8 SimCity BuildIt Tips for City Building

The eight SimCity BuildIt tips in this guide will help you build a better city in that game. Do you want to build an amazing city in SimCity BuildIt? If so, check out the city-building tips directly below, which might help you do just that.

8 SimCity BuildIt Tips for City Building

SimCity BuildIt is one of the best city-building simulation games for mobile devices. This is a game in which you can build the city of your dreams. However, it’s not entirely straightforward to build a large, thriving city in SimCity BuildIt that has a high citizen approval rating. Here are some SimCity BuildIt tips for building a thriving city.

1. Don’t waste your SimCash to hurry item production

Sometimes it might be tempting to hurry the production of materials and items with SimCash so you can upgrade some residential buildings sooner, but don’t do that. You’ll be wasting your SimCash if you rush production with it. There are much better things you can invest your SimCash in, such as parks, landscapes, and premium buildings. Be patient with production and save your SimCash for better things.

SimCity BuildIt - Trailer

2. Invest in green energy sources

When it comes to city energy, green power sources are the best ones to invest in. Wind and solar are green energy sources that don’t have any kind of pollution radius. So, wind and solar energy source buildings will not annoy your city’s citizens even when you plonk them right beside residential blocs. In contrast, your citizens will complain about polluting energy buildings, like coal plants, if residential blocs fall within their pollution radius areas.

3. Keep polluting factories away from residential zones

Alas, you’ll have little choice but to add polluting factories for material production to your city because you can’t unlock non-polluting alternatives until much later in the game. Those polluting factories will reduce your city’s happiness rating if you build them near residential buildings. So, make sure you don’t build your factories too close to residential buildings.

A good way to ensure residential buildings don’t fall inside factories’ pollution radius areas is to add your factories to the outskirts of your city. Set aside an area along the edge of the map that’s more specifically for industrial buildings. You can fill in empty spaces around your industrial area that fall within the factories’ pollution zones with other types of non-residential service, commercial, and government buildings.

Industrial factories built away from residential zones.

Industrial factories built away from residential zones.

4. Look for bargains at Daniel’s Trade Depot

You’re soon introduced to Mayor Daniel’s neighboring city in SimCity BuildIt. There you can purchase goods at Mr. Daniel’s Trade Depot. Although you can purchase things from other players at Global Trade HQ, Mayor Daniel sells his materials and items at discounted prices. The vast majority of real players sell stuff at their maximum or near max prices on Global Trade HQ.

So, you can snap up plenty of good bargains at Daniel’s Trade HQ. Make sure you check to see what’s available at his Trade Depot once per a SimCity BuildIt play session. Buy most of what’s available there at lower prices. Even if you don’t really need all items available there, you can sell the ones you don’t need for higher prizes at your Trade Depot to make a profit. Thus, purchasing goods at Daniel’s Trade Depot is your best bet for profitable trading.

Daniel's Trade Depot

Daniel’s Trade Depot

5. Build items with the longest production times when you’re not playing

The best time to produce items that take longer to roll out your factories and commercial buildings is when you’re not playing SimCity BuildIt. So, make sure you always assign as many items as you can to your industrial and commercial building slots just before you stop playing. It’s best to assign items with the longest production times to industrial and commercial slots when you’re about to close the game. Then you’ll have lots of items to collect that take longer to produce when you resume playing SimCity. You can get lots of materials like metal, wood, and plastic with short production times when you’re playing.

6. Get extra slots for your Buildings Supplies Store

You’ll often need more items from the Buildings Supplies Store to expand your city’s residential buildings. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get more Buildings Supplies Store slots with SimCash. Having extra slots doesn’t speed up production time, but you’ll be able to fill more slots with items just before you stop playing SimCity BuildIt. Then you’ll have more items to collect from the BSS when you resume playing.

The Building Supplies Store

The Building Supplies Store

You can also speed up Buildings Supplies Store production times with your Simoleons (gold coins). By tapping the upgrade button for a BSS, you can increase its production time by 10-20 percent depending on its level. However, it’s better to expand its number of production slots first so that you can collect more items from the Buildings Supplies Store.

7. Get Golden Keys with cargo shipments

You can add numerous specialty buildings to your city with Golden Keys. However, Golden Keys aren’t especially easy to come by. Adding a Cargo Ship Dock to your city is one of the best ways to get Golden Keys. You’ll unlock a Cargo Ship Dock at level 10, which costs 10,000 Simoleons. When you have a Cargo Ship Dock, you can load the dock with the required numbers of specified goods for cargo shipment orders. When you complete a shipment, you’ll receive one Golden Key. So, build a Cargo Ship Dock ASAP to get more Golden Keys.

The Cargo Ship Dock

The Cargo Ship Dock

8. Look for gift bubbles in players’ cities

You can often find gift bubbles, like the one shown directly below, in other players’ cities. Those bubbles reputedly respawn about every four hours or so in the U.S. Pacific Standard Time zone. You’ll get free items, and sometimes maybe even SimCash or Golden Key, whenever you tap those gift bubbles.

A gift bubble

A gift bubble

To find gift bubbles, tap an item to purchase within the Global Trade HQ. Then you’ll see a city’s Trade Depot. Tap the X button on the Trade Depot to view the city. Thereafter, you can look for and tap a gift bubble you find within the city. Tapping gift bubbles is a great way to get free raw materials and processed goods, which you can upgrade your residential buildings with or sell to boost your Simoleon balance.

The SimCity BuildIt tips above will enable you to build a bigger and better city for other players to envy. For more city-building tips, check out the videos on the SimCity BuildIt website’s Tips and Tricks page.

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