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8 Artifact tips from CHARM3R

At this year's WePlay! Mighty Triad: Agility Artifact tournament, I got the chance to interview Darick Oswalt who is more known under his nickname, CHARM3R. Since Darick is not only a great host, caster, and analyst but also an avid Artifact player, I asked him to provide a few tips for new Artifact players.

8 Artifact tips from CHARM3R
This is the part of the interview I recorded at the event. While the interview is in the works, you can enjoy these great tips from CHARM3R right now.

tips for the Draft mode

  • Creeps are important

Creeps are important because they are cards that serve duo purpose. You can use them to generate damage on your enemy towers, and you can use them as blockers, and so on.

  • Colors that have good quality creeps are important in your drafting

Green is maybe one of the safest if you are new to the game. You get access to decent early creeps with "Satyr" and "Healing Cleric", and it is also a color where you can find good finishers, like "Thunderhide Pack," in a common slot.

  • Don't pass up quality heroes

That one feels like obvious, but if you get, for example, Phantom Assassin, take the card.

  • Pay attention to your hero deployments

If you draft a deck and have a bunch of Black cards that cost 4, but nothing that costs 3, and Debi as a Black hero, you don't have to flop Debi. You can wait and play her on 4 because you can't play anything before anyway.

  • Have fun!


Constructed is a difficult thing to offer tips with because it depends on the meta game and what you expect to see. There are 3 different ways how you can attack the constructed meta.

  • Play a deck that's really solid and fundamentals of Artifact

Things that let you react to your opponent's board and control the tempo in the game. This is why Red-Black is really popular. Cards like "Duel" and "Gank" allow you to react to what your opponent is doing and shut them down. Red and Black heroes and creeps are very proactive, so it is often a form of tempo-oriented game plan. Sometimes it is really fast and sometimes really slow, but Red-Black is good at fundamentals.

  • Try and do the most degenerate, obscene things possible

That might be something like Blue-Green deck or Red-Green Ramp, where you are trying to bend the rules as much as possible. So, you do things like playing "Time of Triumph" on turn two, as opposed to turn 5 or 6. That will bring you a win from time to time, and if that's the case, focus on that, making your deck do that thing.

The third one is tricky and something I wouldn't recommend for new players, but it is important to point out. If you expect the popular style of decks, the third option is to

  • Target popular decks as a specific matchup

This is what we are seeing on the tournament with people that brought "Thunderhide Alphas". That card is very good against Blue decks because outside of "Annihilation", they don't have a good way to get rid of it. The health pool is too high, you aren't going to "Eclipse" 25/25 down; you can throw creeps in front of it, but that just buys you time. So, you need to "Annihilate" 25/25.

As a result, it is very good against popular Blue decks. People that brought that to the tournament, they expected to see a lot of Mono-Blue decks and they were targeting it. If you keep seeing the same deck over and over and over again, you can say to yourself "what does that deck do not do well against? What is a nightmare for that deck and how do I work that into my advantage?" That comes a little later in your experience.

That's constructed in a nutshell. Usually, you try to do one of those 3 things. During the first tournament, Swim called it. You can bring the best deck that counters it, or you can bring the counter to the counter. It is the same concept.

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