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9 Hitman Tips for Completing Missions

This game guide includes numerous tips that will help you complete Hitman’s missions more professionally. There are many ways to kill targets, but you’ve also got to avoid detection to get the contracts done. Check out the Hitman tips below to become a master assassin.

9 Hitman Tips for Completing Missions

Hitman (2016) is the first of the World of Assassination trilogy that whisks Agent 47 around the globe to complete a series of ICA contracts on behalf of an unknown Shadow Client. Assassinating assigned targets is the name of the game in Hitman, but eliminating them without getting spotted isn’t always straightforward. Agent 47’s vulnerability in open combat (especially in Pro mode) will often get you killed at the worst of times. Here are some Hitman tips for completing missions.

Explore Mission Locations

Hitman has expansive mission locations you should take your time to explore. Each location includes handy items you can pick up, some of which you can assassinate targets with. Plus there are also many items that provide mission intel and open up new assassination opportunities to pursue when discovered. The more you explore, the more items and intel you’ll find to help you complete missions.

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Grab a Bodyguard or Soldier Disguise

You’re not going to get very far in Hitman without disguising yourself. However, some disguises are better than others. Every mission includes armed bodyguards, police, or soldiers you can knock out to grab disguises from. Bodyguard and soldier disguises are the ones that give you the most widespread access in missions.

A good starting point on most missions is to knock out an armed bodyguard, police guy, or soldier to grab a disguise from. Doing so will enable you to freely explore most, or even all, of the restricted access areas in mission locations. You can also carry big guns without alarming anyone when disguised as a bodyguard or soldier, which is handy if you’re planning on using a sniper rifle.

A bodyguard disguise

A bodyguard disguise

Always Equip a Coin

There are three slots (plus a smuggled item location) for equipping gear before starting missions. The coin is the cheapest thing to equip, but it’s also one of the most invaluable things to bring along. Tossing a coin will always cause a nearby person to investigate the area you flicked it.

Flicking coins will enable you to draw people away from crowds into areas where you can knock them out without being spotted, which is the best way to grab disguises. A simple coin flick might sometimes even be enough to divert an assassination target into an area where you can take them out unnoticed. So, a few coins will sometimes be all you need to complete a mission.

The coin item

The coin item

Follow Opportunities

Some Hitman purists scoff at the Opportunities gameplay feature that opens up assassination chances for players. Ok, it does make the game a little easier, but that’s precisely why you should follow them when you start playing Hitman. The direction they provide can save you a lot of wandering around. Opportunities also present some of the most interesting story insights and creative assassinations. So, have a look through available Opportunities on your missions.

Opportunities in the Paris mission

Opportunities in the Paris mission

Manually Save Missions at Crucial Moments

Hitman periodically automatically saves mission progress at relatively regular intervals. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to manually save. Always manually save the game at crucial moments before attempting assassinations or knockouts for grabbing disguises. Doing so will save you time when you mess up since you won’t have to redo anything.

Steer Clear of People With White Dots

Some people in Hitman have little white dots above their heads. Those people will get suspicious and see through your disguise if you get too close to them. When you’re close to NPCs with white dots, they’ll first start pursuing you, asking some questions. Then they might see through your outfit and raise some alarms, which can lead to a hunt and open combat. Such a compromised situation can ruin an entire mission. So, steer clear of folk with white dots as much as you can.

A suspicious bodyguard with white dot

A suspicious bodyguard with white dot

Don’t Waste an Item Slot With Fiber Wire

Fiber wire is one of the default weapons you’re equipped with in Hitman for silent assassinations. However, strangling a target from behind with fiber wire isn’t much different from neck snapping. You can creep up to and snap a target’s neck from behind much the same. The fiber wire is a waste of an equipment item slot because it doesn’t truly provide you with a different assassination option. So, don’t equip fiber wire unless you’re planning on completing a challenge that requires it. Explosive or poison items are better alternatives that give you different ways to kill from the outset.

Hide in Storage Crates and Cupboards When Hunted

When hunted, you’ve got to hide somewhere pretty sharpish to avoid open combat. Storage crates and cupboards in rooms are ideal places to hide when somebody is on to you. Try to find a storage crate or cupboard to jump in when suspicious people are in pursuit. Then you can wait out hunted or suspicious alert stages in crates or cupboards until things settle down.

A storage crate

A storage crate

Crack Open Locked Doors With Wrenches

You’ll usually find some locked doors on most missions, which makes a lockpick a desirable item to equip. However, a lockpick isn’t essential because you can also crack open locked doors and gates with wrenches. Most missions include wrenches you can pick up and utilize to access locked rooms. To find a wrench, have a good look around areas where there are mechanics or other kinds of maintenance guys hanging about. So, pick up a wrench whenever you see one because it’s useful in more ways than one.

You’ll probably get through missions with better scores by sticking to those Hitman tips. Always remember that subtlety is important to completing the game. You seldom need to ‘stick to your guns’ to get the job done in Hitman.

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