claws. The first one is far more annoying, and will be done even after the scratching barrage. The reason for this is that it shoots not one, but three different loogies at you that all have a decent reach, forcing you to move to considerable distances. You will hope that it chooses to scratch first, as that leaves it open for attack for at least a few seconds. Dodging the toxic spittle is the main priority, aside from the meat its tail-end spawns.

As for positioning, past the point where it appears on only one side, try and position yourself slightly to the right of the center of the room (reversed when appearing on the opposite end). This will keep you out of reach of its scratch attack and slightly below its tail-end. I would also recommend aiming for the tail-end, as it’s better to prepare for the oncoming meat and killing it quickly, so as to not worry about its position when accounting for the toxic spittle. Slowly but surely, so long as you can manage to skip the spit, Leviathan shall fall.

Metal Patriarch

Is that... not flesh? What's going on here?

Is that… not flesh? What’s going on here?

By this point in the run, you should have a decent barrage of weapons and or stat upgrades to help you along. While all runs differ, Metal Patriarch is one boss that is typically not very tough. Even so, there are precautions one must take going into it.

The moment you enter the room, the Patriarch will be targeting you. In this time, you need to aim for its cannons placed on each shoulder (not shown above, as I had already done so). Stick to one for the moment, and try and place yourself at the farthest corner of the room on either side. It will eventually charge up a laser that will fire in your vicinity, which you should obviously avoid by running to the other side of the room, thus targeting the other shoulder cannon. While the laser fires, one of two cannons will begin shooting (if you hadn’t destroyed it) homing missiles at you, which the platforms in the room can be used as cover.

Upon the laser ending, the chest plate will open up revealing a Beak Lord underneath the metal. Shoot at this as much as possible, as it will serve as the main weakness. If hit enough, the plate will close again and eventually explode (along with the head), causing the Beak Lord to be exposed for the rest of the battle. If not, the laser will simply start back up again. Assuming you’ve accomplished the former, little bounce beaks will begin to spawn out of the head periodically. Beak Lord will also shoot at you as it would were you facing it alone. Try and stay somewhat close to it, using the platforms as cover from the bounce beaks, and shoot at it until it eventually meets its demise.

Flesh Adder

Look at this meaty Serris!

Look at this meaty Serris!

(Note: Flesh Adder can be encountered in either the Factory or Crystal Mines areas. The fights do not differ whatsoever aside from the room structure.)

Have you ever played Metroid Fusion? Have you ever heard of Serris? Flesh Adder is basically a less complicated Serris boss fight, complete with shiny speed paths. Upon entering the room, Flesh Serr—Adder will float whimsically around the room, not giving you a second thought. But leave it too long and it will start spawning meat flies that will charge at you at regular intervals. Continuously shoot at it until it registers the speed phase, where it will become invulnerable and fly about the room at fast speeds. It will ricochet off walls like a lengthy power ball, so always be on guard for when it closes in.

Flesh Adder is kind of a tricky boss to account for, as its patterns are heavily randomized and tend to bounce wildly in close quarters. The most I would advise is to keep your distance and shoot from afar. While this won’t always guarantee safety, you will at least have a visual start as to when (or if) it comes at you. Assuming you don’t have great weaponry, Flesh Adder can access the speed stage up to 4 times.

Mouth Meat Senior (Factory)

This one's eye seems in need of some shut-eye.

This one’s eye seems in need of some shut-eye.

Mouth Meat Senior’s Factory version is a bit tougher and more erratic than the Caves version. It will separate into more annoying adversaries (they shoot bolts at you) and the low-spawn meat it produces will float around the room, as opposed to stay on the ground. There is no near-foolproof spot to combat this one from; you just need to continuously chip away all that comes at you.

In most capacities, this boss fight will have the same, if not similar fight patterns to that of its Caves form. The base form will shoot green bolts at you instead of blue (ones that cannot be destroyed through your normal bolts), and its initial separation will consist of Bioplasma Mouth Meats as opposed to normal Mouth Meats (again, they shoot bolts). The room at one point, assuming your weaponry is inadequate, will consist of a lot of flying meat and a lot of bolts thrown at you.

