7 World War Heroes Tips for Team Deathmatch Mode

Check out some of the World War Heroes tips for Team Deathmatch mode in this game guide. Are you ready for war in this World War II blast ‘em up? If not, the tips below might help you rack up higher K/D ratios in World War Heroes’ Team Deathmatch battles.

7 World War Heroes Tips for Team Deathmatch

World War Heroes is a first-person multiplayer shooter for Android and iOS devices in which players can battle it out in a variety of World War II maps and game modes. Team Deathmatch is one of its game modes that pits two teams of five players against each other. The team with the most kills at the end of a Team Deathmatch encounter wins it. Here are a few World War Heroes tips for Team Deathmatch that could enhance your kill/death ratio in that game mode.

1. Stay close to your teammates

It’s important to support your teammates in World War Heroes’ Team Deathmatch mode. So, try to stay close to your teammates during matches instead of wandering off on your own. When you’re close to teammates, you can provide support fire for them by shooting at the same targets. By doing so, you’ll rack up more assists during matches. If you don’t stay close to teammates, you can leave yourself isolated on the map and more vulnerable to attacks from multiple enemies.

A Team Deathmatch squad

A Team Deathmatch squad

2. Equip yourself with an anti-tank weapon

Some World War Heroes maps include tanks that all players can ride in. Tanks can have a big impact on matches if you’re playing in a team that isn’t adequately equipped to deal with them. So, make sure that you equip yourself with an effective anti-tank weapon to destroy tanks with.

Anti-tank arsenal falls within the special weapon category. The Panzerfaust was a very effective anti-tank weapon in World War II, and it’s also effective in World War Heroes. That’s one of the best anti-tank weapons you can equip yourself with. With it, you can fire warheads at tanks from some distance away. So, bring a Panzerfaust, or at least an alternative anti-tank gun, along for battle to ensure you’ve got something to eliminate tanks with pretty sharpish.

An antitank gun

An anti-tank gun

3. Equip a sniper rifle

Most of the maps in World War Heroes are suitable for long-range shooting, otherwise sniping. You’ll also be radar invisible when shooting with a sniper rifle. As there are good, elevated sniping positions on the maps, you can pick off unsuspecting hostiles from some distance away with a rifle.

So, sniper rifles can often come in handy for Team Deathmatches in World War Heroes. WWH includes numerous rifles, and the Volksturmgewehr and STG 44 are two of the best to equip. Just make sure you’ve got a rifle equipped when you start playing. Note that you’ll also need to add scope to your rifle to turn it into a true sniper firearm.

A sniper rifle scope

A sniper rifle scope

4. Toss grenades into rooms, bunkers, and corridors where enemies lurk

Grenades can often come in handy for Team Deathmatch matches. You can rack up quite a few kills by tossing grenades into rooms or bunkers where one or more enemies have gathered. So, try chucking your grenades into groups of enemies within more confined spaces. Grenades come in various shapes and sizes, but the explosive ones will often do the most damage.

5. Shoot at the head

As in most other first and third-person shooters, enemies fall quicker in World War Heroes when you shoot at heads. It’s a bit easier to pull off headshots in WWH than other shoot ’em ups as the game’s movement speed isn’t that fast. So, aim for enemies’ heads to shoot them down more quickly.

6. Stay close to cover

Stay close to cover during matches. Try not to move through especially open spaces on the maps where you’ll be more vulnerable to enemy fire. Most World War Heroes maps include plenty of walls and debris that can provide cover. When you’re near cover and under fire, you can hide behind it to heal yourself with medkits after losing some health. Furthermore, you can spring surprise attacks on hostiles when they can’t see you behind cover.

A player standing behind cover

A player standing behind cover

7. Play World War Heroes with Bluestacks

You can play almost all mobile games on your desktop or laptop with an Android emulator. It’s often better to play first-person shooters for mobile devices with emulators as you’ll benefit from more flexible keyboard and mouse control schemes. Furthermore, emulators enable you to play mobile games on larger displays.

Bluestacks is one of the best Android gaming emulators. Players can play the games at higher frame rates on their PCs by selecting BlueStacks’ Enable High Frame rates option. The BlueStacks emulator even has a Shooting Mode feature that can enhance your shot accuracy in World War Heroes. Click Download Bluestacks on that emulator’s website to check out the software.

The above World War Heroes tips for Team Deathmatch will boost your chances of winning matches. With a better K/D ratio, you’ll win more matches to climb the game’s rankings more quickly.

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