8 Alien: Isolation Tips for Surviving the Campaign Game

The Alien: Isolation tips in this guide will help you get through its campaign so that you can play the game through to its gripping climax. Are you finding Alien: Isolation a tough game to crack? If so, check out the survival tips for it directly below.

8 Alien: Isolation tips for surviving the campaign game

Alien: Isolation is one of the best Alien film games for Windows and consoles. That game is based on Amanda Ripley, who takes a trip to the Sevastopol space station to find out what happened to her long-lost mother, Ellen Ripley. Ripley heads to Sevastopol to retrieve a flight recorder from Ellen Ripley’s lost Nostromo ship. However, Amanda has no idea that a deadly alien, otherwise a Xenomorph, is on the rampage at Sevastopol. Here are some Alien: Isolation tips for surviving the disaster that unfolds.

1. Kill only when you must

Alien: Isolation is more of a stealth game than an action one. Therefore, you can often sneak your way past hostiles that are close to you, whether it be armed humans or killer androids. Sneaking past enemies will save you gun ammunition, medikits, and other items. So, try to sneak past enemies whenever you can by moving quietly alongside cover (crouching and moving). If you really can’t avoid a fight, however, then let them have it!

Armed human hostiles

Armed human hostiles

2. Utilize the Flamethrower and Molotovs in Dark Areas

Although Alien: Isolation includes a Flashlight for dark areas, that item’s batteries run out pretty quick. However, Molotovs and the Flamethrower are perfectly adequate alternatives to the Flashlight. Note that you don’t actually have to utilize those weapons, just select them and press the right mouse button to hold them up. The flames from the Molotovs and Flamethrower provide enough light to get you through most dark areas. You’ll hardly need the Flashlight if you utilize the Flamethrower or Molotov instead.

The Flamethrower within a vent

The Flamethrower within a vent

3. Be careful on Access Terminals and Rewire Systems

There are lots of Access Terminals and Rewire Systems throughout the Sevastopol station. However, the alien can and will spike you even when you’re utilizing an Access Terminal or Rewire System. Alien: Isolation is not paused when you’re reading Access Terminals.

So, don’t utilize an Access Terminal or Rewire System when you know the alien is very close. Instead, find a suitable hiding spot and wait for the Xenomorph to move away before utilizing a terminal or Rewire System. Note that an archive log you can select from the map screen also saves logs for Access Terminals you utilize. You can quickly utilize a terminal and then view its logs from the map screen, which pauses the game, when an alien is in pursuit.

An Access Terminal

An Access Terminal

4. Use up your crafting materials to pick up more

You’ll need to craft most of your Alien: Isolation items from materials scattered across Sevastopol. Material supplies are easy to find, but sometimes you can get overstocked with them. You can only pack a certain amount of materials within your inventory. When your inventory space for one material is full, you won’t be able to collect any more of that material.

Whenever you’ve got a maximum amount of any material, try making some more space for the crafting component in your inventory. To do so, you’ll need to use up the crafting material for items that need it. Open your inventory menu to see if there are any available item crafting slots for the material you’re fully stocked on. If so, select the red material boxes to use up the material. Doing so will free up some inventory space for the material so you can pick it up again. Just make sure you check your craftable items on a reasonably regular basis to ensure you’ve assigned all the materials you can to them.

The Noisemaker's crafting materials

The Noisemaker’s crafting materials

5. Utilize EMP Mines Against WJ Androids

The Working Joes are Seegson’s androids that are supposed to be helpful synthetics for Sevastopol’s population. However, Ripley soon discovers they’re actually killer robots whenever people try to enter restricted areas aboard Sevastopol. The WJs are tough to take out with your wrench at close quarters as they’ve got super quick reflexes. So, you’ll lose quite a lot of health when you try to take out these robots with the wrench alone.

Utilizing your wrench against stunned Working Joes is the best way to take them out. Toss an EMP mine toward a WJ when it’s walking toward you. The android will then be temporarily stunned long enough for you to whack it down to the ground with your wrench without losing any health at all. You can also stun WJs with Flashbangs, but those aren’t as effective as EMP Mines.

Note that the more advanced android models you’ll encounter later in the game are immune to stun gear. So, don’t waste your EMP mines and Flashbangs against advanced Working Joes.

A Working Joe android

A Working Joe android

6. Utilize the Flamethrower Against Human Hostiles

The Flamethrower is a weapon you can fend off the Xenomorph when it spots you. So, most players will probably save that weapon’s fuel for that purpose. However, there are only a few times in the game when the Flamethrower is essential for dealing with the alien.

It’s also worth utilizing the Flamethrower against human foes. The Flamethrower is deadly against human hostiles. One quick flame burst will set the most heavily armed security guards ablaze. Just quietly creep up on armed humans to get them within range of your Flamethrower, and then let them have it!

7. Let the alien deal with human enemies

The Xenomorph is a ferocious beast that will kill off any person it sees. As such, the alien will also take care of human hostiles for you when it has a chance to do so. Whenever you encounter human enemies with a Xeno nearby, chuck a Noiseblaster in the approximate direction of your armed foes. The Noiseblaster sound will almost immediately attract the alien toward human anniversaries that stand in your path. Thereafter, the alien will probably eliminate the nearby enemies pretty sharpish.

The Xenomorph alien

The Xenomorph alien

Utilizing the Noiseblaster might also draw out the alien near to you. Make sure you’ve got suitable cover to hide behind. It’s better to draw out the alien with a Noiseblaster when you’re equipped with the Flamethrower. Then you can fire off your Flamethrower if the Xenomorph spots you soon after wiping out the armed enemies.

8. Cheat with WeMod!

You should be able to complete Alien: Isolation without cheating by sticking to the above tips. However, players who really must cheat can do with the WeMod Windows software. WeMod enables players to activate unlimited health, ammo, items, and Flashlight (batteries) by toggling them on within its window or with F1-F4 keys.

Alien: Isolation - Launch Trailer

You can download WeMod by clicking the Download for Windows button on its Alien: Isolation cheats page. This software is freely available, and also provides cheats for many more games. Note, however, that its cheats only work for Steam copies of Alien: Isolation. So, WeMods won’t be much good for players playing the game via Epic Games.

The above Alien: Isolation tips will give you a better chance of completing the game even on the higher difficulty levels. Good luck, but you probably won’t need so much luck now!

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