8 Moral Points in Metro: Last Light

This game guide tells you about eight of the moral points in Metro: Last Light you can score to get that game’s happier alternative ending. Have you already seen that game’s sorrowful ending? If so, check out the moral points directly below to ensure you get a better ending next time.

8 Moral Points in Metro: Last Light

Metro: Last Light is an exciting first-person shooter set in a post-nuclear war Moscow Metro. One of the good things about this game is that it has two alternative endings, which are based on a hidden moral points system. Throughout the game, players can gain and lose points based on their choices and actions. If you gain enough points, you’ll get the happier, more positive, alternative ending. These are some of the more notable moral points in Metro: Last Light you can score for the best ending.

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Free the Prisoners (Chapter 3: Pavel)

In the third chapter, Artyom meets the communist Pavel after being captured by the Nazis. During his escape with Pavel, you’ll sneak past numerous prisoners who plead with you to rescue them. Near the end of that chapter, you’ll enter a control room from which you can hear the fuhrer’s distant speech. Hit the switch with the red light in that control room shown directly below to free the prisoners and get some points in the process.

The prison cell switch in the control room.

The prison cell switch in the control room.

Don’t kill Nazi Soldiers That Surrender (Chapters 4, 5, and 6)

As Artyom fights his way through the Nazis in the fourth, fifth, and sixth chapters, you’ll encounter three soldiers who surrender by putting their hands on their heads. You can both gain and lose points at those moments. The first surrenders at the end of the Chapter 4 chase. Another one surrenders on a bed while reading his book in the fifth chapter. The third one surrenders within a meat locker in the sixth chapter. Those surrendering soldiers aren’t playing any kind of dirty tricks. So, make sure you don’t shoot at and kill those surrendering troops.

Help the Refugees (Chapter 13: Bandits)

At the beginning of the Bandits chapter, Artyom finds a group of refugees in a tunnel. Here you can gain some extra points by helping two refugees further down the tunnel. Continue walking down the tunnel, and then take the first right turning you can to find a woman crying for help in a train carriage (you’ll probably hear her). Knock out the bandits about to rape her.

The refugee you need to save in the train carriage.

The refugee you need to save in the train carriage.

You’ll have to rescue a second captured refugee further down the tunnel to progress. After that, however, you’ll reach a bandit camp you can ignore and drive past. Enter that bandit camp to rescue a woman and children held there. You’ll have to kill, or at least knockout, a few enemies to reach them. Take out the bandit in the room with the woman and kids to gain some points.

Find the kid’s teddy bear in Venice (Chapter 15: Venice)

In Venice, head to the shooting gallery. Have a go at the shooting gallery’s competition to complete all three rounds. By doing so, you’ll receive some Military Grade Rounds and a teddy bear. What use could a teddy bear be to Artyom? Have a look around Venice to find a kid with his mother who has lost his teddy bear (he’s close to the shooting range’s exit). Give the teddy bear you won back to the kid who lost it to gain more points.

The kid that has lost his teddy bear in Venice.

The kid that has lost his teddy bear in Venice.

Take off Your Gas Mask Before Saving Anna (Chapter 19: Contagion)

At the end of the Contagion chapter, Lesnitsky puts a knife to Anna’s throat. He asks you to take off your gas mask. Remove your gas mask as requested before he counts to five (don’t worry, you won’t suffocate). Note that you’ll also lose points if you shoot at Lesnitsky.

Spare Lesnitsky (Chapter 25: Depot)

This is a big choice moment for Artyom (especially as he has the Dark One with him). At the end of the Depot chapter, you get a chance to kill Lesnitsky. Tempting though it might be slit his throat, you’ll lose points for it. How many points exactly is unclear, but this is one of the most important choice moments in the game you really can’t afford to get wrong. Make sure you knock out Lesnitsky to keep yourself on track for a happier ending.

Your choice to kill or knock out Lesnitsky.

Your choice to kill or knock out Lesnitsky.

Save Pavel (Chapter 27: Red Square)

The end of the Red Square chapter is another big choice moment in which Artyom confronts Pavel. The Dark One gives you a clear choice to help Pavel from the damned souls or not to bother. Pavel might be another dirty communist, but it’s very important you choose to save him here. Saving him won’t be enough on its own to get you the happier ending, but not doing so might cost you it irrespective of how many other points you amass during the game.

Metro: Last Light - Launch Trailer

Listen to the Dark One about Mutants (Chapters 26 and 27)

During chapters 26 and 27, the Dark One will say a few things about mutants. When he says something about mutants (Watchmen) you can avoid killing, make sure you don’t go near and shoot at the ones he mentions. In Chapter 26, the DO tells you about a few mutants you don’t have to kill (and even highlights some of the monsters green). Dark One also tells you about a pack of Watchmen you can avoid killing around Saint Basil’s Cathedral near the beginning of the Red Square chapter. Make sure you listen to the Dark One and avoid shooting at those mutants he speaks of to score more points.

Saint Basil's Cathedral

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Scoring the above moral points in Metro: Last Light will count a lot toward the happier of the two alternative endings. However, note that there are many other moral points you can gain and lose throughout the game. You can also amass more points by listening to more of the backstory dialogue, playing instruments, and giving away bullets to certain people at the stations. If you do those things, and score all the points above, you’ll probably activate Metro: Last Light’s better ending.

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