9 BioShock Infinite Tips for Surviving Columbia

This guide shares some BioShock Infinite tips for surviving in Columbia against Comstock’s army. Are Comstock’s soldiers getting on top of you in the clouds of Columbia? The tips below will give you a fighting chance of completing BioShock Infinite.

9 BioShock Infinite Tips for Surviving Columbia

BioShock Infinite is the third installment of its franchise that quite literally takes the series to new heights. In the third Bioshock game, players battle it out through the clouds in the sky city of Columbia. The action takes place in a completely new setting and provides plenty of thrills and spills as De Witt and Elizabeth seek to escape Comstock’s city. To survive, you’ll need to make the most of the best Vigors, guns, and Elizabeth’s dimensional tear-ripping. Here are nine BioShock Infinite tips to help you out.

Always Explore

Columbia is a big city in the sky with plenty of buildings and rooms to explore. Ammunition, Salts for Vigors, health replenishment, and cash are stuffed all over the place throughout the city. Lockpicks are especially useful items for opening locked doors and safes you should keep an eye out for throughout the game. The more you explore the city, the more supplies you’ll find.

However, Infusions are the most important thing to explore Columbia for. Infusions are upgrades that expand the amount of Health, Shield, and Salts you have. If you thoroughly explore Columbia, you’ll discover more Infusions in hidden rooms and safes behind locked doors.

Save Cash for Vigour and Weapon Upgrades

The best Vigor and weapon upgrades aren’t cheap. The most expensive Vigor upgrade will set you back a whopping $1,653 in Bioshock Infinite. Thus, it’s best to save cash for Vigour and weapon upgrades by not wasting it on ammunition, Health replenishment, and Salt supplies. If you thoroughly explore Columbia as advised in the previous tip, you’ll find loads of such supplies for free. Don’t purchase such things from Dollar Bill vending machines unless you’re extremely low on supplies.

Vigor upgrades

Vigor upgrades

Prioritize Upgrading Shield

Shield is a new gameplay mechanic in BioShock Infinite that makes combat somewhat easier than in previous games of its series. That yellow bar absorbs all damage until depleted and automatically recharges after about five seconds. Shield is the best of the three Infusions since it will reduce the amount of energy you lose. The more Shield you have, the harder it will be for enemies to break it and reduce your energy. Give greater priority to upgrading shield than Salts and Health.

Make the Most of Cover

Columbia includes plenty of covers you can utilize to your advantage in combat throughout BioShock Infinite. As your Shield automatically regenerates after a few seconds, cover can be invaluable when fighting foes. Find some good cover to shoot from and then move or crouch behind it after taking out one or two enemies to protect yourself from return fire until your Shield regenerates. Don’t try to take out everybody in one go and focus on keeping your Shield up by taking cover when in combat.

Taking cover

Taking cover

Tear Out Automated Turrets

Elizabeth can provide useful supplies, guns, and cover to De Wit by tearing them out from other dimensions. However, automated gun turrets are the most useful thing she can tear out for you during combat. Aside from killing enemies for you, robotic turrets provide a big diversion for foes to deal with until they’re destroyed. Always tear out automated gun turrets during gunfights when they’re available.

An automated turret to tear out

An automated turret to tear out

Upgrade Shock Jockey With Shock Chain Aid

Shock Jockey is an electrical Vigour that briefly stuns enemies with lightning bolts and doubles damage inflicted when stunned. This is one of the best Vigors in the games for taking out groups of enemies when upgraded with Shock Chain Aid. Shock Chain Aid enables you to stun multiple enemies with chained lighting bolts, which makes it somewhat easier to kill off hordes of enemies quickly. The Shock Chain Aid isn’t cheap at $1,265, but it’s worth its weight in gold.

Shock Chain Aid

Shock Chain Aid

Upgrade Possession

Possession is another of the best Vigors in BioShock Infinite when fully upgraded. It temporarily possesses enemies to briefly turn them into allies. They’ll help you kill enemies and generate diversions when on your side. However, possessed enemies will also shoot themselves after the effect expires when you’ve brought the Possession Aid upgrade. So, Vigour can kill two enemies when used, but it also drains a lot of Salt. You can reduce its Salts usage with the Possession for Aid upgrade.

Keep the Sniper Rifle Equipped

There’s a good variety of guns in BioShock Infinite, but most are only suitable for close-quarter combat. The sniper rifle is one notable exception. It’s worth keeping hold of the sniping gun since there are many big and open areas combat takes place throughout Columbia. The sniper rifle is one of the highest-damage guns in the game, with a scope that’s invaluable for picking off targets at longer distances. So, keep the sniper gun equipped and upgrade it for maximum effect.

The sniper rifle's scope

The sniper rifle’s scope

Equip Storm Gear

You’ll pick up numerous gear upgrades throughout Columbia. When you pick up the Storm hat, make sure you equip it because that’s one of the best upgrades. Storm enables you to chain Devil’s Kiss, Bronco, and Shock Jockey attacks across multiple nearby enemies. For example, attacking one soldier with Devil’s Kiss will also chain to two other enemies near him, amounting to a triple strike for the cost of one. Such a multiplier effect for those Vigors can save you lots of Salt.

Those BioShock Infinite tips will make the game easier to complete, even on its toughest 1999 Mode. Have fun in the wonderful sky city world of Columbia.

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