In all honesty, the best advice I could give it to run and shoot. At the base level, there’s sufficient room to work with to ensure that you aren’t overwhelmed. It also features some moderate incline to shield yourself from incoming bolts. Simply clear the room as best you can, and quickly. The faster you get the forms down, the easier it will be to end the battle.

Skin Deviler

Shouldn't you be yellow?

Shouldn’t you be yellow?

Have you ever played Mega Man? Have you ever heard of Yellow Devil? Skin Deviler is basically a less complicated Yellow Devil boss fight, complete with annoyingly long body separation sequences. Skin Deviler has three attacks: the aforementioned body separation sequence, where it will morph into tiny morsels and lunge individual pieces at you that will form on the other side; a simpler version where it simply turns into a wave of morsels that jumps to the other side, and a simple bolt barrage. You should hope it chooses to do the latter two.

Skin Deviler actually used to be tougher, but the developer nerfed it in the latest update. As it stands, my best advice for this boss would be to run up fairly close to it, crouch down, and shoot at the eye diagonally-upwards. Upon transforming for one of its two transformation attacks, immediately run to the center of the room in anticipation for what it decides to do. If the long one, simply do your best Mega Man impersonation (jump a lot). If the latter, crouch down and wait for it to register totally before continuing the crouch-shoot method. Continue this and the Deviler will be downed in no time… just wait for its death animation to be over.

Corrupted Miner

More metal? There's gotta be a catch.

More metal? There’s gotta be a catch.

Frankly speaking, Corrupted Miner is the boss I hope I get when traveling through the Crystal Mines. If your weapon selection is good, this boss has almost nothing to it.

The Corrupted Miner has weak points on each side of its metal shell, shown by the green glow when it flies around. The more you damage it, the more the meat begins to show up. While flying around, it has the ability to shoot lasers, sometimes directly at you and sometimes at the ceiling, where it will drop a crystal that separates into four once hitting the ground. Generally speaking, it won’t do these things very quickly, leaving a lot of open time for you to mow down on its health. At around the halfway point, the Miner will summon a slow-moving contraption from the wall with buzzsaws on each end and treadmills on its surface that you can access. I would advise not even bothering with it; so long as you continuously shoot at the Miner’s weak points, it’ll be dead before the contraption is even an issue.

In case that doesn’t happen, jump on the contraption and continue to jump so that the treadmills don’t lead you into certain damage (dangerous pit in the middle). Keep shooting and eventually the Miner will crash straight into the contraption, so jump off before that occurs.

Moleman Shaman

Laser not always included.

Laser not always included.

One of the most agile bosses you will face in A Robot Named Fight!, the Moleman Shaman jumps around like a kid on red bull. Very rarely will it leave itself open for attack, so learning its attack patterns is crucial.

Sometimes it just jumps forward because it can. Not sure why, but it does. The height distance of its jumps also means something, as it differentiates between two attacks: a low jump signifies one oncoming paranormal bolt thing, while a high jump means it will launch three, one right after the other. If standing still, it can also perform two attacks: a large barrage of bolts that will stand momentarily in the air, then launch at you, while the other will have it surrounded in bolts while four more appear in mid-air—the bolt ring it forms will be shot at you, while the four in mid-air will shoot straight down. That’s quite a mouthful, but it makes more sense in practice.

Much of the Moleman Shaman battle will consist of dodging its shots and draining its health in the seconds in keeps still. It can be finicky, especially without an adequate weapon loadout, but it’s not something I would personally consider difficult. The more you face it, the more familiar the patterns become and the less of a hassle it brings.

White Wyrm

This laser IS always included.

This laser IS always included.

That laser looks intimidating, doesn’t it? Fortunately for you, White Wyrm is (generally) positioned in one place, so it’s easily avoidable. That doesn’t mean everything it has is, though.

One of the distinctive features of White Wyrm is its penchant for wall-jumping. Not quite in the way, say, Samus Aran wall-jumps, but a measure of appearing in four regions of the room at regular intervals. When beginning the battle, the room will be totally empty. After a couple seconds, White Wyrm will appear from one of four cardinal directions in the room, such as the east side shown in the image above. The shock from its rummaging will cause the ceiling to drop rock clusters that will damage you if you’re not careful. Otherwise, the Wyrm can do three things: roar, shoot big laser, or shoot a barrage of green bolts.

