7 of the Best Grand Theft Auto IV Cheats

This post includes several of the best Grand Theft Auto IV cheats. Are you finding Grand Theft Auto IV a tough game to crack? If so, check out the cheat codes directly below for GTA IV on Windows, PlayStation3, and Xbox 360 and One.

7 of the Best Grand Theft Auto IV Cheats

Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the best games in the GTA series, which is almost old enough to be considered a classic retro title. Like other games in its series, GTA IV includes numerous cheats that can make the game a lot easier. GTA IV includes 17 cheats you can activate by dialing their code numbers on Niko’s handy mobile phone. These are seven of the best Grand Theft Auto IV cheats to crack the game with on Windows, PlayStation 3, or Xbox One and 360.

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1. Restore health, armor, and ammunition to maximum

This cheat provides a very quick and easy way to restore maximum health, armor, and ammunition. It will always come in handy whenever you’ve just finished a grueling gunfight. Simply enter the code 482-555-0100 on Niko’s mobile to activate it.

Niko activating a cheat with his mobile phone.

Niko activating a cheat with his mobile phone.

2. Equip Weapon Set 1

This is a Grand Theft Auto IV cheat that gives you a full weapon set to wreak havoc throughout Liberty City. The weapon set includes a knife, RPG, pump shotgun, micro SMG, combat sniper, pistol, assault rifle, and molotovs to have a blast with. Enter the code 486-555-0150 to activate the weapon set.

3. Equip Weapon Set 2

Alternatively, you can enter the 486-555-0100 number on Niko’s mobile to get a different set of weapons. This cheat’s weapon set gives you a baseball bat, combat pistol, SMG, combat shotgun, carbine rifle, grenades, combat sniper, and RPG.

Niko holding a baseball bat.

Niko holding a baseball bat.

4. Remove all Your Wanted Stars

Is your Grand Theft Auto IV wanted level at the maximum six stars? If so, Liberty City’s cops aren’t going to give you much of a break. You can remove all your wanted stars by entering 267-555-0100 on Niko’s phone. Then the cops won’t be after Niko anymore, and nearby police won’t attempt arrests until you regain a wanted level.

5. Spawn an Annihilator Helicopter

The Annihilator is an armed military/police helicopter that you can fly around in Grand Theft Auto IV. To do so, tap in the 359-555-0100 code. Then an Annihilator will magically appear for you to take to the sky with. No doubt, you’ll get some terrific views of Liberty City when flying that chopper. You can also fire off its mounted armaments at ground targets.

The Annihilator helicopter spawned by its cheat code.

The Annihilator helicopter spawned by its cheat code.

6. Spawn a Turismo

If you prefer to stick with land vehicles, this is the Grand Theft Auto IV cheat for you. You can get yourself a stylish Turismo car by entering 227-555-0147 on Niko’s mobile. The Turismo is akin to a Ferrari 360. With its strong breaks and excellent weight distribution, the Turismo is one of the best GTA IV vehicles in terms of handling. It’s also pretty durable thanks to its mid-engine layout that shields it from frontal and rear impacts.

7. Spawn a Jetmax

If you need a water vehicle, enter the cheat code 938-555-0100. Then you’ll see a Jetmax boat appear that you can ride along Liberty City’s coast and rivers with. The Jetmax is a conventional but fast boat with good acceleration.

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The above Grand Theft Auto IV cheats will make it a piece of cake to play through the game. However, note that activating those cheat codes disables unlocking of Trophies and Achievements.

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