9 Tips for Completing A Plague Tale: Innocence

This guide includes numerous Plague Tale: Innocence tips to help you complete that game. Are you finding that game a tough nut to crack? The tips below will help you survive against the Inquisition and deadly black rats in Plague Tale: Innocence.

9 A Plague Tale: Innocence Tips for Completing the Game

A Plague Tale: Innocence is an enthralling stealth game set in 14th-century France during the Black Death period of the Hundred Years’ War. In the game, you must guide the siblings Amicia and Hugo de Rune through a gruesome story to defeat the leader of the Inquisition, Vitalis. The de Rune siblings can only survive against Inquisition troops and hordes of Black Death rats with a mixture of stealth, sling-shot combat, and Hugo’s special powers. Here are some Plague Tale: Innocence tips to get you through the game.

Thoroughly search chapters for materials and ingredients

Crafting ingredients and materials are crucial to completing Plague Tale: Innocence. With them, you can craft sling projectiles and upgrade Amicia’s skills. So, take the time to thoroughly search through the game’s chapters to pick up a good supply of resources. Although it’s a relatively linear game, some ingredients are well hidden down sidepaths. By having a good look around all areas of chapters, you’ll find more materials and ingredients.

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Don’t leave Hugo alone when soldiers are near

Hugo is the nipper the Inquisition is searching for, and he’ll start panicking when Amicia leaves him alone for relatively short periods. That’s not such a big deal when there are only rats about. However, Hugo’s panicking will give away your position when Inquisition troops are near, which will often have fatal consequences. So, make sure Amicia is holding Hugo’s hand when there are lots of soldiers about.



Keep an eye out for hidden Alchemist Carts

Plague Tale: Innocence includes hidden Alchemist Carts, which are like more advanced crafting workshops. There’s usually a plethora of crafting resources stuffed in and around Alchemist Carts, which makes them well worth finding. So, keep an eye out for the Alchemist Carts.

An Alchemist Cart

An Alchemist Cart

You can’t miss the first cart in chapter seven, which isn’t hidden. However, the other carts are quite well hidden. You can find them in chapters nine, 10, 12, and 16. Have a good look for carts on those chapters.

Keep a good supply of Ignifier

Rats will probably kill you more than Inquisition soldiers in Plague Tale: Innocence. Fortunately, Amicia discovers Ignifier fire projectiles relatively early on, which will save you against the rats throughout the game. Some chapters are impossible to complete without Ignifier to fend off rats with. Therefore, make sure you craft a good supply of Ignifier projectiles with the required resources because you’re certainly going to need them.

The Ignifier projectile

The Ignifier projectile

Utilize mixtures sparingly

When you get a bit further into Plague Tale: Innocence, you’ll acquire Somnum and Luminosa mixtures. Somnum puts enemies to sleep, and Luminosa scares off rats when thrown at the ground. Those mixtures have much higher crafting costs than standard projectiles and are hardly essential. So, don’t waste large amounts of materials crafting lots of Somnum and Luminosa. Ignifier, Devorantis, Odoris, and Extinguis will usually be more than adequate to get you through the game.

The Somnum and Luminosa mixtures

The Somnum and Luminosa mixtures

Don’t sling rocks at metallic objects

You’ll often need to distract guards in Plague Tale: Innocence to sneak past them. Amicia can throw or sling rocks at metallic objects to divert guards’ attention. Always throw rocks at shiny objects when you need to divert guards by holding the Ctrl key. The sling makes some noise when you utilize it. When you fire rocks, the soldiers might hear Amicia’s sling, which draws them toward you instead.

Pots are better than rocks when it comes to generating sound diversions. Simply throwing a pot at a wall or the ground will make enough noise to divert a soldier. Don’t waste pots by tossing them at metallic objects when you can utilize rocks instead.

Amicia aiming a rock throw.

Amicia aiming a rock throw.

Check out Plague Tale walkthrough videos on YouTube if you get stuck

A Plague Tale: Innocence includes puzzles in most of its chapters. Some of them are quite tricky to figure out. If you ever get seriously stuck on a more puzzling part in the game, check out YouTube walkthrough videos for Plague Tale: Innocence. YouTube includes numerous walkthrough videos for all that game’s chapters that show you how to do the puzzles. A walkthrough video for the chapter you’re stuck on will show you exactly what you’ve got to do at the point you’re stuck in. However, try to figure out the game’s puzzles yourself first.

Activate Cheats 

There are several tools which you can use to activate unlimited items, unlimited torch, and better stealth cheats for the game.

Don’t rush your slingshots

Amicia’s sling requires some careful aiming. It takes a few seconds to charge and aim the sling. If you fire too soon, Amicia will miss targets. Don’t fire until your target’s crosshairs are centrally aligned.

As you need a bit of time to accurately aim shots, always try to sling rocks at guards from behind when they aren’t aware you’re there. You’ll have little time to precisely aim shots when guards are charging at you. It’s also harder to aim shots when soldiers are moving about a lot.

Amicia aiming a slingshot.

Amicia aiming a slingshot.

The Plague Tale: Innocence tips above will almost ensure you can play the game through to completion. Now go and give Grand Inquisitor Vitalis a good head bonking!

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