8 Handy Subnautica Cheats to Activate With the Developer Console

This page tells you how to activate eight of the best Subnautica cheats with that game’s developer console. Are you finding Subnautica a tricky game to crack? If so, a little cheating with the eight console commands below will certainly help!

8 Handy Subnautica Cheats to Activate with the Developer Console

Subnautica has a developer console with which you can easily activate a wide variety of cheats by inputting commands. All you need to do to activate that console on a Windows PC is to press the Shift + Enter hotkey when playing Subnautica (or press the ` keyboard button). That will bring up a developer console text box with which you can cheat to your heart’s content. These are some of the best Subnautica cheats you can activate with the dev console’s command box.

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Get Unlimited Oxygen

Oxygen certainly greatly restricts underwater exploration during the early game in Subnautica. However, you can give yourself unlimited oxygen by activating this handy cheat. To activate it, input oxygen in the developer console’s text box and press Enter. Then you’ll never run out of oxygen when snorkeling under the sea. You can restore limited oxygen by executing the same command again.

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Activate Daytime

The darkness of the night significantly reduces underwater visibility in Subnautica. Some players add beds to their seabases to sleep through it. You can bring back the light of day any time during the night by inputting day within the dev console’s command box.

Add Items

Raw material gathering is a big part of the game that can sometimes be a bit of a drag when you can’t find a specific material. This Subnautica cheat command for adding items is invaluable whenever you can’t find a specific rare resource. You can activate it by entering item [NAME] [#] in the command box. For example, let’s suppose you need four nickel ore. Entering item nickel 4 in the command box and pressing Return will give you four nickel ores.

The item nickel 4 command

The item nickel 4 command

This command isn’t just limited to raw materials. You can utilize it to get basic materials, electronics, equipment, and tool items to boot. To do so, you’ll need to input commands that include the spawn IDs on this webpage

Disable Survival Mode

Survival Mode is the gameplay mode that includes nutrition and water meters that gradually drop. You can select an option to disable that mode before you start a game. However, you can’t select an option to disable that mode after starting a game.

Subnautica’s developer console enables you to turn off Survival Mode without having to start a new game from scratch. If you decide you want survival mode off, input nosurvival in the developer console and hit Return. Then you won’t need to go fishing for food and water anymore.

The nosurvival command

The nosurvival command

No-Cost Fabricator and Habit Builder

You can save yourself a lot of resource gathering by activating this Subnautica cheat for no-cost fabrication and habit building. Input the command nocost inside the console command box and hit Enter to confirm. Then you can build base structures and craft gear for free with no resource cost!

Unlock Blueprints

Are you finding it hard to find some specific blueprints? If so, you can save yourself a lot of searching by using this Subnautica cheat for unlocking blueprints. Input unlock [blueprint name] in the developer console’s text box to activate the cheat. For example, you can unlock the Prawn Suit by inputting an unlock exosuit cheat command in the console’s text box. You can view the required code IDs for this command on the Spawn ID page linked above for the third Subnautica cheat.

Mobile vehicle blueprints

Mobile vehicle blueprints

Alternatively, you can unlock all the blueprints in the game with one simple command! To do so, enter unlock all in the console and hit Return. Then you can fabricate or build all the tools, deployable, vehicles, equipment, and base modules in Subnautica.

Disable Power Usage

Vehicles, tools, and seabases don’t have unlimited energy. That is unless you activate this Subnautica cheat for disabling power usage. To activate it, input noenergy into the dev console’s text box. Then you won’t need batteries or solar panels.

An activated noenergy cheat code

An activated noenergy cheat code

Teleport to a Biome Location

You can save yourself a ride by teleporting to a biome with this Subnautica cheat. To teleport to a location, input biome [name] within the command box. For example, entering biome safe will take you to Safe Shallows. These are some of the commands for teleporting to various locations in Subnautica:

  • Grassy Plateaus: biome grassy
  • Mushroom Forest: biome mushroom
  • Jellyshroom Caves: biome jellyshroom
  • Lava Lakes: biome lavazone
  • Kelp Forest: biome kelp
  • Floater Islands: biome islands
  • Deep Grand Reef: biome deepgrand
  • Bulb Zone: biome koosh
  • Large mushroom tree: biome tree
  • Sparse Reef: biome sparsereef
  • Grand Reef: biome grandreef

There are many more Subnautica cheat commands you can activate. However, those console commands will be more than sufficient to get you through the game without breaking a sweat! Yet, excessive cheating can also spoil the game’s fun to some extent. So, try not to cheat too much.

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