8 Void Bastards Tips for Completing the Game

Here you can read through numerous Void Bastards tips that will help you play through that game. Are you a little stuck in the vast Sargasso Nebula? If so, check out the eight tips for completing Void Bastards in this game guide.

8 Void Bastards Tips for Completing the Game

Void Bastards is a fun first-person shooter for Windows. To complete that game, you must guide prisoners through a series of derelict ships in the Sargasso Nebula to repair an inoperable Void Ark penal station after a pirate attack. You’ll need to make the most of your equipment and supplies to battle through enemies aboard spaceships and find the required parts for repairing Void Ark. Here are some Void Bastards tips for surviving in the Sargasso Nebula.

Craft a Zapper ASAP

The Zapper is the best gadget in Void Bastards. Although it does little damage to enemies, the Zapper stuns almost everything in the game for a few seconds. The Zapper is invaluable for freezing Spooks, Gunpoints, Janitors, Juves, and more enemies besides. It will usually buy you enough time to kill off those enemies before they get chances to attack back, which can save you a lot of health. So, make sure you craft and upgrade a Zapper ASAP.

The Zapper

The Zapper

Avoid Void Bastards’ Screw Enemies

Void Bastards’ Screw enemies are among the strongest in the game. They’ll often ‘screw’ you when you try to take them on. So, it’s best to avoid them as much as possible when you can do so. Don’t board spaceships with lots of Screws on them unless you really must do so. To avoid them altogether, dock at ships that don’t have any Screws aboard.

Dock at Easier Spaceships

Make your life easier in Void Bastards by docking at easier ships. The information sidebars for selected spaceships show you what enemies, and how many of them, you’ll encounter on each one. Make sure you check the enemy information for spaceships so you’ll know exactly what you’re going up against. Select to board spaceships with easier enemies on them, such as Tourists and Janitors. You’ll have a pretty easy time on spaceships that only include Tourists, which are the easiest foes in Void: Bastards.

The map's spaceship information sidebar

The map’s spaceship information sidebar

Grab Some Torpedoes to Deal With Void Whales and Pirates

Void Whales and space pirates that roam the map can be a real nuisance in Void Bastards. If a Void Whale intercepts you on the map, it will kill you off instantly. Pirates aren’t quite so bad, but they attach themselves to your ship to prevent you from moving. Only by removing their anchors from spaceships you’re docked at can you get moving again. The pirates can also kill you on the spaceships you need to remove anchors at.

So, avoid Void Whales and pirates at all costs. The best way to do so is to grab a few torpedoes at ships that include them. Firing torpedoes will kill pirates and Void Whales on the map when they try to intercept you. Check the information sidebars for stations to find ones that include torpedoes.

A space pirate ship

A space pirate ship

Retreat From Spaceships When You’re Low on Health

When you get killed, you’ll keep all your equipment. However, you won’t retain your ammunition and merits. Therefore, you can’t afford to get killed too often. To ensure you survive longer, don’t stick around on spaceships when your health is low. As a rule of thumb, always retreat from a ship when your health drops below the 100 mark.

Get Enemy Location Information at the Helm

The helm is somewhere you should always head to on spaceships you dock at. The helm rooms include computers that you can download loot location info for all loot on their ships at no cost. That’s important information because the large stars show you where crafting parts are, which you’ll need to collect through the game.

A helm's computer

A helm’s computer

You can also download enemy location information for a few merits. Enemy location information is invaluable in Void Bastards because it will show you exactly where all the hostiles aboard a spaceship are on the map. With that information available, you can avoid particularly dangerous areas on ships where you’ll get attacked by lots of enemies. So, it’s well worth stumping up a few credits for enemy location information as well.

Utilize the Rad Spiker Against Patients

Patients can be tricky foes when you don’t know how best to deal with them. Most guns and the Zapper are ineffective against them. The best way to deal with Patients is to fire off some radiation at them with the Rad Spiker. That weapon’s radiation will kill em’ off nice and quick.

The Rad Spiker gun

The Rad Spiker gun

Craft Hunter Device Items to Amass More Ammo

A good supply of ammunition for your weapons is crucial to surviving. To make more ammunition available at stations, craft hunter items. Those items will enable you to pick up more ammunition for your guns and other gear at specific areas in stations. For example, you can collect Zap Charges in generators with the Zap Hunter equipped. With a Bullet Hunter equipped, you can pick up bullets in spaceships’ hab modules. Thus, it’s important to craft hunter items to ensure you remain well-stocked with bullets, charges, grenades, staples, bushwhackers, etc.

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Those Void Bastards tips will give you a much better chance of finishing the game. However, Void Bastards’ ending sequence isn’t exactly hilarious. Just complete the game to see why.

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