A Plague Tale: Innocence – Trophies & Achievements List

This essential achievements list will help you survive the worst pandemic ever to impact the world. Experience the devastating effects of war and plague in an intimate adventure where stealth and instinct are all that counts. Witness the medieval period in all its gothic splendour in this enhanced return for a soon to be survival horror classic.

A Plague Tale Innocence - Trophies & achievements listYoung Amicia’s life is forever changed when the Hundreds Years war and a mysterious pestilence combine to plunge Europe into darkness. To help you achieve 100% completion in A Plague Tale: Innocence, we’ve compiled a comprehensive achievements list. This list includes everything you need to know about the game’s 36 achievements and how to unlock them.

Possible story spoilers ahead; read at your discretion.

A Plague Tale: Innocence Trophies & Achievements List

Trophy/Achievement Title  Unlock Requirement  
Innocence  Earn all “A Plague Tale: Innocence” trophies/Achievements 
Knights!  Complete all chapters 
Botanist  Find all the flowers 
Curiosities Collector  Find all curiosities 
Big Sister  Find all the gifts for the orphans 
The Blacksmith  Find Rodric’s forge 
Captain Sidekick  Stay with the captain 
Merciful  Save the dying 
The Hard Way Enter through the main door 
Handful of Pockets  Fully upgrade the equipment 
Not a Toy Anymore  Fully upgrade the sling 
Curiosities Hunter  Find 13 curiosities 
Herbalist Find 6 flowers 
Coronation  Complete chapter 16
Remembrance  Complete chapter 15
Blood Ties  Complete chapter 14
Penance  Complete chapter 13
All That Remains  Complete chapter 12
Alive  Complete chapter 11
The Way of Roses  Complete chapter 10 
In the Shadow of Ramparts  Complete chapter 9 
Our Home  Complete chapter 8 
The Path Before Us  Complete chapter 7 
Damaged Goods  Complete chapter 6 
The Raven’s Spoils  Complete chapter 5
The Apprentice  Complete chapter 4 
Retribution  Complete chapter 3
The Strangers  Complete chapter 2 
The de Rune Legacy  Complete chapter 1 
Alchemist  Craft 100 ammunitions
Resource Sharing  Enter into the 5 alchemist carts 
More Practice  Complete the aiming training 
Feeding the Hungry  Find a lunch for Hugo 
Found!  Play hide-and-seek
Savior  Save a soldier 
Tribute  Find the tomb 

Good Luck, Completionists! 

There you go! We hope this achievements list helps you get the most out of this memorable tale of family strength in the direst circumstances. From a completionist standpoint, there isn’t anything too tricky here. Enjoy the narrative, keep an eye out for collectables and crafting opportunities, and that platinum trophy or gamerscore is easily obtainable.

A Plague Tale: Innocence is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One/ SX, Switch and PC.

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