Roaring does nothing, except perhaps increase the rate at which rock clusters fall from the ceiling. It’s personally my favorite “attack” of the three, because it’ll just sit there, open to fire. The laser is self-explanatory (and visualized above). And then the green-bolt barrage, which is annoying in conjunction with the rock clusters falling down. My advice would be to be mindful of where the rock clusters are coming from above, and then shoot this meaty thing to kingdom come. One other thing to note is that it will sometimes move around the room once popping up, so be mindful of that. Never stand in the center of the room in case it pops up below you, and always stay out of reach of its mouth.


It... just looks like a scrotum.

It… just looks like a scrotum.

This ball of flesh (wording intentional) is simultaneously the most annoying and easiest boss within the Buried City. It’s annoying because some weapon upgrades actually make it more difficult to squeeze within its tight damage window. It’s easy because by this point in the run, you should have a lot of stat boosts to make this a breeze.

See that shiny red button at the bottom? You should shoot that. Doing so will cause the slots on each side to open up, revealing two meaty clusters that serve as weak points. Be careful though, as they will begin to shoot green bolts at you when exposed for too long. After some time, the sockets will close again and Polyphemus will charge of a double-sided laser, shown by the green indents on each side of the red button. The meaty opening is the tricky part, as having Lazoi Bolts or Big Bolts actually makes it somewhat tricky to hit the meat spots effectively. Sometimes it will register, sometimes it will merely bounce off. This is why energy weapons or non-size-adjusted bolts work best for this specific form.

Polyphemus will hover from left to right around the room, so I would advise, if you don’t destroy the shell before the first laser charge-up, to stay below the red button while the laser is charging. (Hopefully you don’t have the meat parts open during this, as avoiding bolts and the lasers is difficult.) Once enough damage has been done, Polyphemus will emerge from its shell and roll around on the floor and bounce off walls, having the laser inputs be pointed in random locations. At this point, you just shoot like hell. Get that thing down before it gets you down.

The Megabeast



The head honcho of them all, the Megabeast is a battle that can span several minutes if the loadout isn’t sufficient. Its attacks come in giant waves and its health pool is enormous. It lives up to the name, and the battle is one you should absolutely prepare for by stocking up on as many items/upgrade modules as possible.

The Megabeast is capable of many things: spawning Abominations, bolts, tons of little meat nuisances, among others. What you get with the Megabeast is wave after wave of enemies raining down, all of which is easy to be overwhelmed by if you don’t thin it out periodically.

The best method of attack is to destroy everything within your present environment. If meat nears, focus on that first. The Megabeast will still be there, floating and reloading its meaty ammunition, so focus on keeping yourself alive and continuously bringing down its health. Some portions of the Megabeast have little pockets that spawn individual entities, so it one particular thing annoys you more than others, aim for that spot. Many portions can be destroyed prior to its defeat. Keep your distance from everything and prick the threat until it becomes too substantial for them to handle!

Megabeast Core

Look at that, there's more!

Look at that, there’s more!

Defeating the Megabeast multiple times will uncover a new path to explore: its innards. This meaty labyrinth is home to tons of different challenges and champion-level versions of all sorts of enemies. Consider it a last-stage challenge for those who have become accustomed to runs. Oh, and if you die in here, your run ends—save points are eliminated.

Navigating through the puzzles that come, the Megabeast Core awaits. This mechanical contraption begins with four points diagonally across from it in each direction that serve as its first defense. They shoot waves of yellow bolts, which like green bolts, cannot be destroyed by normal shots. (Some elemental shots can disintegrate them.) What point shoots them tends to be random if all are still active—shoot at one until it’s destroyed and continue the process with the rest, avoiding the waves as they come.

Once the locks have disengaged, its meaty form will show forth, complete with multiple eyes. There are three sections that can be targeted, with two on top (serving as the left and right sides of a brain) and a bottom (brain stem, probably). The top portions can shoot eye-like bolts at you that will float away if shot at (which will return after some time). The bottom will periodically spawn bolt-capable Mouth Meat Juniors. I would recommend going for the top portions first, as the eye-bolts can be rather cumbersome in large numbers. The Mouth Meat Juniors are small-fries in comparison, and don’t appear as often.

The entity in action.

The entity in action.

