8 Metro: Last Light Tips for Completing the Game

The eight Metro: Last Light tips in this guide will help you play through that game to completion. The Moscow Metro is certainly a creepy place in MLL. If you’re finding Metro: Last Light a tough game to beat, check out the tips directly below.

8 Metro: Last Light Tips for Completing the Game

Metro: Last Light is a first-person shooter based on a post-nuclear war Moscow Metro. In Last Light’s post-nuclear war world, hordes of mutated monsters and an irradiated planetary atmosphere have forced the Russian survivors underground into the Moscow Metro. It’s down to Artyom and his Rangers faction to save the Metro from the communists who seek the riches of the D6 bunker. To complete the game, you’ll need to battle your way through communist and Nazi troops in the underground metro system along with rampaging mutants on the surface. Here are some Metro: Last Light tips to help you get through the game.

1. Don’t rush in all guns blazing

Metro: Last Light is a stealth and action game, which means you can blow the hell out of all armed enemies that get in your path with a loud gun or take them out more quietly without getting noticed. As Artyom is often in large areas with many armed soldiers, it’s usually better not to start attacking them with all guns blazing. Doing so will set alarm bells ringing early, which will attract a large number of troops to your immediate position and also increase the number of them when they call in reinforcements. Such an approach will result in a heavy expenditure of ammunition, medkits, and health. However, you’ll probably often get killed when you attempt to take on large numbers of troops in gunfights.

So, try to take out armed foes quietly without getting noticed when you can. You can do so by knocking them down from behind, throwing knives, or shooting quietly with suppressed guns (or the Tikhar). In some parts of the game, you can even sneak your way past Nazi or communist guards without having to fight them at all. Although you can’t always avoid getting noticed by guards, you can usually at least quietly take a few down to reduce their numbers before firing off your big guns. Doing so will save you ammunition and health.

2. Make good use of Knives

Knives are an undoubted godsend for stealthily eliminating Soviet and Nazi soldiers in Metro: Last Light. They’re silent, high-damage, and reusable projectiles that kill armed hostiles in single, precise throws. Make sure you always have some knives at your disposal (pick them up after throwing them), and make good use of them to kill off armed enemies without attracting attention.

Knives for sale

Knives for sale

3. Stay in the darkness

You can often stay out of sight from many armed foes by staying within the shadow of darkness. To make it dark more often, always turn off any lights when you can. You can also put out lights that don’t have switches by shooting or tossing knives at their bulbs. Make sure you utilize a suppressed gun to shoot a bulb out quietly without attracting attention. Alternatively, a precise knife toss toward a bulb will also do the trick. Sticking to the dark will enable you to bypass more enemies or catch them by surprise.

4. Amass easy cash on Chapter 14: Bandits

Military-grade rounds (MGRs) are the cash with which you purchase new weapons and gear in Metro: Last Light. You can amass a pot load of military-grade rounds in Last Light during Chapter 14: Bandits with this neat little cash trick. During that chapter, you’ll stumble into a few Red Line refugees along the Metro line with your railcar. There you’ll find a weapon merchant you can sell guns for MGRs to.

A gun merchant

A gun merchant

Just a bit further down the line from those refugees, you can fight numerous armed bandits that will provide you with plenty of guns to sell. After killing those bandits, pick up their guns and run back to the weapon merchant among the refugees. Then you can sell their guns to the merchant. When you’re done selling guns, you can pick up your original firearms from where you dropped them. As there are quite a lot of armed bandits you can kill along the line in chapter 14, you can amass a lot of cash with this trick!

5. Equip a balanced arsenal

You can equip yourself with three guns in Metro: Last Light Redux’s standard play mode. Try to equip yourself with a balanced arsenal that includes guns for close, medium, and long-distance gunfights. As assault rifles can be effective for both close and medium-range dogfights, it’s recommended that you include one in your repertoire of weapons. Shotguns are the most effective gun type for killing mutants, so equip a shotgun with large firepower to fend off monsters. For longer-distance kills, equip yourself with a scoped sniper rifle (preferably with a suppressor attached) or the Tikhar air gun, which can be both silent and deadly from long range.

Guns for sale

Guns for sale

6. Utilize the compass in more open chapters

Metro Last Light might be a relatively linear game, but it does include some more open chapters in which players can get a little lost. The surface chapters especially are more open ones in which you can get a little lost. You can’t afford to get too lost on the surface chapters because you can only spend so much time above Moscow Metro with a limited number of gas mask filters. When you’re not entirely sure what direction to head in, hold the M key to bring up a compass. That compass will point you in the right direction to move.

Artyom's compass

Artyom’s compass

7. Spare some enemies for moral points

Metro: Last Light has alternative good and bad ending sequences. The good ending is the happier of the two alternative sequences. What ending sequence you get depends on how many moral points you amass during the game. You can gain and lose moral points depending on your actions throughout the game when presented with choices. If you amass enough moral points, you’ll get the good ending.

There are numerous points throughout Metro: Last Light in which you can gain and lose moral points. One way you can gain some moral points is by sparing surrendering soldiers during the early Reich chapter. You’ll encounter three soldiers who surrender when you’re escaping Nazi captivity. Don’t kill any of the three surrendering soldiers to boost your moral points total.

A surrendering Nazi

A surrendering Nazi

Later in the game, you can get further moral points by not killing certain mutants that won’t attack you if you don’t go near them and open fire. Those moral points for sparing mutants can be mostly gained in the City of Phantoms and Red Square chapters. The Dark One drops a few hints about the mutants you should spare.

There are also a couple of moments in Metro: Last Light you’ll be given a choice to spare Lestnisky and save Pavel. You must choose to spare and save those communist foes to get the happier ending in Metro Last Light. Not doing so will probably cost you the better ending irrespective of how many moral points you score in other chapters.

8. Cheat with Wemod

Hopefully, you won’t need to cheat to finish Metro: Last Light. If you ever get very stuck in Metro: Last Light, however, you can activate numerous cheats for that game with Wemod. The Wemod cheat software for Windows enables players to activate 13 cheats for that game. The unlimited health, unlimited ammo, and infinite filter time cheats will be more than enough to get you through any tricky points in the game.

Note that Wemod only provides cheats for the remastered Metro: Last Light Redux Windows game. It supports both Steam and Epic Game Metro: Last Light downloads. You can download that software by clicking Download Wemod on its Metro: Last Light cheat page.

The above Metro: Last Light tips will ensure you can complete that game even in its toughest Ranger Mode. Now go and teach those Red Line communists a lesson!

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