8 Fallout Shelter Tips for Vault Building

The Fallout Shelter tips for vault building in this guide tell you how to build and manage vaults better in that mobile game. Vault building has never been so much fun as in Fallout Shelter. Check out the tips below to build a more productive vault in that game.

8 Fallout Shelter Tips for Vault Building

Fallout Shelter is a fun freely available simulation game for Android and iOS mobile devices, which is freely available. Vault building is the name of the game in Fallout Shelter. You must build, expand, and manage an efficient underground vault for its dwellers to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. To do so, you’ll need to protect your vault’s dwellers from post-nuclear monster and bandit attacks and make the most of your resources. Here are some Fallout Shelter tips for building a perfect vault.

Build Power, Food, and Water Rooms Adjacent to Each Other

Food, power, and water are the three primary resources in Fallout Shelter that are most essential to your vault. Power is the most important of all because your vault’s rooms will shut down without an adequate power supply. Food is needed to keep your dwellers’ health up. A clean water supply protects dwellers from radiation damage. Your vault will seriously decline if its supply of those resources falls below the required levels.

Therefore, your vault’s power, food, and water rooms are its most important ones. To maximize your vault’s output, build primary resource rooms of the same type adjacent to each other and merge them. You can join three primary resource rooms of the same type together. Three rooms amalgamated into one big one will have a higher output than three smaller ones that can’t be merged. Thus, your power, food, and water output will be higher when you build primary resource rooms in blocks of three as shown in the snapshot directly below.

Merged power and food rooms.

Merged power and food rooms.

Arm all Dwellers on Your Vault’s Highest Floor With Your Best Guns

When raiders invade your vault from the outside, they always attack all the way along the first floor before proceeding to the second, third, etc. Therefore, the dwellers along your vault’s top floor are its first line of defense against raiders. So, equip the dwellers on the top floor with the best weapons you have to ensure raiders get killed sooner rather than later.

A Vault that's under attack.

A Vault that’s under attack.

Go Exploring

Always set aside a few of your dwellers to explore the outer wastelands. The explorers you send out will usually at least find some junk and gain EXP points. However, they can also find new weapons, outfits, and even dwellers when exploring. Therefore, exploring the wastelands is a good way to increase your vault’s supplies.

You’ll need to send explorers out for at least 30 minutes for them to find anything. It’s best to choose dwellers with high endurance and luck stats for exploring. However, don’t send too many dwellers into the wasteland at any one time because you’ll still need some in your vault to retain reasonable power, water, and food output.

The other way to explore is to deploy three dwellers on quests. You’ll need 18 dwellers and an overseer’s office in your vault before you can embark on any. Quests are even better for amassing supplies because you get to control dwellers at specific locations beyond your vault. With a good team of dwellers, equipped with plenty of Stimpacks, you can thoroughly explore quest locations to pick up all sorts of goodies and increase your caps total.

An Exploring Wasteland Report

An Exploring Wasteland report

Don’t Sell All Your Junk for Caps

When you first start playing Fallout Shelter, the junk you amass might seem useless. Some new players might sell junk for the sake of amassing caps. Only when you can add weapon and outfit workshops to your vault, however, does the true value of junk become apparent. You can build more weapons and outfits for your dwellers with collected junk, but only if there is some available in your vault’s storage.

If you sell all your junk for caps before workshops become available, you’ll regret you didn’t save some when you add a weapon workshop. So, save most of the junk you collect to build weapons and outfits. Then you’ll probably be able to build some new guns and outfits right away after adding the required workshops to your vault.

Junk items

Junk items

Get Stocked With Lots of Stimpaks

Stimpaks are important for your dwellers’ survival in Fallout Shelter. They’re medication packages that replenish dwellers’ health. As your vault will frequently come under attack from raiders, radroaches, and other monsters, you’re going to need a good supply of Stimpacks to ensure you don’t lose any dwellers. Sure, you can revive dwellers with caps, but doing so will reduce your supply of them. It’s much better to keep a good supply of Stimpacks by adding some medways to your vault and filling them with dwellers.

Don’t Arm Pregnant Dwellers

Pregnant dwellers always flee in panic whenever the rooms they’re in are under attack. So, arming pregnant dwellers is a waste of guns. First, arm all the men in your vault with guns. Then equip women in your vault who aren’t pregnant with your remaining weapons.

Build a Fitness Room to Raise Dwellers’ Endurance

Endurance is one of the most important dweller attributes. Dwellers’ hit points (health totals) increase every time they level up depending on how high their endurance attributes are. For example, a level 10 dweller with an endurance attribute of five will have more hit points than one of the same level with an endurance rating of two. Therefore, endurance determines how many hit points your dwellers have.

As your vault will often come under attack, it’s important to raise your dwellers’ hit point totals by boosting their endurance. You’re also going to need dwellers with high hit point totals for exploring and completing quests. So, add some fitness rooms to your vault ASAP. Then assign low-level dwellers to the fitness rooms to boost their endurance.

A Fitness Studio

A Fitness Studio

Keep an Eye Out for the Mysterious Stranger

The cloaked Mysterious Stranger pops into your vault now and again. He’s a great source of caps when you can tap him, but he only sticks around for a few seconds. When Mysterious Stringer pops in, you’ll hear an audio cue alerting you to his presence. The best way to spot him before he disappears is to zoom out the game’s display when you hear his audio cue so that you can see more of your vault’s rooms.

A Mysterious Stranger

A Mysterious Stranger

Have fun building your vault in Fallout Shelter. If you stick to those Fallout Shelter tips for vault building, your vault will be an altogether more productive and happier one.

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