Finally, the final form consists of a single, glowing entity in the middle of where the meat once was. This is by far the most dangerous form of the boss fight. It can periodically shoot bolts at you, but the real danger is when it produces wide-range lasers. Every so often, the entity will begin to glow and charge up its lasers, with where they spawn being in randomly-assigned locations. Some will covers the field diagonally, others will sweep the room from all but the middle portion. Learning where these lasers shoot is key, as it will be the difference between comfortable combat and certain death. My key advice would be to never go directly below the entity unless the laser indicators show up on its sides, which signify it won’t hit the middle. One laser will sweep the room, and being directly underneath is an automatic hit.

It’s a lot more long-winded than the normal Megabeast encounter, but much more mechanical in its approach. Figure out the patterns and hopefully your arsenal makes things more convenient!

Tutorial Smith

Wait, weren't you the person who drained my energy?

Wait, weren’t you the person who drained my energy?

Y’know that bot that you can talk to when the run begins? You can actually fight it. Getting there is a bit complicated, though. Within A Robot Named Fight! is a Glitch Realm that can be discovered through unconventional ways. Sometimes it can be as easy as talking to Tutorial Smith when it’s glitching, other times you dash into a Revenant Station and suddenly things go all crazy!

Going through the Glitch Realm is a thing in itself, but fighting Tutorial Smith is the name of the game here. Upon fulfilling the conditions of activating the fight (it involves a lot of key-collecting), the primed “GET READY” sign will appear, as will Tutorial Smith, floating mid-air. Begin shooting at it immediately. All throughout the fight, it will shoot orange-red bolts at you that, because of course, cannot be destroyed by normal bolts. Sometimes it’ll just float around and shoot them inconsistently, other times it will flood the room with them (very annoying). This is the extent of Tutorial Smith’s offensive capabilities, but the randomness of the shot patterns is what’s tricky. Running around and continuously shooting is the way to go.

After reaching a certain health threshold, Tutorial Smith will disappear and reappear as a giant version of itself, rivaling the size of the Metal Patriarch. It can shoot giant lasers at you and coat the area with a glitch field, which will reverse your controls (unless you have a certain traversal item). Debatably, this form is easier than the former, simply because of its massive frame being easier to hit and its health already being on the lower half. Only concern would be that openings appear in the ground that the player can fall into for easy damage, so be mindful of where you move to avoid its attacks!

Also worth noting is that in the latest update, the developer buffed Tutorial Smith’s health output to make it harder to defeat. Good luck!

Megabeast Blue(?)

I don't know, it's blue.

I don’t know, it’s blue.

As far as I’m aware, this boss has no official name, appearing within the newest update as an additional boss in the game’s new Boss Rush mode. Thus, I’m going to take a page out of Dragon Ball Super and just put “Blue” on it.

Megabeast Blue is very similar to how the Megabeast operates: it throws all meats at you, as well as the kitchen sink. Facing this boss is actually harder than the Megabeast due to the nature of Boss Rush mode, which doesn’t allow for convenient upgrade modules and item acquisitions over a long period. So this battle is even more a battle of attrition than the standard Megabeast battle. And as such, a lot of the advice is the same.

Kill all the meat. If overwhelmed, focus on the smaller entities and eradicate the portions of the whole that are most annoying to you. As is expected, the health pool of Megabeast Blue is quite massive, so it will take some time to get it dead. Keep chipping away and eventually it too will meet its fate.

A Robot Named Fight Trailer (2020)

We’ve finally reached the end, 6,000 words later! Is there anything you’d like to add to this guide? Could I have explained something better? Or was this boss guide for A Robot Named Fight! just straight garbage? Let us know in the comments below!

A Robot Named Fight! can be purchased via Steam or Nintendo Switch.


  1. It was a very complete guide and thanks to you for it ! 🙂
    I really love this game and you explained good strategies in a very nice way to read,
    it was kind of interactive and I loved it , it didnt even seemed long.
    I want to add just a little thing though , for wall creep (both versions) you can destroy his annoying arm , its kinda useful in the sewers version when you’re in the air stream but careful not to shoot the switch while his laser is spitting out. Thanks again ! And have a good day 🙂

    • I appreciate you taking the time to read it! A useful tidbit you included, indeed; I almost never shoot Wall Creep’s arm!


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