8 Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion Campaign Tips

Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion is now an Android game! Here are a few Barbarian Invasion campaign tips that will give you a better chance of emerging victorious in the game's campaigns. It includes a variety of campaigns to battle it out with.

Feral released Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion for Android mobile devices in 2019. Thus, players can now play the expansion to the classic Rome: Total War on tablets and mobiles. The game is available for $5.99, and Feral’s Barbarian Invasion page provides further system requirement details for the app. Those who have the game on their mobiles can check out some of the Barbarian Invasion campaign tips below.

Players can play immersive campaigns in Barbarian Invasion that include rampaging barbarian and divided Roman Empire factions across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. To complete campaigns, players will need to fulfill the required victory conditions for their factions before reaching the maximum number of turns. Building up your settlements on the campaign game’s map is just as crucial to victory as winning the real-time 3D battles.

ROME: Total War - Barbarian Invasion — Out now for Android

1. Scout the Map

Recruit some units to explore the map with. Scouting the map will reveal the locations of various factions and their settlements, which will ensure you can plan your campaign better. Diplomats are probably the best units to scout with as they can establish alliances and trade agreements with factions they discover. Furthermore, diplomats can exchange maps with factions to unveil more of the map. Aside from diplomats, depleted cavalry divisions are also good for exploring as they can move across the map more quickly.

2. Trade, Trade, and Trade Again

Trade agreements are one of the best ways to boost your faction’s economy in Barbarian Invasion and Total War games more generally. So, establish trade agreements with as many factions as you can throughout the campaign. Trade agreements with the big Roman factions can be especially lucrative.

8 Tips for Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion Campaigns

The diplomacy page

3. Build and Upgrade Roads

Build and upgrade roads ASAP. Expanding your faction’s paved road network can considerably boost its land trade revenues. Furthermore, the paved roads will also enable you to move your divisions across your faction’s share of the map more quickly.

8 Tips for Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion Campaigns

The settlement construction page

4. Take Coastal Settlements

To boost sea trade, you’ll need coastal settlements. Then you can build ports in the settlements that will boost revenues from sea trade routes. So, try to capture a good number of settlements on the coast that will give your faction lucrative sea trade routes.

8 Tips for Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion Campaigns

Coastal cities on the campaign map

5. Don’t Move Divisions Out of Settlements When First Occupied

Public order can undermine your campaigns more than enemy armies if you’re not careful. If public order in a settlement drops below the 70 percent mark, rioting will often break out. In the worst case scenarios, you’ll lose cities to rebel armies during riots. So, try to keep settlements’ public order at a stable 80 percent or above by increasing garrisons, building buildings that boost order, and lowering tax rates accordingly.

Public order levels will usually be at their lowest when you first occupy settlements. So, never move divisions out of a settlement during the two turns immediately after taking it. If you do, you might quickly lose the settlement to rioting rebels. Expand the number of troops in a settlement after taking it by replenishing depleted divisions and recruiting new units. The number of troops is the most important thing to boosting garrison public order bonuses, so recruiting cheap peasant divisions will enhance order just as much as more expensive units. When public order has reached a more stable 75-80% level in a settlement, you can then consider moving divisions out.

6. Move the Capital to Boost Public Order

The proximity of your faction’s capital to your settlements also has an impact on public order. So, it’s better to occasionally move your capital so that it remains more in the center of your faction as you expand it. Then that capital won’t be too far away from any settlements. Players can move their capitals by pressing the button on the Settlement Details page shown directly below.

8 Tips for Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion Campaigns

The move city button

7. Don’t Attack the Romans Too Soon

Barbarian Invasion is all about barbarian factions at war with Romans. Thus, players will need to attack Roman settlements to complete campaigns. However, don’t go to war with a Roman faction early on as they’re the biggest factions at the start of campaigns. Furthermore, players can also benefit from lucrative trade with the Western and Eastern Roman empires. Instead, attack settlements of some of the smaller barbarian factions to expand during the early game. Then go to war with the Romans later on when your faction will be larger and more of a match for them.

8 Tips for Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion Campaigns

The Western Roman Empire in Barbarian Invasion

8. Don’t Leave Idle Divisions Lying in Other Factions’ Territory

Do not leave inactive and idle divisions lying around on the map within other factions’ territories for many turns. If you do, the faction the division is in might attack it and declare war on you. Therefore, leave divisions you aren’t moving within your own settlement territories to avoid wars you don’t really want.

Those Barbarian Invasion campaign tips will give you a better chance of fulfilling all the required victory conditions in your campaigns. Those tips are also relevant for Rome: Total War, which is much the same as its BI expansion.

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