9 Ways to Fix Android Games That Don’t Start

There are numerous ways you can feasibly fix Android game apps that don’t open (start) as they usually would. This guide includes some of the most likely potential fixes for Android games that crash at launch. If you need to fix a mobile game that doesn’t start, check out the fixes below.

9 Ways to Fix Android Games That Don’t Start

Android is the biggest mobile device platform, which also makes it one of the biggest gaming platforms. Billions of players play Android games on smartphones and tablets. Mobile games seldom don’t work, but sometimes players might need to fix Android game apps that don’t start (open) as expected. This is how you can fix Android games that don’t open.

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1. Force stop the game

Force stopping the game is the first thing you should try when an Android game doesn’t open. To do that, you’ll need to tap Settings > Apps on your mobile device. Then select the game app that doesn’t start, and tap the Force stop button for it. Thereafter, try opening the game after force-stopping it.

The Force stop button

The Force stop button

2. Update the game

If the game still doesn’t work, try updating it. You can do that by tapping the menu button in Google Play Store and selecting My apps and games. If you see the game that doesn’t start is listed among apps updates are available for, tap the Update all button.

The Update all button

The Update all button

3. Clear the game’s cache and data

This is one of the most effective ways to fix Android games that don’t start. To clear a game’s cache and data, open the Force stop option for the game you need to fix as outlined for resolution one. Then tap Storage on the App info screen. Select both the Clear Data and Clear Cache options.

The Clear data and cache buttons

The Clear data and cache buttons

4. Restart your router

Many Android games are online ones that might not start because of connection issues. If a game is crashing or freezing soon after launch, there might be a connectivity issue of some kind. So, try turning off your mobile device and restarting your internet router by unplugging it for a couple of minutes. Then plug the router back in, wait a few minutes, and turn on your mobile device.

5. Update your Android platform

Your mobile device’s Android OS version might not be compatible with a game that doesn’t start. So, it’s best to have the latest Android OS available for your device installed to minimize potential gaming issues.

To update your Android platform, you’ll need to open the Settings app. Exactly what you need to tap on there varies between platforms. Scroll to the bottom of Settings and look for a Software update, About tablet, or About phone option. Then tap a Download option to see what updates are available. Select to install a new platform version if one is available.

The Software update option

The Software update option

6. Reinstall the game

Reinstalling games can often fix them. To reinstall an Android game, open its Google Play page on your mobile device. Then select the Uninstall option for it. Thereafter, restart your tablet or mobile, open the Google Play download page for the game again, and select the Install option for it.

The Uninstall game option in Google Play

The Uninstall game option in Google Play

7. Reset your Android device

Resetting your Android device will restore it to its original default state. Note that doing so will also erase your phone’s or tablet’s data. So, make sure you back up your mobile device’s data before trying this last resort resolution

Exactly how you reset an Android tablet or phone can also vary between devices. You will certainly need to open Settings and select a Factory data reset option from there. For more specific details on how to reset your mobile or phone, look for factory reset details on the device’s website.

8. Play the game on an Android emulator

This isn’t exactly a resolution for fixing Android games, but you can play the same games on a Windows PC with Android emulator software if none of the resolutions above are enough. You might find it better to play the game with an emulator. Emulators provide more control scheme options for mobile games and enable players to play them on larger VDUs (Visual Display Units).

BlueStacks is one of the best emulators for playing Android games on Windows desktops and laptops. You can play pretty much every Android game under the sun with that emulator, which also includes numerous handy gaming features. Click Download BlueStacks 5 on the BlueStacks website to install that software. Then you can install and play the game that doesn’t start on your Android device within the emulator.

9. Contact the game’s support service

Most games have a support service you can contact to resolve technical issues. So, open the game’s support page on the developer’s website. There you might find an email address or even live chat help for contacting game support to receive some potential fixes for an Android game that doesn’t start

The above resolutions will usually fix Android games that don’t start so that you can play them once again. Nothing is guaranteed, however, and more game-specific resolutions might still be needed to fix some Android games that don’t start.

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